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  1. v 0.22 BRDF & PBR implemented... in faux fashion Snagged code from... https://github.com/urho3d/Urho3D/blob/master/bin/CoreData/Shaders/GLSL/PBR.glsl // BRDF main routine https://github.com/urho3d/Urho3D/blob/master/bin/CoreData/Shaders/GLSL/BRDF.glsl // BRDF sub-routines ...and chucked it in a file called "interaction.pbr.glsl" that gets imported in ambient.fs & common.fs. Can switch it on off by commenting / uncommenting the "FAKE_PBR" define. Can't tell much of a difference (imo), because using faux Specular & Roughness maps. But,
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  2. How many more "What if...?" threads are you planning to create? If you have an idea, go for it. If you can't mod, learn to mod. It's not like everything will be made for you, just because you have an idea in your head.
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  3. So this made me literally laugh out loud. Long time Thief fan having played the original demo in 1998 but I mostly lurk. I had to come share this with you guys since you are the only people who would appreciate this. I just started playing this tonight:
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  4. Beyond all threads about feedback and criticism, I think it's also nice to congratulate people for a job well done. I have an old legacy laptop which I sometimes enjoy using for running older games. I had TDM installed on it, however the CPU-heavy demands of the game would make it impossible to run on long stretches, causing it to overheat even when multicore mode was enabled. I am happy to report that since release 2.09 I've had no overheating problems in my old machine, and that loading times are also greatly improved! Finally I can play TDM on the go! For the record my spec
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  5. I added an experimental AUI-based layout. The API seems promising; the dock panels can be moved around as you wish, and can be floated as separate windows, meaning that the layout @peter_spy wants (with just the properties panel floating) could be achieved very easily. The major annoyance at the moment is that the dock panels start out really small at the left and right edges of the window, almost like toolbars, and have to be manually dragged to fill the window. I guess there is something weird going on with size hints.
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