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    Hello all! I'm starting beta testing for my first ever mission: In Danger of Judgment. If you're interested, then look for the thread over in the beta testing forum; everyone is welcome! The venerated Judge Malffourt lives in a fine house in an immaculate neighborhood of Bridgeport. But rumors have been spreading about Malffourt; something about a bribe? There is only one way to find out...
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    Ha, precisely what I was looking for, thank you. These damn bells have been giving me a headache all morning
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    @Amadeus Here you go. It's next to the grill light setup. I made a trigger_once for the triggering by the player. To make this trigger just draw a brush, keep it selected, rightclick and choose create entity, there choose trigger_once and click add. https://filebin.net/0z4nf4miml7jo77n
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    OpenAL Soft dev did solve a good number of issues in the last weeks.....1.19.1 (October 2018, 1 year ago) is good but there's a bad issue with resampling above "linear" default option.
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    Only if you will build it yourself. I can try to make some experiments, probably it could work with little changes --- then I could send you a patch on source code. Separating one DLL from EXE means you will either have two CRT or you need to separate CRT into its own DLL too, in which case you also need to install VC redistributable on every player's machine... Let's say we had this for 2.06 and 2.07 and it did not work well enough, so we have reverted to the old way, "acknowledging the wisdom of our ancestors" For the majority of players having one EXE with everything is much better. UPDATE: BTW, setting cvar s_nosound or something like this should disable all sound. It would probably circumvent the crash, but of course at the cost of sound. We can try to update OpenAL. Initially, we had version 1.18.2 in 2.06. Then I updated it to 1.19.0 somewhere after 2.07, but it caused some problems, so we reverted it back. Now 1.19.1 is out, maybe it would fix both problems.
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    Just on that topic, I can concur that balancing the focus between the main plot and side threads when you also have a lot of them (like I tend to do have) is really hard. I also feel like the main plot of Chronicles of Skulduggery suffered a bit from a storytelling problem, and am also trying to focus it a bit more for my third installment without compromising on exploration and world-building.
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    Thanks for the praise and feedback! For the street section I was really going for that T3 vibe, so that makes me happy to hear. Upper Northdale is probably stretching it a little bit, i'm unsure why I went with that route when yeah as you say it all feels like more of a commoner sort of place. With the bottomless chasm thing, I decided to do that as I was playing around with fog and found that the really dark look helps to accentuate the height difference. I guess it would have been more believable if I also made the buildings in the main city street super tall, and then had the entrance to your home be an elevator or something. Ah well, too late to change it now! I admit my storytelling wasn't the best (but it's feedback i've taken onboard from Act 1 and Act 2) and so for Act 3 that is a main focal point for me, i'm focussing on my readables and proof reading them a lot more, as well as the main story and the flow. It's the reason why i've delayed Act 3 so much, as I keep refining and reiterating the story to try and get it making more sense.
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    Is it possible to decouple in the next builds / final 2.08 build the openal soft lib from the main exe? (thedarkmod.exe+openal32.dll / thedarkmode64.exe+openal64.dll) so we can play with fresh/new openal soft build ?
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    This description of the ancient sewers of Paris, from Les Misérables: The full book of six chapters on the subject is worth a read if you really want to immerse yourself in the setting (so to speak)! The first chapter is skippable, and I pulled the quote from the end of the fourth chapter.
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    What I've begun doing with 2.07+ is to have ambient_world covering the mission area, and a separate ambient_world1 that exactly matches ambient_world, but only covers the skybox. I don't know if it'll still be the case with 2.08+, but duzenko and I found that trying to cover both the mission area and the skybox with the same ambient entity led to problems debugging visportals with the r_showportals/1 console command. By splitting the work, visportals show up just fine.
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    Man, I absolutely love the first half of this mission, it's a dead ringer to T3 city sections. I'm not sure if I'm alone with this but those were some of the most fun I ever had in a Thief game, the way it evolved over time based on and also independently of your actions, had many passive NPCs, self-contained stories, extra objectives, fences&shops. This had many of those elements so it was a true hit for me. And well, there was also the voice acting. The obvious homage to Garrett was cool, obviously, but imo the Fence took the palm, the way he comments on all of your actions really made me smile. I found the Thieves' highway portion a tad awkward, architecturally speaking. On one side your apartment right down by the canal but on the other side there's a bottomless chasm. Or at least your first floor apartment is suddenly on like the 5th floor. And overall the layout doesn't feel like an Upper Northdale, kind of cramped which gives it a more commoner district feel. Which is fine I guess if that's what you were going for. There was also this one room with an empty wardrobe that seemed to be the perfect place for a secret but all it had was one random book, that really made me scratch my head. Storywise it was pretty pleasant but unless I missed something I don't see why Corbin assumes that the key and the stone belonged to Jordan. That kind of felt like a big leap of logic. Some kinks with the passive AI that could use some ironing out for Part 3 or if/whenever you reuse the mechanic: Also, I quite liked the candleshop, that was a quaint little spook. ?
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    there is a offline account, just don't turn the internet on to use it, there's also the option to have no login, if you need to change the drive that windows 10 is on because it died then you need a microsoft account to write a copy of the free version of windows 10 to the new drive, else you have to buy a new version of windows 10 operating system.
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    The thing I am really worried about is supporting custom GLSL shaders. We have discussed it a bit without any conclusion. Imagine some mapper creates a custom GLSL shader for his material and it works. Then developers have to change something, e.g. move to newer GL version. Suddenly these custom shaders stop working because something also changes on GLSL side and the syntax must be changed. It is not clear how this could be resolved, aside from developers converting all such custom shaders and repacking missions. In case of ARB shaders, it turned out that there is only one custom shader in all the FMs ever created, and it is used only on one TV box. No player would notice it if it stops working. But GLSL is much easier to use than ARB, so it is much more likely that mappers would use it. This is probably the only reason for weak public exposure.
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    Yes originally the NC part got tacked on because some massive repository required (under the SA part) that we keep it, and we don't have a paper trail. I doubt that the NC part of our license is the bottle neck that's limiting our exposure and promotion at this point. I haven't studied it, so you might have a point. I don't want to be completely dismissive of the idea that gaming media may be looking over us because of our license. Although if that's really the case, then that's unfortunate that something like two letters in a license will lead a gaming outlet to reject attention to a game that won PC Gaming's mod of the year just for that, and I want to think so much the worse for them. Edit: I'm kind of sour on the whole economics of gaming promotion to begin with; it's one of the things TDM has been refreshingly clear of and even part of our ethos (if corporate gaming won't do it, fans will do it themselves). But before I even get to that stage, my first intuition is that it would be a massive, potentially impossible, task tantamount to kicking a pack of rabid sleeping dogs for marginal results, a few people here and there even if it works. And to add another category of cases I don't think mentioned yet, everybody that created and submitted assets to the project (possibly including every FM; I'd have to look at that again), did so under that license. So technically you'd have to get all of their consent to relicense their contributions, and some of them haven't posted or responded to messages in years. And for that matter some contributors, like me, don't actually want to relicense and would refuse because, at least in my case, I've seen first hand that commercialization-talk leads to actual dysfunction in the management of the mod. That's not to say that dropping the NC part will necessarily open us up to that by itself. It's more like, sometimes we get people coming in making waves with commercialization talk, and the easiest most convenient way we can shut it down--without having to have a 6 hour lecture on organization theory & small team interpersonal dynamics--is just point to that part of our license and be done with it. Those two letters have done more good than harm for us at least in that respect. I'm ok with more promotion and exposure, but we hit some limits before (like trying to get on digital platforms) that still make us hesitate for things calling for massive structural changes to the mod. We were lucky we got it standalone and it'd have to be something pretty amazing to go through something like that again, which this really isn't. Next month will mark our 10th year of release without any issues with our assets or licensing (beyond the heroic efforts to get 2.0 out), and we've had one of the coolest communities making some of the coolest stuff in gaming out there. Why would we kick a bunch of rabid sleeping dogs now?
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    To re-license the game we would need to replace thousands of texture assets that we gathered for free from promotional offers from commercial asset repositories. Unless you have an army of texture artists, modelers, and lawyers ready to create replacement textures, test the replacements in over 100 missions, and legally defend their similarity to the originals... this is an impossible task.
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    In honor of completing the architecture for my small map, here are some screenshots. All that's left is.... everything else
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