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    There are rumors that a legendary ruby, the Heart of Saint Mattis, actually exists. Break into the the Northgate Cathedral, find it, and steal it. Background This is my second Dark Mod mission (Mission of Mercy was the first). This is a small-medium mission, with some extras. See below for hints. My wife just gave me an idea for mission number three, so look for that next year. I notice that Dragofer just released a mission today. I hope I'm not violating an unwritten protocol by releasing another mission on the same day. Download The mission is available in the in-game downloader. As well as here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jah5svj5eagnhs8/heartstmattis.pk4?dl=1. (<-- NEW LINK. Per grayman's request, the name of the pk4 and map have been changed). Place the PK4 in your \fms folder. TDM will recognize it as a new mission. I18n I have not done the work required for internationalization. OpenAL EFX This mission uses it (version 2), so I recommend turning it on in the Audio Settings. Thanks Many thanks to the beta testers, who really helped me get this mission into shape: Cambridge Spy, Shadow, Jedi_Wannabe (who also did some performance work on the map), SuaveSteve Thanks to Mike and Chloe for their outstanding voice work! The cathedral in this mission was inspired in many ways by bikerdude's excellent St. Albans Cathedral. I haven't played all of the DM missions, but to me St. Albans is the gold standard of cathedrals. Music includes Cantus Firmus Monks by Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions (royalty free) The video series by Springheel and Sotha were helpful and energizing. Thanks to the entire Dark Mod community for building an amazing project. Hints and Tips (warning: contains progressive spoilers)
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    Here are some more shots from Shadows of Northdale Act 3
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    There isn't much that draws an honest man to a place like Wrecker's Reach. Once a well-known port under a name no one remembers, it was a hub for lucrative trade in colonial wares and a warm shelter for those crossing the great oceans. Now it's just another stinking hole, like all the others I've been scratching out a living in. The ale is poor, a knife awaits you down every dark alley, and the rich folk have long since abandoned their crumbling residences to petty barons. Imagine my surprise, then, when I saw a grand merchant ship arriving in the dark of night. It's anyone's guess what brought it here, and more importantly what lies in its cargo hold, but I intend to be the first to find out. Not that this will be easy, though: a vessel like this will be sure to draw plenty of attention, and I've made something of a name for myself around here, so I'll have to be cautious the moment I step out into the open. Well then, it seems holing up at these wretched docks is finally paying off. Notes This is a standalone harbour mission set in Wrecker's Reach, taking a smaller section of a former Crucible campaign map as its starting point. My stated aim with this one was to create something a little simpler than what I did previously, with most of the weight on exploration and looting. Simply an unexpected nighttime excursion in a locale that hasn't been visited before. Download Google Drive Dropbox As well as some screenshots for anyone uploading this mission to their servers Simply place the mission archive in your darkmod/fms folder and start TDM. The new mission will appear. Credits Beta testers - Amadeus, Cambridge Spy, lowenz, VanishedOne, Boiler's_hiss, acolyte6 Harbour building exteriors - bikerdude as part of the Crucible Campaign Team Editorial consulting - Amadeus Custom environmental ambients - AugustSandberg, jimsin, deku, kangaroovindaloo, all of Freesound, dario Custom wooden floor texture - judith <dr.judym81@gmail.com> Prescott Stahl's writings - Spooks Painting in splashscreen and briefing - John Atkinson Grimshaw Painting in briefing - Ivan Aivazovsky Boiling water sound - Kyyrma Improved animated flag - Arcturus Improved nautical models - Xendrox
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    From a glance at func_rotating, "invert_on_trigger" "0" should stop the direction reversing. Try a negative value for "speed" to make them rotate in the opposite direction. I'm not sure from the diagram whether you want a mover that moves from A to B or B to A when triggered (isn't that a regular binary mover, like a sliding door?) or whether you want one that cycles back and forth (func_bobbing?).
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    1. Spin me left round, baby. I have four separate func_rotate entities. When triggered, two shall rotate clockwise (blue), two shall rotate conter-clockwise (yellow). When triggered, they rotate clockwise only. Only when stopped and triggered again, they change direction. How can I do that? I cannot find any property for that and I cannot find further information in the entity database regarding this. 2. Thing on a (static) spring. I need a translating mover doing the steps as described below. How can I do that?
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    Building on what VanishedOne wrote, there are a couple of ways to mark an objective as "invalid". It still shows up in the objectives list, but with a "crossed out" symbol in the checkbox. You can do it with script code: $player1.setObjectiveState( objNum, OBJ_INVALID ); where objNum is the objective number, e.g.: $player1.setObjectiveState( 8, OBJ_INVALID ); Or with an atdm:target_setobjective_state object with the following spawn args: "obj_id1" "8" "obj_state" "2" (once again, assuming the objective is number 8). Make the atdm:target_setobjective_state the target of a trigger.
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    Hello Bienie, Check the paragraph with the headline "How to make my invisible objective become visible to the player later" here: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Objectives_Editor In "Hidden Hands: Vitalic Fever" the objective #3 got removed and replaced with the hidden objective #4 with this method. The event itself got triggered through the hidden objective 15. This activates a trigger once unit targeting two atdm_target_setobjective_visibility entities - one hiding the obsolet objective, the other showing the hidden objective.
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    Recently, I wanted to express the TDM Objective: “don’t pick up a particular loot item”. I guessed there’s a way to do it in the Objectives Editor using an “Acquire entity” component, but I couldn’t figure out how to make that work. I ultimately succeeded with a different, script-based approach. But for future reference, how should I have done it with “Acquire entity”? Details What I tried: I added a new objective, with “Ongoing” checked, then added a component of type “Acquire entity” aka “Player possesses item”. As part of that, I selected the Item field prompt “Name of single entity” and in the field put the entity instance name. But that name did not seem to “stick” across invocations of Edit Objective. I set the flags “Satisfied at start” and “Boolean NOT” (i.e., item not acquired). It wasn’t clear what to do what to set “Amount” to… zero? 1? What worked instead (abstracted here): A simple objective with default settings was used, with objective component type of “custom” / “Controlled by external script”. The loot item was given a frob_action_script spawnarg to call a script function, that in turn calls sys.trigger($atdm_target_setobjective_state_prohibited_loot_failed); // mission fail This atdm_target_setobjective_state explicitly set the minimal objective to state 3 (fail). (BTW, this overall approach made it easy to add bonus script-invoked sound-and-visual FXs as precursor to the “mission fail”. So all good.)
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    Jedi - Thanks again for your testing, especially highlighting the performance issues. Let me know how the released version performs inside the cathedral.
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    This has been added to the in-game Downloader. I'll need to add a 2nd screenshot for the mission screens to work (once our missions page is fully working..) Edit: Added the 2nd screenshot
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    That's true. And you can use the filters to hide the obscuring patches. It's OK, but - you only see one character at a time (i.e., can't have multiple "create entity" viewers open) - without heads - can't change default zoom level, as you bounce among characters. Always have to rezoom. On a different topic, I'm playing around with water inside a sunken ship for the next mission. Info about floating objects was slight, so after researching it and doing some experiments I created a wiki page, attached. Could you instantiate it for me (and review as time allows)? Please also link from the [[Water Tutorials]] index topic. Thanks. Objects Floating in Water.txt
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