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    Wow this is some REALLY dedicated work you did there! Want to see this in a FM! ?
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    You could always download the demo and see if it is something that you can get into or not. I'm not sure how up to date the demo is, but it will atleast give you an idea what to expect. Yeah, visually it's very basic, but as long you find the gameplay good I think you should be able to enjoy it. I've had lots of fun with it and still play it sometimes (have the game for years now), even though top-down isn't my favourite perspective either. Development of the game is pretty slow (on the feature front), but they release new updates quite often.
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    Is there any complete list of the sayings, or mp3s/WMVs that the guards use in TDM, such as "All I wanted was a quiet shift, now there's gonna be blood!" Sometimes around here in my house we mimic quotes in a gruff guard voice and laugh and it would be nice to play/remember some of these sayings outside the game.
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    I'd suspect he lurks around this forum as a guest or a new stealth member, reading up, keeping up, keeping in the shadows. hi Bikerdude wherever and whoever you are!!
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    Meanwhile, it is the System Administrator Appreciation Day today! Thank you for all the hard work, taaaki! I really appreciate what you are doing!
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    A small development roundup/update will be available here around the time New York wakes up (9 am NYT, 3 pm CET). Edit - direct link:
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