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    Finished a floor grate with some pipes and pistons. The latter will be moveable. It could use some "tech lights" too, will make those some other time. Edit: oh shoot, I accidentally deleted those, see this post below: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/10003-so-what-are-you-working-on-right-now/&do=findComment&comment=440421
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    Biker asked if I would post this screenshot of his WIP on Shadowhide's city map ...
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    I didn't know this was something you guys add problems with! The Doom 3 game and Grimm (also using idtech 4) have hanged ragdolls, Grimm even use them to good effect to make simple dynamic cloth. The Doom 3 one (hanged by one feet) can even move about like a pendulum. The trick like you found out is to bind the bone you want stuck to the world (with the AF editor). But your method VanishedOne, even tho works, unfortunately makes the character unrealistically stuck in the world by the head. Like you guys also found out, binding a ragdoll to another, doesn't not work (afaik) in idtech 4, it will just cause collision problems. If you guys want to have realistic hanged ragdolls , that can be moved about realistically, than the only way I know (apart from animation...), is to make the rope part of the character rig (in Blender), in that way the body and rope will just be one single skeleton/ragdoll. Btw when you drag a dead AI character around you are essentially making a "hanged" ragdoll. ?
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    Necro'ing because I think I've got somewhere with this: The way the noose looks isn't ideal: I had to scale it in DR in the first place, since the original obviously wasn't designed to go with the AI necks, and before I set the noose nonsolid the ragdoll would twitch around for a bit and then settle without a nicely drooping look. So you might want to continue using Sotha's anim (especially if you want a swinging-in-wind effect like in PD2, which this method won't allow). If you'd like a hanged ragdoll, though, this seems viable. Basically you take the modified AF below, save it as af/guard_base_newskel_hanged.af, and give the ragdoll an "articulatedFigure" "guard_base_newskel_hanged" spawnarg. This causes the head to be bound to the world, so it stays in position, but the rest of the body still has ragdoll physics (I also made it solid to the player).
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    So I just finished this mission and here is my opinion: All in all it was a rather mixed bag! I had the well known quicksave crashes and would have despaired if I hadn't done some hard saves inbetween that luckily always loaded. I played on easy with a lamp so the lighting wasn't much of a problem and the atmosphere was fine. But both keep and marsh are quite big and rather empty and samey looking which I didn't like. Also too often I had to leave the keep for something, get back inside, leave again, get back inside and so forth! This is a lot of wasted time. If you still want to improve this mission I would recommend to swap some elements around so you don't have to leave so often. Maybe link the hag's book to the key so you can get it in one go, as her note in the keep was rather short and I didn't know where all the other info in the quest log suddenly came from anyway! I also disliked the invisible ghosts in the corridors which cost me quite some health. I believe it would be better and look much cooler, if ghost and light were connected to you could see a coloured aura of the ghost slowly walking around! Last not least I had a lot of problems finding the room with the coffins in the cellar and while the shovel is easily visible now, it took a lot of trial and error to position it right to make it work on some of the bodies. And often I wasn' sure if the compass directions were intended for the marsh or the keep or the cellar. You should make this much clearer!
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    It's not about batching - it's about avoiding driver call overhead. Just to be clear, what it achieves is save CPU time in the backend, which in turn will get data to render to the GPU faster and avoid that the GPU needlessly idles. In order to profit from this, the GPU needs to be starving in the first place. If you have a poor GPU and run it at demanding settings, then yeah, it's possible you won't see much of an effect, because it wasn't the bottleneck. (It's also possible you're doing something wrong - you'd have to measure carefully with nSight to try and catch what's going on.) But in my experiments, where I replaced depth and stencil shadow draws with multi draws, the effects were pretty clear. They cut down CPU time for those areas significantly and as a result allowed the GPU to render more quickly. Of course, stencil (and particularly depth) are often not the most significant parts of the scene, so the overall effect on FPS is not gigantic (but it was still measurable).
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    It looks as though Move To Position is for use with AI. The response effects are implemented via script functions, so you can find out what they do internally by looking at script/tdm_response_effects.script inside tdm_base01.pk4. effect_move_to_position_action() appears to invoke a script event called moveToPosition(), which according to http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=TDM_Script_Reference/2.06 is specific to the idAI spawnclass. (A touch confusingly, idMover has one called moveToPos().) Edit: on removing particles, I'm guessing these ones were spawned via the Spawn Particle effect? From a glance at the scripting there's no obvious way to get the name of the emitter it spawns, so depending on what you want to do, the best thing might be to place your own func_emitter and trigger it on/off as desired.
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    The only reason we don't support dx9 hardware any more is we simply don't have any to test on. And why bother? You can buy a used dx10 gpu for what, $10 now? Not mentioning even intel integrated graphics support GL3 since 2011. 2.07 dropped support for lots of ancient pre-dx9 hardware. It went largely unnoticed. We could theoretically support it as well but we didn't for the same reason.
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    I know it can sound bad for the TDM team to do that but If TDM became stuck in the past, it would never evolve and things that don't evolve are doomed to die. Just to put things in perspective, a GPU supporting OGL 3.x is a very old GPU by today's standards, my old AMD HD 5770 was a dx11/OGL 4.x GPU and I bought it on 2009 a decade ago! You can find those (and Nvidia equivalent) on ebay very cheap. I also bet that you can buy a new low end dx12 GPU and it will run TDM very well at 1080p medium settings, also afaik this game is currently more CPU bound than GPU bound.
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    http://www.sewerhistory.org/ - speaks for itself, really.
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    After a terror attack through a German neo nazi with two casualties last week, the responsible Interior Minister of Germany suggested correspondingly that the "video gamer's scene has to be monitored more thoroughly." Yes, it is sufficiently documented that both German nationalism and anti-semitism in general were fueled by video games. I rest my case.
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