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  1. Compared to the ultra-violence that people are complaining about, yes. I'm ex-military, among other things, and I don't have an issue with the murder/raider themes. These follow the rules of storytelling. But when we're talking about dragging an NPC/player under a car with points for distance, or shooting a recently "loved" prostitute in the head to avoid payment, then I think we're talking about excessive violence and poor thought. More John Wayne, less Natural Born Killers. Mainly, I would like to see TDM more popular. It's a great game. There's wonderful stories, nice graphics
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  2. Hi! I decided to undertake this project, and wanted to show a little bit of what I have so far. Here's a quick video of the app in use: https://streamable.com/2mbs0w. You may notice that I decided to go for something a bit more appealing to the eye than the original tables I proposed. This also results in a mobile-friendly application (this way, people can search for their next mission while chilling on the sofa). I'm satisfied with how it looks, but I could be wrong, hence any feedback is welcome. I retrieved all data so far by scraping thedarkmod.com and the wiki with a couple
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  3. Yeah, I got that too, but otherwise a fantastic small mission! I love it how different authors tell different stories, the automatons and the wish to create life were great. So I finished the second part too now. Another fine but rather ordinary map, but with a cool back story about an plague cult behind it. Congratulations for the story!
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  4. Not a nice mission, a tunnel that explodes and I don't know what to do. I translated the texts using Google Translate I don't know what to do thanks
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