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  1. Oh this is so cool! I always wished to see an original thief mission becoming alive in The Dark Mod. Good luck - I can't wait. Good idea to not build it 1:1 the same BTW.
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  2. You could disable the visual stims emitted by those AIs, in the same script that kills / knocks them out. $name_of_ai.StimEnable(14, 0); 14 is the ID# of visual stims (found in script/tdm_stim_response.script), 0 is to disable. (If they start ragdolled at map start you can just disable the visual stim in the S/R Editor). One method is to encase him in a brush of nodrawsolid and apply health 1000. If you want to go further you could make a looping script that refreshes his health every few seconds. For never becoming alert, you can set all his acuities to 0.
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  3. First pass at DXR in Doom 3 by Justin
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  4. Another excellent mission. Thanks for creating it! I found the puzzles rewarding, and the story very well-written and enjoyable, just like in all of your missions. The ambient music/atmosphere is perfect, and the interior of the cathedral truly breathtaking. I hope you make more missions in the future!
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  5. Two pics from the next William Steele mission, entitled Baleford Museum.
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  6. Woops. Seems I'm unable to revert back to version 8. DR reports a startup error, and even uninstalling fails to help. So I'm dead in the water until a fixed 9 becomes available. Rats.
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