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  2. Here a video of fly_seek_scale 1, 4 and 10 1 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/815315205483397142/934550666058285076/2022-01-22_21-39-13.mp4 4 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/815315205483397142/934550792365564004/2022-01-22_21-41-20.mp4 10 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/815315205483397142/934550925014614047/2022-01-22_21-43-17.mp4 I think it will be a welcome addition : ) (Beta) Bats will be released ofc. I tried "burnaway" "0" and "burnaway" "1" with no result. I think Bats might just burn away in green flames, but I don't know how to do that yet.
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  4. Right. I just want to avoid the case where players download them, get excited and then have to jump threw hoops to run the missions .
  5. That would be worth testing. I believe Perilous Refuge requires 2.09, so could be tested by reverting to 2.08.
  6. Missions can state the minimum required TDM version in their Darkmod.txt. They are not started by older versions then. And iirc they aren't offered to older TDM versions for download either.
  7. I agree. Whenever I have questions about a game and cannot find a quick answer via google, my first instinct is to search for a Discord server. You usually get an answer in no time. Being able to interact with the devs and give feedback is also way more common via Discord than via some forums.
  8. I've been running the Tracy profiler earlier today to analyse some performance issues with a contest WIP (do we have a Wiki article for that? Only found something old by Tels) and noticed that it produces almost no output if Frontend Acceleration is enabled under experimental video settings - the file size is also only 1% as large as with that setting disabled.
  9. I decisively reject to do any iOS support! Everytime I touched her phone when she had any problems with it, I got so angry about how stupidly closed-shut the whole system is, so that I decided I am not gonna do it anymore. If she wants technical support on her phone, she'll have to get an Android phone and that's just it!
  10. Yeah, she was really concerned about the watch 3 not working on her (hypothetical) future phone, so we ended up compromising on the Watch SE for 280€ and it made her really happy, so I guess the money was worth it. Anyway, I now realized, the fact that I don't understand the need for a smart watch, especially not one from Apple, has no relevance in this regard. If she wishes for one, I'll have to accept that, just like she has to accept that I spend tons of money on PC-stuff and games! I just hope it's not another gimmic that will be used for a few weaks and lands in the drawer afterwards.
  11. No, the discord is to promote the growth of the game, and the community. It's not just for us. It's a great place for new mappers to ask questions and get them answered pretty quick which improves their chances of making a map, or assets and feeling like they've contributed. It's not a special club lol.
  12. I've plugged my ps5 joypad into my pc's usb. It seems to recognise it in game because move and camera work and a couple of (wrong) buttons. My problem is how to map buttons to keys, specifically for Splinter Cell. Steam's recommended buttons don't fully work. So far I've added an action set and named it Splinter Cell. As a test I assigned key C (crouch) to the X button. It shows in the config on screen. But when I switch to the game itself it doesn't work. How do I assign the action set to the game itself? I've had about four sessions trying and got nowhere! I've tried export but that did nothing. I once saw 'apply' I think on another page but when I clicked it there was no noticeable effect.
  13. Thank you for the script, that’s really handy! And if you get the time to implement that showing all loot without any selected that would be very handy
  14. What's the console command to show the player coordinates (for beta testing)? I think it used to be using getviewpos like this but it seems to have been improved since? @AluminumHaste

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      Yup, that's what I wanted. Do you know how I get it to show as 1 line instead of 3?

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      No, I have no idea how to do that.

    4. jaxa


      Good enough. I'm already taking screenshots with it.


  15. I've glanced in the code earlier today - "seek" seems to have to do with predicting where the AI will be in x seconds based on current position and velocity. I'd assume if you set a high value it'll look far ahead and change course long before it would fly into an obstacle. We're really far advanced in the 2.10 cycle, but something like this seems quite minimally invasive, especially since the code would continue to use old default values unless the AI has that new spawnarg. More complicated stuff like zDelta would be too risky, so would have to use existing methods for vertical movement. A ragdoll is basically a string of collision meshes bound to the joints of an AI. Could try out the AF Editor for giving the bat 3 simple collision meshes around its body + wings.
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  17. People above me are right that simply pandering to someone's opinion will not help. You need to communicate. Otherwise you'll have built up untold frustrations that will just explode in an argument. Be emotionally intelligent and speak about this seriously. These are just items after all. I'm not saying that you have to be a jew about gifts. Just saying that I think, it's not healthy when you feel that you have to do something and not because you want to do it. At the same time it's not that great when you feel that you don't owe it to do something for each other. Just find some balance together. It's hard with children but, don't avoid the uncomfortable, awkward discussions. It pays off to talk no matter what. You can even find some compromise like getting a second hand newer watch or do a jailbreak for the iOS. The benefits of those updates have always been questionable starting even from the earliest mobile Apple devices. And if a certain model of the watch is so important, maybe you can get it. Idk. But priorities come first. We have many vices. Cars are a vice too or whatever else you're into.
  18. In the mission selection screen, mission names longer than a few words get chopped off at the right. Would it be possible to have line wrapping, with lines after the first one to be right-aligned?
  19. Video: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/815315205483397142/934193869099245680/2022-01-21_22-09-22.mp4 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/815315205483397142/934204639363096627/2022-01-21_22-51-30.mp4
  20. I think you are right Dragofer. I'm playing with the the wander_radius and the fly_seek_scale, and it looks to be the fly_seek_scale is the only thing that influences the (chance for?) vertical movement. (Not vertical bobbing but this seek scale was influencing vertical movement in my map/settings, that's why we got different results I guess) A fly_seek_scale above 1 seems to result in no significant vertical movement at all, under 1 it's occuring more often. The latest video was with a value of 0.1 I think. These bats are really using the vertical space, as they should, but fly long "straight" streches, bumping their heads against the walls a lot. With a value of 10, they won't go significantly up or down, fly too short streches and look really nervous. fly_seek_scale 0.5 looks quite good btw, but I'm still wondering what fly_seek_scale actually does? That said, if your "animal_patrol_wait" could be added to 2.10, animal_patrol bats can be an option for mappers. Bats don't like small spaces anyway, only to sleep in; these bats don't sleep. (fly_seek_scale works good enough?) Making the bats not damageable is a good solution to not deal with ragdolls and such. Making the bats without senses (all acuity is set at 0 (for bats don't care)), for me, seems a good solution for an AI that is basically meant for decorative purposes, like cricket sounds and flies in toilets.
  21. @JackFarmer, yes, also the SIH cover by 9 years old Angelina Jordan Also a good Elvis Cover from a youg Russian Girl https://piped.kavin.rocks/watch?v=w06R8iI0dg0
  22. beta 2.10-4 crashed during mission download: I think around 8 missions were successfully downloaded before the crash. Edit: I seem to have confused the system my deleting the tdm directory. I re-ran tdm_installer, it automatically reinstalled 2.09, so I ran it a second time to get 2.10-beta4, will see how it behaves ... and I get the missions I've just downloaded shown as available for update in the Downloadable Missions list. As this was the reason for deleting fms in the first place, think I'll do a fresh install of TDM. Edit: Completely fresh install of 2.10-beta4 (copied tdm_installer to a fresh empty directory, let it do its thing), downloaded half a dozen missions, tried to download a few more ... and bang! again: Have to say, I've never had good experiences with the in-game downloader
  23. One of my favourtie SJH songs...and this one is not even so old: https://piped.kavin.rocks/watch?v=Kcrguye5UYU @Zerg Rush: Hope you like it (if you do not know it already! )
  24. This is unbelievable, this is insane. I dare saying, Screaming Jay would love this. Incredible. I never liked Amy Winehouse, because I have the feeling the production was mostly to sound like 60 souls/blues/whatever. This here is a totally different level, and to my opinion is on par with modern classics interpretations of Willie DeVille. Thank you for sharing!
  25. @Dragofer I found a way to not have these bats "freezing" : setting all acuity spawnargs to 0. So I guess the freeze is caused by going into some sort of alert state? It feels to me that, although this can be a solution, there is something else wrong with the bats, for they just shouldn't care about anything. Rats seemingly don't care if they see, hear or touch an other AI ...
  26. Yes exactly. Sorry I just misworded my post. You explained the situation better.
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