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  1. I have a BAT !! Bat Video Bat Video 2
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  2. TDM 2.08 Released! We are proud to announce the release of The Dark Mod 2.08! Long in development, many fixes related to Multi-Core, Uncapped FPS, and the 64-bit migration are now available. TDM 2.08 goes further with the process to modernize coding standards in TDM, replacing legacy OpenGL functions and ARB Assembly shaders with modern techniques. Mappers will be pleased to see many new quality assets as well as enhancements to rain, fog, skylight, AIs and visportal diagnostics. For the eye-candy crowd, new Bloom, 64-bit color mode, and
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  3. New Horizon originally let me know about this, from this I got in touch with one of Gary's friends who updated me on what happened. So like him I have to be the bearer of bad news - Here is a list of all the FMs he created for us in his short time here - Vengeance for a Thief Part 1Vengeance for a Thief Part 2Vengeance for a Thief Part 3Let Sleeping Thieves LieGary's Sound Cloud Gary's youtube channelGrayman has made a tribute mission in Sir Tafs honour - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19361-fan-mission-sir-taffsalots-sword-by-grayman-2018318/ Rest in peace Sir Taff.
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