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    Not a joke - just outdated. Nobody still drives around and buys CDs. It is all online now. But a SkidRow subscription still is the most reliable source for games without DRM (GOG comes next).
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    I'll admit the looks of the 2 new zombies interest me, but I'm not paying 60 bucks for a walking simulator with an awful story.
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    I just saw HD remaster of "Zombie" by The Cranberries and it looks spectacular. Video came out in 1994. It was directed by Samuel Bayer who also did "Smells like teen spirit", among many others. Recently I've been mildly obsessed with the idea of high definition remasters of old music videos. When I saw "Alien" movies for the first time on Blu-Ray after watching them for years on vhs tapes recorded from television, it was like seeing them for the first time. I'm of course talking about proper scans of 16mm or 35mm film. Youtube recently has been uploading many upscaled music videos advertising them as HD. Some people have been attempting to upscale videos using machine learning, but results aren't good. Some music videos from 80s and 90s are true pieces of art. A lot were made by acclaimed directors like Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, David Fincher, Anton Corbijn. Hell, even Michael Bay. Of course original film needs to still exist for a proper remaster to be even possible. If any special effects were originally done in post production in low resolution, those would have to be redone from scratch, which would be expensive. More on the subject by Tom Scott, Some other examples: Directed by Dom and Nic; premiered in 1997. At 2:49 you can see people cloned in post production. Not an MTV era, but definitely worth seeing. Directed by Peter Goldmann (1967):
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    Released earlier this month. Uncensored version of Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" which shows more clearly what happened to the main character. Actor who played Jeremy died in 2016. Directed by Mark Pellington, 1992.
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    Well, this was depressing. I suppose good fiction is meant to evoke strong emotions and not necessarily good ones, but when I finished this last night it took a while to shake off the mood of futility. Worth playing but lots of frustration and slow slow scenes you're forced to plod through. That toy arrow game with Owen and the absurd guitar strum were crazy. Puzzles are ok when you know what you need to do and have to figure out how to do it, but so often I didn't, and finally I didn't care. I used 'skip puzzle' entirely after the first few. The freedom of multi-choice open world games like Thief, Dark Mod, and Fallout 4 have spoilt me for this type of corridor game. It feels like acting scenes in a movie. You're allowed to ad lib a tiny amount (move left round a crate instead of right) but if you act out the scene wrong then the director shouts 'cut' and you have to perform another take over and over. In fact, as with the LOU1, I'd rather have watched it as an edited-down movie (I did download a full walkthrough video at the time but it failed to play on my system so I had to persist in the game to see how it panned out.) Still, LOU2 must have something going for it or I wouldn't have kept going (despite abandoning it overnight at least twice and swearing never again!) It's kind of a must-play - though it feels like a gun at your head. Maybe it was just the £54 I paid and wanted my moneysworth. No, that's not fair, there are LOTS of good events in the claimed 30 hours of this game (I clocked 29 in the game saves but I played on the 'easiest' level (it's not - parts are REALLY hard except for hardcore enthusiasts maybe and I had to use a couple of walkthoughs for two combat scenes which seemed impossible and took 40 or 50 retakes before I got through.) Looking back at my start gamesave date it took me eight days of say two or three hours a day. Eh? That can't be right. It's definitely eight days and I reckon I must have played at least double the 29 hours of gamesaves. Call it 64 hours, that's 8 hours a day? Seems impossible. I know I played it a lot but... No, must be the fixed scenes take up so much of the time, and I only played over and over the awkward checkpoints... even so, I must have played 5 or 6 hours a day? Wow.
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    As per the title, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with using thedarkmod.com to store images used for forum threads, or if there's even a dedicated area for that purpose? In this case I'm thinking of having about 9 images in a FM release thread, which exceed the total limit of 1 mbyte several times over. This would hopefully have much more longevity than external image services like Imgur or ImageShack, which have a tendency of going link-dead i.e. if the account on those services goes inactive. Edit: found that I can simply copy the image url from screenshots in the official TDM mission list into a forum post. So that'd handily solve my particular usage case (release threads showing official promo shots), though there are probably other applications where having reliable on-site image storage would be good to have.
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    Well it seems we do need some of the tools from HPL1 like hplhelper to setup the format correctly for the editor, besides that the only change to collada from 1.4 to latest was the addition of kinematics and B-rep and some FX redesigning, sadly there have been no changes as to how collada exports so even if i update it, it wouldnt help. Later models of the maya exporter plugin can have problems with scaling so need to make sure to set units to centimeters also modo does not triangulate meshes automatically so need to enter geometry/polygon/triple for it to triangulate it correctly. https://wiki.frictionalgames.com/hpl3/engine/model_export luckily i just got all the tools building with msvc 2015 to
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    Hum the last time I tried to mod the game it only guarantied full support for collada 1.4.0, I used Modo 601 (the same I still use for idtech4 .lwo), it exports collada 1.4.1, it worked but not 100% the model exported/imported fine but all the extra stuff, like lights, and light options, like color and size and stuff, didn't worked correctly. Or perhaps Modo exports a invalid collada format? (I find that unlikely) Or HPL1 engine uses a particular format of collada that only the Maya plugging, Frictional games used, could export. I remember looking at original Penumbra collada 1.4.0 models in a text editor and the collada 1.4.1 exported from Modo 601 and saw obvious big diferences. Never tested blender because didn't used it at the time. To me is important that collada export/import work correctly, because afaik to use HPL1, 99.9% of the level work is done inside the 3D tool (Maya in their case), their "editor" is just a pre-viewer of sorts.
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    Awesome work revelator, don't forget to post that in the Frictional Games forum if you have not already, thanks for making this, I really hope that having the ability to use a more modern collada version and so more modern tools, will help this engine get more use, IMO was one of the main stoppers. Unfortunately can't test right now, will do so during the weekend and give you some feedback. cheers.
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    I edited some more text to avoid formatting issues. I hope I got them all now! Maybe someone from the team could take a look if it's worth to put into the core game? training_mission.rar
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    Normally new players will view the controls but will not change them because we do not know how the game works and how convenient are the buttons prepared for us yet. Having new players to memorize the long list of controls before starting the game while still going back and forth to find the button controls kind of break the immersive experience. I know it is not a big deal, I am just suggesting the idea too. Yes, it worked well! Definitely helped with my learning to the game faster, thank you so much.
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    I could easily add at least the default keys to be displayed in the Unofficial Patch if this will not go into the core game. Only one text file needs to be edited! P.S.: So here is my first version of the training_mission string file with included default keys mentioned and connected formation and other text issues fixed. IcyMoon, please extract the attached archive into your The Dark Mod/fms folder and report back if I missed some formation issues! training_mission.rar
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    I like the idea, but I'm afraid it is not possible to get the key from settings into the map right now. There is method idCommon::KeysFromBinding right now. I think it is possible to add a bit of code which would allow referencing the in a map. And I think there is already some way for a mapper to show text on screen.
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    I suspect that if you're customising key bindings you already don't care about the tutorial telling which key to press. Given that the tutorial claims to be a Tutorial, you have to assume that the user wants to have their hand held to begin with. I sympathise with IcyMoon, the tutorial should be for her, not for us experienced users.
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    No problem revelator, its nice to hear from you. Never worked with angelscript but from the code I've seen, it seems to follow C syntax, similar to Doom Script, that makes it very attractive to me. Not that I can help but what problems are you having with it?
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    The last time I checked the detection from OpenAL did not properly. So there is no way to do it. As soon as menu tooltips are implemented, it would be done easily. However, I have not yet seen any sort of demo of design proposal for them.
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    I guess that's just another HRTF implementation combined with something like dolby prologic. Technologically speaking, nothing new, but it could still be nice to have full control over all these features via their GUI. They offer a trial, so I will give it a shot! A similar product had been released for a long time. It's called Rapture3D, but it's apparently only for open AL games. But for openAL you can just use openAL soft and use their implementation of HRTF. Soooo...
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    Sorry for the late reply thanks for looking into this, don't be afraid to ask Frictional Games for help they are very friendly. And they are also looking for a engine developer.
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