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    Hmm, for some reason, while the texture files is present, the material entry seems to be missing from 2.08. Maybe it was just never uploaded? Not sure, but I've added it now.
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    No, the texture file is there. The problem is that skin files should reference material entries, not texture files. To correct it, replace "textures/darkmod/stone/flat/smooth_marble_white01" in the skin with "textures/darkmod/stone/flat/smooth/marble_white01". That should fix it. The redwood issue seems to be a problem with something missing. I'm pretty sure the redwood texture was uploaded for 2.07, as it is used in all the interior mansion models. I'll have to look into it. Perhaps someone else can confirm whether they see it or not.
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    The biggest downsides to megatexture was the massive compile times whenever they wanted to make even small changes. I remember Carmack saying that they have a server farm just for doing the megatexture work and it still take several minutes. A personal computer would take hours or days. And that's with the huge downscale in image quality they compromised on with Rage.
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    Not if corporations have any say, if it was up to them we'd all be stuck on 20Mbps for 200$/month forever, with ever increasing fees and costs /GB. As long as ex members of Telecoms can sit on Commissions to oversee internet infrastructure and the industry as a whole, we'll always get shafted.
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    Unfortunately, not all asset contributors who have joined and left the project understood the need to define "diffusemap" for lit materials or have used other blend modes to overcome technical challenges in multi-stage materials. Some of these things were done for individual maps where the glow was not apparent since the texture was in a lit room (for example). I have been meaning to audit this for a few commonly used materials that are clearly fullbright in dark areas...
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    1 Gbps is going to become a stopping point for a long time because of legacy Ethernet equipment and cables, and because it's "good enough" for most, even in households with multiple UHD video streams at once. There could be a demand for multiple high resolution 360-degree VR video streams, but codecs will soften the blow. 100 Mbps will stick around as a budget option, since it's still good enough for many. Above 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps is a possibility if you have deep pockets, but 2.5 Gbps might catch on more since it can be delivered over existing Cat 5e cables. That's a pretty good compromise... up to 500 Mbps each for 5 people at once. Terabit/petabit/exabit connections are more relevant to universities, astronomers, data centers, ISPs, etc.
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    I guess you could pose the same question then: Is there really anyone who plays TDM on a 32-bit OS nowadays? I'm sure there is. 1 or 2. AFAIC, you could easily drop 32-bit support, but, of course your decision.
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    Man, this soundtrack really sucks up every bit of adrenaline in your body and spits it out explosively!!
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    Doom and Doom Eternal are rather modern games. With all the bad stuff I relate with them. Dunno, games really changed, from something challenging, relevant (like... no tasks which repeat themselves for 100 times, and all feel the same...), with good ideas around every corner, to professional products, which are being developed according to a static master plan, to recoup the hundreds of million $ production costs. Don't want to sound too negative, I still enjoy some modern games too, and, Doom is alright really, for me. But, it's pretty apparent what they did there, and what all the others do. It just kills creativity. Which is a shame, because, visually, and also sound technically, those games are really absolutely awesome. Just a shame that it's always the shiny surface, and when you dig deeper, you find nothing but a black hole underneath it.
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    Of all idsoftware games (made by or published) that I played, I've yet to finish Doom 2016 one time, just has a example I played Doom 3 start to finish a gazillion times, Prey 1 and quake 4, three or four times, Rage 1 two times, wolfenstein 2004 two times has well, etc. I don't know but the new Doom is just not appealing to me. And what is really strange is that I liked the Serious Sam and Painkiller games...perhaps this shows how old i'm really becoming, my attention span for some games is just limited.
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    Yeah, this website has more shots showing the ceiling and other details around the place: https://www.apotheke-adhoc.de/nachrichten/detail/apothekenpraxis/berlins-aelteste-apotheke-berlinapotheke-am-hackeschen-markt/
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    Now this is one fancy apothecary's near where I live:
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    Pretty badass. 16th century too:
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    I always wanted to play a first person Cities: Skylines
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