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Animation Master List

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Posted 13 February 2008 - 11:07 AM

This is a list of all Animations (human, 3rd person) needed for TDM. It provides both a list of what we would ideally like to have for TDM 1.0, as well as a guideline to future animations after release.

Currently I'm only tracking the animations used with our default skeleton, as all our humanoid AI should eventually use that skeleton, and therefore the same list of animations (some characters, like zombies, would be an exception).

The first number indicates how many animations already exist and have been exported to the proguard and similar models. The second number indicates how many versions of the animation we would like to have for the 1.0 release. Obviously it's better to have at least one version for each animation before working on alternative versions.

***NOTE: This list should now be up to date for our new skeleton as of May 01, 2009***

** entries with stars beside them are not essential for 1.0, and should wait until after release.

Entries that are essentially completed are crossed off.

Animations Master List


Walk, generic (1/2) (a serious patrol walk and casual civilian stroll)

**Walk, female (0/1)
Walk, torch (0/1) (holding object in left hand with closed fist)
**Walk, drunk (0/1)

Walk, blind (0/1) (for AI blinded by flashbombs, or possibly in pitch darkness)
Walk, alert (0/1) (patrolling with weapon in right hand, ready for trouble; like T2 walks)
Walk, alert, torch (0/1) (weapon in one hand, torch in the other)?
Walk, suspicious (1/1) (walking slowly towards stimulus, alert 2)
**Walk, carry (0/1) (holding a tray or other two-handed thing out in front)
**Walk, wading (0/1) (AI wading through water or deep snow)
Walk, frightened (0/1) http://forums.thedar...m...st&p=108009

Run, generic (1/1)

**Run, female (0/1)
Run, torch (0/1)
Run, defensive charge (0/1) (AI raises left arm to shield face, weapon drawn)
Run, panic (0/2) (fleeing, no items carried)

Search, active (1/2) (AI walks around cautiously looking for the player, weapon drawn)
Search, active, torch (0/1) (same as above but AI holds up light to illuminate their way)

**Land from fall (0/1) (AI lands after falling, use knees to cushion fall)



Idle, generic (0/3) (just standing there doing nothing)

Idle, drunk (0/1) (swaying back and forth; poor balance)
Idle, torch (0/1) (holding torch in left hand)
Idle, sit (1/1) (sitting down on chair; hands in lap?)
Idle, sleep (0/1) (lying down, breathing)
Idle, waiting (0/1) (hands behind back)
**Idle, crossbow (0/1) (Holding crossbow in both hands, casually)

Idle, turn 90 degrees (0/2) (left and right)
Idle, turn 180 degrees (0/2) (left and right)

Idle, cough (0/1)
Idle, minor movement (0/5) (shifting weight, turning slightly, tapping foot etc)
Idle, stretching (0/3) (stretching arms forward, arching back, yawning, etc)
Idle, scratch (0/3) (scratching chin, hands, butt, etc)
Idle, drink/eat (0/2) (reach out at table level and bring hand to mouth)
Idle, spit (0/1) (turn head and spit on the floor)


Pain, generic (0/3) (AI flinches in pain--must be very quick animation)

**Pain, leftarm (0/1)
**Pain, rightarm (0/1)
**Pain, head (0/1)
**Pain, gassed (0/1) (AI clutches throat)
Pain, failed KO (0/3) (AI just took blow to head; perhaps stumbles; but shakes it off)

Draw, weapon side (1/1) (draw weapon from left hip, like sword)
Draw, weapon back (0/1) (draws weapon from over right shoulder, like hammer)
Sheath, weapon side (1/1)
Sheath, weapon back (0/1)

Combat idle (1/3) (AI stands ready to attack; eventually different animations for different weapons)

Attack, bow (0/1) (includes drawing an arrow over right shoulder, then aiming and firing--code will pause during aiming)
**Attack, crossbow (0/1) (raise crossbow, aim and fire (no drawing quarrels))
Attack, right slash (1/3) (eventually different animations for different weapons)
Attack, left slash (1/3) (eventually different animations for different weapons)
Attack, overhead slash (0/3) (eventually different animations for different weapons)
Attack, quick thrust (0/2) (eventually different animations for different weapons)
**Attack, spell (0/2) (mage/priest does some magical gesture then throws a spell effect)
Attack, throw (0/1) (throws a bottle/shoe/dagger)

Parry, high (0/1)
Parry, left (0/1)
Parry, right (1/1)
Parry, thrust (0/1)

**Death, drowning (0/1) (AI struggles to swim for a moment but sinks)
Cower (0/2) (panic state, hiding or cringing)

**Surprise (0/2) (jumps back, startled)



Conversation, generic (0/4) (generic mild hand gestures people make while talking)

**Conversation, angry (0/2) (shaking fist, gesturing wildly)
**Conversation, shrugging (0/1) (an "I don't know" shrug)
**Conversation, shout (0/1) (one or two hands up to mouth to call/shout loudly)
**Conversation, salute (0/1) (roman military salute; fist to chest and then hand out straight: http://www.romanempi...001/salute.jpg)
**Conversation, affirmative (0/1) (nod head)
**Conversation, negative (0/1) (shake head)
**Conversation, blessing (0/1) (raises two fingers and makes sign of the hammer in the air; like the sign of the cross but only two strokes)



Sit down (1/1)
Stand up from sitting (1/1)
Lie down on bed (0/2) (left and right)
Get up from bed(0/2) (left and right)

Search, give up (0/2) (suspicious look around yields nothing; hands on hips, looking aroung perplexed:
Search, kneel (0/1) (kneel down on one knee to check out blood/body, etc --assume weapon in right hand)
**Search, look under (0/1) (bend over to check under bed, table, etc)

Interact, grab (0/2) (generic reach out for something--high, med)
**Interact, turn page (0/1) (reach out and move hand horizontal as if turning page)
**Interact, grab low (0/1) (bend over and pick something up)
**Interact, pound (0/1) (pounding on a door to get someone's attention)
Interact, warm hands (0/1) (hold out hands towards heat source to warm them; perhaps rub them together)

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