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    Right, so here are a few samples of the new .wav recordings SC has sent me. She's managed to get rid of background noise, I listened closely and they all sounded crisp. The early test recordings from November have been disposed of, we're not going back to those. I have several more of these (two or three times as many, in fact), but I've only chosen a few. As we have tight upload limits for attachments here, and I can only fit a single .wav file into each post, I don't want to do twenty posts in a row. http://www.mediafire.com/file/hpzkvlht7dqn2oc/Preliminary_female_player_vocals.zip/file https://www.dropbox.com/s/b58hep54e198unz/Preliminary female player vocals.zip?dl=0 So I'm providing a link to a .zip with the files, as available above. If there are download issues, use the second link, please.
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    The bank of Colliford Lake (HH:TLC, Part 1: The Weir) Did not make much progress the past weeks due to RL things. Original plan was to start beta next week. Far from it, actually.
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    I guess this thread is for you then? ? I'll say the same I said in that thread: Just don't look at AAA titles, but at indie titles and you'll find tons of genius new gameplay ideas. In 2019, there were Obra Dinn, Outer Wilds (NOT Outer Worlds!!), Baba Is You, Disco Elysium. All of which, brilliantly innovative. That being said, Sekiro and Star Wars are AAA titles, and they are brilliant, too. So there are definitely exceptions to the rule. Edit: Another personal recommendation: Yoku's Island Express! It's cute and fun!! ?
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    It's going to take a bit of work, but I'll explain how I would approach and solve this. First, you are going to need to know some basic Windows command line knowledge and batch scripting. This is so that you are able to mix and match the various command line tools out there to do what you want and automate it at the same time. Google is your friend, but here's some jumping off points: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/windows-command-prompt-introduction/ https://www.csie.ntu.edu.tw/~r92092/ref/win32/win32scripting.html You can reuse the knowledge elsewhere, it's very powerful. You do not have to achieve expert status, just be comfortable enough to execute commands and manipulate their output. Think "I want to convert all the PNGs in this folder to jpeg, but also crop and sharpen them". Once you're comfortable with that. There's a number of tools to solve your problem. You are basically wanting to identify text on the page, so that you can see where it is not (the margins). Tesseract is an open source solution for OCR. https://github.com/tesseract-ocr/tesseract/wiki/FAQ Once you you identify the bounds of the text, you can thing use another tool to do the cropping. https://imagemagick.org/script/command-line-processing.php Oh, and I suppose your PDFs are full of just images, you can use another tool (like Apache's PDFBox) to extract them (to do the above mentioned) and perhaps make a new PDF if you want. https://pdfbox.apache.org/1.8/commandline.html#extractimages It might not be clear how you can connect these, but learning the basic scripting knowledge will make it clear. Good luck.
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    I wouldn't recommend using thee/thous for pagans...they shouldn't sound too much like Builders.
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    Thank you ! Truth be told, the stuff I have listed in my opening post still needs some editing (e.g. the number of times some lines should be replicated, with different emphasis or diction). I'd also like to thank you for your own detailed suggestions ! I'll definitely go through these, consider them and try to expand my own post with the ones I feel fit best. You have a lot of real keepers in your suggestions, so I'm expecting I'll include a lot of them. Obviously, as this is a work in progress vocal set, we can still keep expanding it and trimming it down, until it starts feeling really right. Yes, as a I also describe to Spingheel below, and in my opening post, I am intentionally going for a "more general" feel for the Pagans, while also keeping in mind they will have some variations. Genuine old-school tribesmen will use some different turns of phrase than village or urban Pagans who worship in secret. (Looking at real world history, I think the latter, "secret" group wouldn't be that numerous either way, as most people were Christianised throughout Europe for most of the Middle Ages, after 1000. The only exception to this was your usual folkloric syncretism, where some pre-Christian folk rituals were still carried out annually purely out of tradition or ongoing superstition, even though the populace was firmly monotheistic and Christian. That's basically the situation we still have today, even in countries where these sorts of folkloric rituals haven't been that strong or visible for a long time. Though you also did have some "secret pagans" in the medieval and early modern world - the sorts that still engaged in (sometimes gruesome) folk magic - they weren't that common. Or they were otherwise Christian (at least nominally), but weren't above doing pagan rituals, if they were superstitious enough to think these would help. Corrollary to the more gruesome uses of folk magic rituals: I've read archaeology studies about cases of ritual murders happening as late as the 16th century, even in very civilised parts of Europe, among decidedly non-tribal people. As usual with faith, things can get complicated, depending on an individual's beliefs, worldviews and pragmatism. E.g. if someone who sees themselves as a monotheist isn't above occassionally engaging in superstitions that might harm or even kill other people, purely for the sake of some "good luck" ritual, they'll probably do it. Even if it is hypocritical. I think this would be nicely reflective of the fact that neither the Builder faith nor any "old gods" faiths in TDM's world are without flawed human behaviour. This would actually mirror the inspiration we take from Thief well: Neither the Hammerites or the Pagans of that series were shown purely as good guys or bad guys, they were simply people, flawed and fallible people. Equally noble-minded and craven/corrupt, depending on the situation. Sometimes, the same individuals did good and bad things, punctuating that whole moral greyness. Some characters of those factions were pleasant, kind, wise, others were thoroughly cruel and evil bastards. And with the stuff I mention above, I think TDM could be really good if it had antagonistic characters that sort of straddle the line between the old polytheistic faith and new monotheistic faith, being never entirely faithful to either, and causing tension and conflict as a result. Thank you kindly. This is exactly what I was getting at. Have a single vocal set, but like the others, allow for some (for lack of a better term) "sub-faction" variations. I'd also like to add I need to come up with a consistent rendering of using thou/thy/thee and you/your in the lines I wrote. Either the Pagan guy goes for the more archaic or folksy adress, or the more neutral one. I think he could use the more archaic stuff while greeting Builders (while keeping his distance) or certain other social groups, but that it shouldn't otherwise be used much, to avoid feeling forced.
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    Never seen this How often does this happen? Could you set a breakpoint on line 536 in MapFile.cpp and provide the stack trace? From the error description it seems to try to load the .dds file as game map file which does not make sense. Is it your WIP?
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    That's the dynamic index/vertex buffer running out of memory. This is fine, though, they are automatically resized. Basically, to not waste GPU memory, they start at fairly modest sizes. But the more demanding your map is, the more memory you need. If the current value is not sufficient, the buffers are resized automatically. The messages are informative only.
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    Thanks for playing! I made the apebeast and their accessories, so feel free to use them in your own FM. The set-up is a little involved, but just PM me with any questions. If I'm not mistaken, Springheel is working on getting those guys into a future release of TDM.
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    You don't need to worry about .ogg, I explained the need for .wavs to SC already almost two weeks ago (around the 20th). So, we are getting .wavs only. She also agreed to record 2 or so empty seconds at the start of each recording, just to make noise reduction or hum reduction a little easier, and promised me she'll be doing recordings in the second setup she used - that newest recording I shared here, with almost no noise. Thank you for you offer to help out ! I'll note that I find it important we have a VA supervisor just to be sure we won't need to throw most of the material away. It's better to tell the voice actress what sort of exact expression we have in mind (where to pull back emotionally and keep it subtle, where to emphasise something, etc.), rather than let her figure it out on her own, based purely on those male voice files I shared with her (I've sent her the whole collection, so don't worry, she has all the reference material already). Once again, thank you, and if you have anything to recommend further, I am all ears.
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    I can help with audio editing/processing if necessary, although I'm certainly no better at it than any of the other forum members who have experience in this regard. I have registered versions of REAPER and Renoise which I use for my own audio work. I'm no creative director though — I'd vote for Springheel in that regard although he may not have the time now he's officially retired. Removing hum can be achieved with a notch filter, which may give better results than a full spectrum noise reduction plugin depending on the spectrum of the noise you want to remove. And (although I cannot speak officially) I definitely second what Peter said: we do need uncompressed WAV originals, not just lossy OGGs. It's fine to distribute the final product in OGG format to save space, but we should have the uncompressed originals checked into the source repository so they can be edited, combined into new sounds, recompressed with a higher-quality codec or whatever may be necessary in the future. Having to recompress already-compressed OGG files is really sub-optimal and introduces generation loss.
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    On a technical level, there aren't really any insurmountable problems. I was talking more about what Peter_Spy brought up recently. We need more quality control on the performance. Like those mantling samples you've mentioned. Give a bit more direction to the VA, so that it can sound more convincing. Get into the headspace needed for that particular voice file, what it's supposed to sound like to the player. You and the others are absolutely right it needs to sound convincing first, that's why I asked about feedback by the core team. I'm not always 100 % sure what is adequate VA-performance-wise, that's all.
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