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    I only tested on the 2.08 exes that Duzenko made available to test, and on those it works, I see no visual difference (with one exception, see below...) nor performance difference with normal map compression 1 or 2, what I see is a huge reduction in GPU memory usage, with it off the scene I was on was using 1389 MB of VRAM with with on either on 1 or 2 it fall down to 878 MB, that's the difference between a older 1GB GPU being able to play the game well or not, on mine GPU that has 8GB of VRAM I could, right now, very well play with compression off. ... with RGTC enabled the water in Volta 2, at the beginning, looks even more broken, now it shows a reflection with the colors totally messed up, man that water shader does need to be reworked. p.s I tested on 2.07 now and it worked, what i did was start Volta 2 went in-game and only there change the svar, on the menu I saw no difference, I assume that most be because the menu does not use any normal maps.
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    Now that we have upgraded the renderer to GL3.1 it makes sense to convert normal map tga's to DDS's. Not only RGTC is better than DXT in quality per compressed megabyte of VRAM but being pre-compressed it will also load faster at map start. I think we can automate conversion using the integrated DDS writer.
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    Sorry about that. I plan to fix other things first. Worst case it might have to wait till the beta phase
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    This mission seems rather problematic in 2.08 svn 64 bit Playing on stable 60 fps I can see player stuck on random terrain spots as well as AI stuck circling Console spammed with ''translation too huge for player" and sometimes for AI as well Physics crazy - chairs, etc flying away after collision Unfrobable loot - coins on the window sill in the butcher shop.
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    I get it, this guy is shown as trying to help out computer users by giving away already free restoration software, saving the planet, etc. It's commendable and easy to feel good about his liberal cause. That's how the mini-movie is portrayed... However... Eric was giving away what wasn't his to begin with. It shouldn't matter if it's free. Because a company and it's partners give it away for free doesn't equate to everyone being able to give it away for free, because it isn't anyone else's to give away. That's like saying OK, a car manufacturer designs cars so anyone can drive them, but once you own yours, only you can decide who to let drive it, not someone else. Another thought. Microsoft and Dell may not know what kind of operation he was running if he was using their logos and fonts without partnering up. Could he in any way slip in any malware? Could he control that process within his own companies? Does he personally inspect every disk that is released and certify it? Can he control rogue operators in his own company not to cause damage to computers? Certainly Microsoft and Dell can't unless they were a partner with his company. It's just too much variance in the ecosystem that they control not to go after Eric and keep people from releasing whatever they want that's been copyrighted. He is right that the one thing that would have avoided his crime is not using Microsoft or Dell logos and fonts. Plenty of people do that. That shows independence from the ecosystem which is fine. Anyone can do that. But he passed around his disks as seeming to be part of the offerings of the companies and that's a no-no. It's a shame that no one at Microsoft would meet with him. That is the one thing that roiled me up a bit and I wish the movie spent more time showing that pompousness. Eric is a very wealthy entrepreneur but he admits he crossed the line. Don't feel bad for him. He drives a Tesla and has a huge house and a big pool and his profitable recycling companies still ran while he was in prison. He was no stumblebum that Microsoft went after just to prove their might.
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    And when you look up, that view can still give me chills. Forests are a thing now.
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