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  2. Not trying to start a flame war or a fanboyish debate here but IMO that is a really huge exaggeration, AMD drivers aren't THAT bad, specially when I have a AMD GPU and know how good or bad it is, in general in D3D and Vulkan games, it works perfectly, in OpenGL games is hit or miss, so yes their OpenGL support could be better or at lest comparable to Nvidia but going from, not that good OpenGL support, to "Absolutely Miserable Drivers corporation" is a really big jump. And not trying to imply anything here, but I just have to say and I swear for my mother life that I love very much that t
  3. Do you also do "regular" voice acting? Are you a native English speaker? If you can answer both question with "yes", then I would be delighted if you could provide your skills for my next project based on an almost complete mission created by the one and only grayman.
  4. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, Boy Lag has started playing through all of the WS missions and is currently playing WS 3. I think Boy Lag found the right words to describe the situation.
  5. FWIW I have zero expectations from that FiFx buzz Especially considering this coming from the Absolutely Miserable Drivers corporation.
  6. They'll only release the source code mid July, so not possible before then. Also, the official repository will only contain code for DX11/12 und Vulkan, so we'll have to port it to OpenGL, first. Given that the FidelityFX source code is typically very obfuscated, that will probably take a while longer than the couple of hours. But it is on my agenda, anyway
  7. Apparently, FSR can be implemented in as little as a couple of hours. So TDM should implement it and push an update so you can get those sweet LInux gaming articles.
  8. A little study in metals: copper, silver, gold. Tried to use as much as I know from the PBR workflow.
  9. I think this is yet another precision/tolerance issue in dmap code. It is caused by brushes with almost parallel adjacent faces and large coordinates. I hope I will fix it one day: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5648
  10. I don't remember it ever happening before, it's likely the new window manager. Also found another minor inconvenience, only worth addressing if it's easy to: While TDM is busy loading a new map, you can alt-tab switch to other windows... however it will not minimize and your mouse cursor remains stuck meaning you can't operate other windows in the OS. Would be nice if during loading the engine released your input devices when switching to other windows.
  11. Is this something that is related to this new window management, or was this already present with the regular 2.09(a) ?
  12. Absolutely, and for this mission it's a moot point since I cannot drop keys anyway. My question was more general and not just specific to this one mission. If a scripted event creates a new key or other object how should it be handled under Supreme Ghost rules? Do I go the purist route of leaving it exactly where I found it, same as any other key or droppable item acquired during the mission? Or the slightly more narrative-driven reasoning that it's evidence I was there and shouldn't be left behind? I would generally agree with the latter, and it looks like most of you agree with me, so it's a
  13. jaxa

    Free games

    ARMA: Cold War Assault https://www.gog.com/giveaway/claim https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Flashpoint:_Cold_War_Crisis Also free on Steam.
  14. I'm sorry to hear this. It's always sad to lose someone.
  15. Thanks! It's good to know that there isn't a problem still lurking in the brushwork of that area. I'd never build an area like that nowadays, using clip to cover bumps in func_statics, etc. - nor would I make clumsy intersected brushes like that. A problem with reworking old badly made areas is the nostalgia, the deep-set attitude "but I don't want to delete and rebuild that whole area, it took so much time to make and ... crying real tears here!" Yet in truth it's much easier, faster and gives far superior results to just do it, delete it all and rebuild with a better plan.
  16. Gold Source was based on Quake 1/2 code base.
  17. AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution launches https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/amd-fidelityfx-super-resolution-preview,1.html https://videocardz.com/newz/amd-launches-fidelityfx-super-resolution-upscaling-technology
  18. Last week
  19. In missions like Thief's Den (where the way home to your safe spot isn't included in the mission), you can keep the evidence on you as narratively, you would get rid of it later before going back to your own thief's den...
  20. We already get the handle via a uniform buffer. Our issue is almost certainly a bug in AMD's shader compiler. I have found a partial workaround, but not a full fix (as of yet).
  21. This person also add problems with BT on some AMD laptop GPU's and was able to solve it by doing the following Is this something you guys are aware?
  22. Is there a console command to end the mission, won or lost?

  23. If this was not crazy enough already Matter of fact I already reported a different driver bug some time in 2013. The support was as frustrating as the original driver "experience". It felt like they actually don't want bug reports at all. But then again, it's a 2011 chip, they will refuse to fix the bug just on that ground.
  24. Quite interestingly, there are two almost parallel planes/sides which most likely cause the issue. However, they are not present in the original brushes: they are added to brushes as "bevels" when brush is expanded by AAS box. The bevels are generated from edge of brush and coordinate axis (in fact it is Minkowski difference), and it seems that the parallel edges are not exactly parallel here...
  25. Found an edge case: When multiple things (i.e. doors) have a common bind parent (i.e. a carriage), they all highlight together even though they don't have any direct relationship to each other. Maybe common highlighting should only be for entities that are bound to each other? Sometimes you need to bind doors to something, for example if you want them to move on a rotated axis or if you're making a vehicle. This happens in a test map I posted to the dev forums today ("Fog obscures transparent textures").
  26. I think these clip brushes are solely responsible the issue. The horse matter only because if you remove it, then AAS won't be compiled at all. Also the type of AAS used by AI matters, since the brushes are enlarged by the AAS size before building BSP tree. Dmap is not very good with sloped brushes, and I suppose this is the bad case. If you offset all the brush planes and intersect them with each other, you will probably see some subspaces which are very thin. At least dmap manages to find such bad volume. I think if it is possible to modify the brushes slightly, the error should
  27. Ok, I see why this warning prints random numbers. When BSP tree is build from brushes, there are two types of brush splits by chosen plane: Splitting brushes from the map Splitting the "volume" of the BSP node In the first case, the split brush has entityNum and primitiveNum set, so it displays proper numbers. You get the second case. The "volume" brush does not come from the map (it's simply the whole space progressively split into smaller and smaller chunks), it does not have entity/primitive number set. So it prints uninitialized data. As for why this happens
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