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  1. I'm sure some of you will recognize where these shots were taken from
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  2. RX 6900 XT, around RTX 3090 performance, December 8, $999 RX 6800 XT, around RTX 3080 performance, November 18, $649 RX 6800, 18% faster than 2080 Ti, November 18, $579 Nvidia rekt.
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  3. Aaaand it's postponed again. New date is December 10th. On a side note, they announced winners in art contest.
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  4. Why doesn't this work with Epic Store? www.epicgames.com/giveaway/claim www.epicgames.com/giveaway/givemefreegameznao
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  5. If the statue should just be in the default position you could export it as an .ase model. No need for the extra complexity of a ragdoll underneath the hood. The entity's name is atdm_env_ragdoll_werebeast_steele_1, but it doesn't look rotation-hacked and doesn't have special settings otherwise.
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  6. I know people at work who took the week off just to play it
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