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    We should have an FM building competition during the outbreak! It's not like we're going anywhere anyway, for a while. I mean if we all are gonna be home for who knows, why not dust off the editors and build lots of FMs for Thief & The Dark Mod. I'm thinking about trying again, since I'm stuck in Sweden the next 3-4 Months. My 89yr old mom doesn't dare fly now. Sweden has closed its boarders now anyway too, so that leaves me & my wife over here awhile longer. She's outta school the next 2 weeks, but she likes watching Movies. I'm actually getting tired of TV & binge watching. Wanna do something elseā€¦
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    With my workload finally decreasing and having to stay at home far longer than I planned for this spring, I think I'll try to find more time for TDM as well. For the time being, I want to work on those audio projects.
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    Just had the last ordinary lecture in my university. No idea how would students study from now on: I'm afraid distance learning does not suit everyone. In one orchestra that I play in, all rehersals are already stopped. I guess the others will follow in the nearest future. On the bright side, it seems I have more free time for programming and TDM now UPDATE: On the second thought, I think it is a perfect time to replay the first Deus Ex now
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    Yeah.....*DEAD*line (totally black humor)
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    An honestly nice mission. It's been a bit since I've felt that atmosphere of something always being around the corner, and the feeling of a city encircling you, even if the mission layout is very compact. Speaking of it, I enjoyed the use of the space, it didn't feel like it was a lot of wasted space or interiors you should've been able to enter but couldn't. I had trouble hitting the Expert loot goal since some of the loot was in locations not even lit to where you could see them. The openable crates, for example, I had no idea existed because I didn't have a precedent of being presented with an obvious one. The readables were serviceable, insofar as they mostly supported the gameplay and not any narrative but the environmental storytelling carried that load just fine.
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    Here's one example where I had an issue. I have a sewer scene where there is machinery spinning at the bottom, if the player gets too close they die. I added a plank of wood across this area (Above where the gears are) and put some loot on it. The player also is fighting against a current I added which is a func forcefield that pulls the player down towards the spinning gears. The purpose of the scene is to create some danger but some reward. If there was no current they could just swim down, grab the loot and then swim back up. No real point of it. In 2.07 you can swim down, grab the loot and then swim back up fighting against the func_forcefield, it's tight but you can still make it. In 2.08 with this new swimming animation, the forcefield will keep the player down there long enough to kill them. I was only hoping there was a simple way to use the old swimming style like a spawnarg on the liquid entity or changing a def file or something. But as we've established it's not a simple change, so it makes more sense logically for me to remove the section of my mission, rather than disrupt something that's in the core mod.
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    This seems like something out of the scope of a beta test phase and should probably be post-poned to 2.09. As a workaround for the time being, we could simply remove archiving from that cvar so Goldwell can change it in his FM via script. I would still like to know 'though why the new swimming animation wouldn't work in it, @Goldwell. EDIT: Although, when we enable archiving again eventually on that cvar, the FM would need an update, which is not good.
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    With all those corona news around here, I have something for you to get your mind off of this dark topic. My son of 16 weeks learned to make a new sound yesterday, give it a listen, you won't regret it!
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    To be more specific: I would like to set up an objective like "Find all four books describing the history of xxx" in my mission. The books then should include text that focusses on a certain event in the history. The books should then explain the facts scattered over several volumes. It is certainly not necessary for every book to contain walls of text. Do you think you could do something like this for me? That would be great. The library:
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