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    Story Tease On the run from her husband, me and my girl. With a bribe to a ship's captain, we're away. What could go wrong now? Oh, dammit. Links "Away 1 - Air Pocket" Version 1.0 is available from the in-game downloader and its mirrors. As well as here. There are two extra documents contained in your installed .pk4 and also conveniently available here - For gamers needing hints, this Q&A uses "invisible ink" to selectively hide the answers: Air Pocket - Hints and Spoilers [Jan. 29, 2020].docx For understanding what's under the hood: Maintenance Guide to Away 1 - Air Pocket [Jan 29, 2020].docx For more about the innards and interations, see this FM's Beta Testing thread. Author's Note This is my first substantive TDM FM, a nautical adventure, and what I hope will be part of a longer story arc. Enjoy. Gallery Credits & Acknowledgements Thanks to TDM community members for encouragement - and assistance with newbie questions - while building this, my first FM (not counting an earlier nanoMission). Kudos in particular to Dragofer for the wonderful ship models (modified here), newly-created ship davits, and assets like kelp models from 'Down by the Riverside'. Also a custom cannon-ball hole through the hull, and much helpful guidance. The skybox is adapted from 'lagoon' by Hazel Whorley (CC BY-NC; hw_lagoon.zip at www.custommapmakers.org/skyboxes). Finally, my deep appreciation to all who tested or assisted during the beta: Biene, Cambridge Spy, Dragofer, duzenko, peter_spy, and stgatilov
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    On the subject of new content, here is a clothed zombie I created using Kingsal's Volta corpse textures and an old corpse head I'd used for my first mission. These guys can be used for zombies who were never buried, or some type of infected commoner, or any other situation where the zombie would be likely to still have clothes on. The ragdoll also makes a convenient dead body that has been exposed to the elements for a while.
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    This is a Skyrim-style door which opens just a bit into a black_matt "void" before teleporting the player to a different area of the map, which may represent the other side of the door. This is used for connecting physically separated map areas with each other, such as when there's an exterior/interior split of a building or ship to allow for more mapping freedom. It's based off the func_mover, so it's only distantly related to normal doors and works slightly differently. Usage is to specify rotate/translate/move_time/accelTime/decelTime/snd_open/snd_close, target an info_player_teleport entity and optionally the corresponding door on the other side. It'll trigger all other targets and automatically detect up to 2 door handles. Currently no support for locking or AI pathing. At the end of the video you see something to be careful of: don't put bright lights on the other side of the door where the player can get seen. Also noticed the audio is a little bit delayed in this video. teledoor.pk4 The download comes with a prefab and entity def with tooltips for new spawnargs. Drop or extract the .pk4 in your FM folder and you will find a new entity atdm:teledoor in the folder movers/doors. Remember to update your tdm_custom_scripts.script if you've already modified yours. This is the scriptobject: And entity def:
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    Biker asked that I post this: “Evening, as some of you may know I have been working on a large city based mission for TDM. I am very close to rolling out the first beta so have set up a Discord server to do the beta testing on. For anyone that has previous beta testing exp and would like to help, head on over to - https://discord.gg/fP32yEn" I've seen this map, and it looks really good. Help Biker get this long-awaited puppy out the door! Thanks!
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    A screenshot from my upcoming FM "A Good Neighbor"
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    Hi all, So I have a bit of an unusual request for the community. I'm currently nearing the end of my Master's degree, and need to complete my thesis before I can graduate. Being that I'm in a games program, I had to construct a level for user testing; since I'm very familiar with Darkradiant and didn't want to wrassle with Unity, I ended up building my level using TDM. After some preliminary user tests, I'm ready to begin a short iteration phase where I improve the level before final testing, and I thought I'd open my terrible tiny level up to the mod community for feedback from folks who are familiar with TDM and the stealth game genre. My research specifically pertains to environmental storytelling, so that's what I'm aiming to do well. Any advice on improving performance would also be appreciated (my exterior is kind of a mess), as would advice on creating good-looking diegetic lighting that sufficiently highlights both important narrative elements and where to go to progress (especially for inexperienced players).
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    Hey! How's everyone doing? Found this neat project in development by the dev on twitter, called Gloomwood. I'll let the screenshots speak for themselves: http://gloomwood.com/press/ The dev's twitter: https://twitter.com/Jollyrogers99 . I'm surprised there isn't a topic about it yet here, because he's most definitely part of the thief community! Anyway, I really like it. It's cool to see people embracing dated visuals as if it was by design. It wasn't, we know, but it has its merits besides nostalgia, in my opinion.
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    UPDATE: LIGHTING FIXED IN SECOND VIDEO: I've uploaded test 2 , which was made on the same night I made test 1. This is all the footage from that day, so this saturday I'll film more footage. I hope to make a good one. Hi, I'm leaving this video, I modified TDM a little so it can use the data from a cell phone accelerometer. I don't have to explain in this post how "the user experience is enormously expanded", just look at the video and see for yourself. Before testing this myself, I didn't think it would be so gratifying using it. It just feels so natural... Right now only works with Side Lean (left / right). But it WORKS VERY WELL and the movement is really smooth, no glitches or bad data. (This is just the first test video, SORRY FOR THE LACK OF LIGHTING, I have so many more things to do to improve the videos, I have more thoughts to make better videos ... this is just the "proof of concept" video that I so eagerly needed to post ... and forum users needed to see ) I'm new to this forum, THANKS TO TDM DEVELOPERS, WITHOUT THE MOD AND THE CODE THIS WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE. The engine is really a good Thief adaptation and the Fan Missions (lots of them) are very good, I must have tested 20 missions and 3 or 4 FMs amazed me by the architecture, the design, the textures, the 2D intro videos, the voice acting ... It really displays A LOT of work and many committed people to this project. -------------
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    For what it's worth... I was in Peace Corps in the 1990s, and lived on a small Pacific Ocean island in Micronesia. In order to survive, the people of Micronesia live very close and very connected to the land and sea. The older generations, who were born in the early 1920s, would say that they've seen lots of bad changes in the environment. The ocean had risen, it wasn't as clean, the coral reefs were dying, and there were a lot less fish... The temps were hotter, it rained less, there were bigger and more frequent storms etc... They would go on and on about their sinking island. After Peace Corps I got a job working for the government, they keep track of a lot of things including the chemicals in the land, air, and water (oceans, rivers, lakes, aquifers etc…) and every year the number of toxic chemicals grow both in quantity and type. It doesn't take a genius to know that there's a point of over saturation, where life is no longer sustainable. They know how many automobiles we have and how much pollution they produce, they know how many factories we have and how much pollution they produce. They know how much thrash we produce and where it goes and what it does to the environment and us. That's just the tip of it, they have a lot more data and they also conduct tons of research (deep earth core samples, biospheres etc…). It's completely true, in the past our planet underwent tremendous amounts of change and it can withstand a lot of changes however, it has never experienced this type of continued and toxic assault (also, add to that our ever growing and demanding population). What we are doing is not part of the normal cycle of the planet. To this point and what most people neglect to say is that the vast majority of those "normal cycle of the planet" changes occurred in the very distant past, before life even existed on our planet and the changes that occurred while there was life, well, it nearly extinguish that life e.g. Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction and Pleistocene period (Ice Age). The politicians know all of this but they don't admit it because they're just living for today and they don't want to lose any votes. We have to face the facts, we have to acknowledge what's truly going on and then, and only then, will we have the proper resolve to make much needed fundamental changes or there won't be a tomorrow, at least not for all of us. I apologize for my rant, I just couldn't resist.
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    Dopefish, glad you liked some aspects. I understand regarding "underwhelming". Some of the existing FMs have wonderful deep playability. I think of these as big novels, like "War and Peace". I'm only able to manage a novella at the level of effort and skill I can provide. This one took me a year (of calendar time, not manhours), and if it took significantly longer, I'd get discouraged and bag it. So, better a bit short (and quirky) than nada. That said, with more experience under my belt, maybe future episodes can offer more to do (but I still hope for some good quirkiness).
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    Not sure what is worse tbh, climate change activism or the huge denial syndrome so many people have. At least I can see that something has changed, from my tiny personal perspective, in my country. For a long time now, around since when I was at uni, we don't have proper winters here. In my childhood and adolescence, winters started around the middle of December, and there were days with -15°C in February. Springs were a bit messy around March and April, but May was usually warm, and there was a gradual temperature change towards summer, where 30°C in July was considered very hot. Now, we don't have snow even on Christmas. We had first proper snowstorm yesterday, and it all melted in an afternoon. Winter temperatures rarely go below 0°C during the day, but there are freezing cold nights. There is no proper spring anymore. It's usually quite cold until May, when it rains almost all the time, as if we were in Cambodia or Vietnam. Then comes the hot summer, where temperatures go as high as 38°C. So don't tell me that nothing has changed, because it has, a lot.
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    I've also created a few alternate zombies, to add a little variety to your local necromancer lair. The first is a fairly straightforward variation that uses the hunched over animation set Kingsal created for his beastmen. Unlike typical zombies, these are fast runners.
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    Thank you for the high praise! CoS 3 is coming along well, and will hopefully be able to live up to this mission while tying up the loose ends.
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    Thanks for playing! 5 missions underway atm.
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    If anyone would like to test the audio, here's an updated version. Siegeshop Changed: Added OpenAL EFX to all locations. Tested fine for me and 'efxs/siegeshop.efx' was added to the .pk4 file. Fixed fog at waterfall inside the cave. Moved a guard's starting position and another guard's rit corner. Increased density of plants and added one grass variety (more & moving grass to come). Added a torch near the balloon and moved the existing one. Changed & moved torch above cave waterfall to make it easier to aim a rope arrow. Changed the weird little support for the end of the drawbridge. Added a plant (yes, just one) to the moat bottom. More to come. Tried to make the web of the (harmless) cave spider more visible. Also updated: Samhain Night Added OpenAL EFX.
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    You guys sure you know how to use the Internet? That exchange was far too civilized! Anyways, good mission overall. Short but quite detailed. Make another one!
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    Thanks, everyone for the congrats. @JackFarmer, @joebarnin, maybe I should hire you guys as blurb writers, say...
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    Here's a time line of earth's average temperature since the last glaciation, this is how the climate has changed, it may be a normal cycle but if it continues I doubt we'll survive this cycle https://xkcd.com/1732/ I would have posted the graphic but it's a bit big
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    This is something major energy suppliers don't want to understand as well. Relying on coal for heating and energy production is actually more expensive than closing mines, switching to renewable energy, and signing up miners for career change programs. But these costs are associated with state expenses on healthcare, the increased patient admittance due to respiratory system diseases and others, and the whole process of people dying prematurely because of air pollution. In my country, there are roughly 50k deaths annually because of that, with all the costs that need to be covered, from specialized healthcare to funeral bills. That's a huge unpaid bill the energy sector doesn't want to hear about.
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    Allow me to contradict some of you. The push for renewable energy and the reduction of our ecological/carbon footprint is necessary from a geopolitical POV as well. Where does oil and natural gas come from? Russia, Venezuela and a heap of bloody, violent petrodollar Islamic dictatorships. Stop depending on them and we stop fueling their endless wars and we create a better future. That's a future I'm willing to believe in even if it's a side effect of climate change policies. Beyond that, if we believe in climate change or not matters not. What matters is that we don't get air pollution in our cities. Say no to asthma and lung cancer. Me and some of my family was born/lived in a small industrial city with a very active metallurgic factory. One of the known side effects was that the rate of people dying from lung cancer was a few times over the norm in other (bigger) cities. Also haemoglobin levels in blood were lower which could cause some people to faint and lose consciousness in stressful situations. When we moved out, haemoglobin was back to normal.
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    This is the kind of topic that can either proceed in a civilized manner or crash and burn terribly. Given this is the Internet I feel I know which way it'll go, but who knows. It does seem clear from just a bit of observation that the more Islamic a country is, the more backwards it is in terms of the rights of certain groups of folks. If you're a woman you're beholden to your husband and heaven help you if you try to resist/flee/employ any sense of individual thought. If you're gay, better find a way to keep it a well guarded secret otherwise you may end up tortured/dead. If you're educated and feel that your society isn't as good as it should be or has problems, don't end up like so many bloggers who blog about such things and end up tortured/dead. Now of course in western countries we have our own problems. But the scale of the oppression in Islamic countries that follow Sharia law go far and above the issues that most people in western countries have to deal with. I'm not sure if I'm an Atheist though. I'm not religious and believe that much of the problems of the world are a result of religious extremists in positions of power, but I can't completely deny the existence of a deity. Since it's impossible to prove one way or the other I guess that makes me agnostic? The wikipedia page for Atheism suggests that Atheism is "an absence of belief in the existence of deities", which certainly fits me. But I'm not willing to close that option so the narrower definition of Atheism probably don't work. Actually it probably doesn't matter if I'm an Atheist or Agnostic - either way I'd get fucking killed in Islamic countries if found out.
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    This is a new wrapped corpse model, kindly created for the campaign mission by epifire. There are multiple versions, including a sitting version, and a couple piles of bodies. The City is now ready for the plague!
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    It does not, currently. I'm working on it, and there's an older alpha of VR support. Hopefully, after the upcoming 2.08 release, I'll be able to update the alpha version again
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    Now this is one fancy apothecary's near where I live:
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    Now then, I've created a new way to show stealth statistics. Simply place the .pk4 in your darkmod installation and you will start every FM with a scroll called "Stealth Statistics" in your inventory, which you can "read" to show a small message with current stealth statistics. Addon - Stealth Statistics for 2.07 I've taken on some ideas posted in this thread, and was also able to make good use of kcghost's earlier work. The scripts are included via a new tdm_user_addons.script file, which also contains an initialisation script that gets run by tdm_main: user_addons_init(). Any addons that want to be run at map start can be initialised by calling their init script from within user_addons_init(), simply adding one line. Disclaimer: this addon modifies tdm_main.script in order to better support addons. tdm_main is very likely to get changed in future TDM versions, in which case this addon will need to either get updated or removed. Ideally TDM will support addons better from 2.08 onwards. The point still stands that a GUI will yield the most polished results, but as an FM author I'd have to put in some time to learn how to setup GUIs, while I've already done more than a few things with scripting. By the way, to anyone who uses this, I'd appreciate if you could share if the scroll shows the same score as is shown at the end of the mission on the statistics screen. I've noticed a few cases where stealth score doesn't seem to get added how you'd expect - got the feeling there might be a bug either in the stealth scoring system or in the commands used by the scroll's script.
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    @wesp5that looks very good as an addon and maybe even as something that can be optionally enabled in the official client with enough polish. The wildest thing I've done with the gui scripting system so far was turning a single-mission briefing into a multi-mission one, so I hardly know yet what I'm doing, but I've identified 5 possibly relevant .gui files (mainmenu_success, mainmenu_objectives, tdm_objectives, tdm_objectives_core, tdm_objectives_defs) and did some early experimentation. I'll describe what I've done in a reproducible manner: In tdm_objectives_core.gui I duplicated the objectives title & placed it below the original objectives title (windowDef ObjectivesTitle2 and rect 0, 138, 580, 20*SIZE_MULTIPLIER). Now I have 2 titles onscreen. Lifted a statistics item from mainmenu_success.gui (windowDef StatisticsText1) and put it in a temporary .txt file Swapped the "text" entry from the statistics item to the duplicated objectives title (#str_07312 replaced by gui::listStatistics_item_0). This is the first item in a list called "listStatistics", defined in main_menu_success.gui. Unfortunately the text no longer shows up. As a test I inserted: #include "guis/mainmenu_success.gui" before the objectives title. Still no visible text though Then I inserted: set "cmd" "loadStatistics;"; before the objectives title. Now TDM crashes at startup. Looks like the problem is with accessing items from listStatistics. Maybe it's because the list is in a different .gui file from the objective .gui files, or the list hasn't been created/loaded/populated yet? Calling @grayman or @greebo as I can see by all the comments that you've both done extensive work with TDM's guis. On another note, actually a scriptobject would be good for my posted script after all - the init function of a scriptobject gets called at mapstart, so that can be used to spawn the message entity. Then the main function can be simplified to do nothing but update spawnargs and trigger the message. Well, what's done is done. @kcghost thanks, and yes, a way to differentiate between FM-specific scripts and addon scripts would be great and, it looks like, take nothing more than adding an extra line to tdm_main.script and a blank .script file as you suggest. When this thread has come to a close a feature request should be opened in bugs.thedarkmod.com
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    Thanks so much everybody for all your help with this, this is amazing. @Dragofer I tried your new script and it looks great! Also thank you for confirming what I suspected, that there is no entirely clean and elegant way to hook in an addon script. My approach was to include in a "tdm_custom_addon_scripts.script" in tdm_main.script. Perhaps that is a change that should be taken in to the main sources, if any devs are listening. That way "addons" can include themselves in that file, and provide special instructions for simple modifications to work with other addons. Same for executing a "custom_addon_script_init_hook()" from tdm_main(), but I am not sure that is really necessary. Certainly is not necessary for the keybind trigger solution.
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    See that's the thing: Like religious fundamentalists, the people who think they fight for the existence of our planet, to "avoid a catastrophe" are so sure that the world will end tomorrow, that they feel everything they do is justified. It may not be the same level, but, smashing windows on a company building is still a crime. It might not be the worst crime in the world, but, to give you an example for something real harsh: A austrian environmentalist, I don't recall his name, proposed the death sentence for people denying climate change. Just to give a example that there are really insane people among the people who think they save our world. Or who claim they do so, to profile thmeselves. Or, just, to feel better when they consume without any limit. BTW, of course there is a climate change. There always has been, in the history of earth. There have been extreme drought periods, and there has been the ice age. All without any man made industrial influence. And, again, there is absolutely no proof whatsoever that there is any man made climate change. There can't be, because the whole thing is so damn dynamic. The sun's activity can have a bigger influence than anything we do. Without any control man has over it. There's really so much stuff which is beyond our power. Everyone claiming something different is talking bogus.
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    Release Candidate 2 for Air Pocket is now out. Links here . The "one-way" cannon-ball hole, considered a bit too weird by many, has been replaced, and there's more sly light-fingering fun. If no show-stoppers, this release will go official in a week. Coming shortly: a few more new mission screenshots.
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    I'm all about the pagan-way, them sneaksy manfools and their tricksies has nothing for mes. The new religion, climate activism, is also getting more disturbing by the day. They probably looked at the Catholic Church and thought, we are better at robbing money from the people.
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    Our patch system isn't the best, but the two saving graces are most FMs are in urban spaces and, if you do want something complex, you can just make the geometry in a full-on model app and import it. I mean you can export the scene geometry from DR and then model the patch around it, then import it back in.
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    I've created a walking flame-bearer skeleton as a security device for crypts or mage towers. The held brazier is part of the md5mesh, and the mapper binds a flame to it. The skeleton is a functioning AI, but he can't attack or let go of the brazier, so if alerted, he will search for and track the player, but won't be able to do damage. He works best when combined with other AI for that reason. You can set them to a neutral team to the player if you don't want them to react, and I've included a static model as well if you don't want any AI functions. The only thing about the current implementation I don't like is that the flame stays burning if you kill them...it would be nice to have it go out like a dropped torch. Probably just requires a script, so if anyone feels inclined to add that, feel free.
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    At the moment only people with SVN access can download them. They'll be included in 2.08.
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    Okay, now I've noticed which files you mean. As soon as I'm in contact with ShadowCreepr again and she'll have enough free time to do more recordings, I'll ask her to try and make a new version of these. I'd really like to thank you for your help and advice so far. I really appreciate it. If everything goes well, maybe this project can get finished this spring, or at the latest, summer. I've been busy lately, but I'll try to pick up the pace.
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    Oh absolutely, I wouldn’t dare be so blazé as to specifically say it belongs to a Witcher, that’s a trademarked proper noun and would be TOO obvious. Maybe have a silver sword with an accompanying “diagram” (some readable)that merely says it belonged to a monster slayer. Just vague enough. Certainly not a main objective but a secret loot.
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    I always put some kind of easter egg in all the levels I've made. Not references to other things really, just hidden items or secrets or objectives.
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    OK. The OpenAL reverb effects have been implemented and tested. Sounds good! I just used the presets, which made it really easy. Now time to tweak some other things and see if I can get the moving grass back in.
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    I have a suggestion for a new TDM console command that, I think, would be a boon to mappers. I think one of the most time-consuming parts of mapping is compiling the entire map in order to check out how a single change you've made looks in-game. The bigger the map is the longer it takes to compile, and the further away you get from efficient WYSIWYG editing (save for running TDM inside DR, of course, which isn't happening). There's two main things you really need to be checking in-game rather than in-editor: one is shadows and the other one is textures. I'm glad to say that shadows are no longer a problem with Shadow Map implementation. Before you had to recompile the entire map for the stencils to update, but now a simple map reload will give you updated shadows, it's fantastic. Texture changes, however, are still a problem. Even a single texture replacement requires a full recompile. r_materialOverride is a good, if limited, command that replaces all the materials in-game to a set value that you can get by copying a shader name in DR. I use it early on in the mapping process to save time laboriously trying one texture after another and recompiling. I need to know how a texture looks like, scaled and repeated, on a facade or whatever else have you, its density, its normalmap under lighting, if it's too bright or dark versus the ambient, if the color flows well into the other textures. ...Except not really, because r_materialOverride replaces all textures in-game, of course. As such I sort of have to remember how the level looked and try to focus only on the material I am trying to change. I propose a new console command that would be something like r_surfaceOverride. It would combine the usage and syntax of r_materialOverride (eg "r_surfaceOverride "textures/common/example") with the ability of another console command, reloadSurface, to target a single surface under the player's crosshairs. The way it'd work is it would only replace a single material, the one you're looking at currently, with your DR-copy-pasted shader name, and if you looked at another surface and ran the command again, the former surface will go back to normal and the current one will get overridden. If any developers want to chime in and opine on the technical feasibility of this proposal that would be great. If you, as a mapper, agree with me that a command like this would be useful, feel free do discuss it here. If permitted, I'll elevate it to a feature proposal on Mantis. And, of course, if something like this already exists, do let me know.
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    From the 13th of February on, Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be free on Epic Store for a week... well, that's a big one. "Shame" that I already own it.
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    I proposed an idea in the early days of Dark Mod (mid-2000s or so) where if the statistics/stealth score screen showed that you had been discovered, it would let you see a short video replay of the event actually happening, or a freeze-frame image, of the moment. To make it work, as you play the level, if a guard spots you or a body that you should have hid better, then the game would capture the few seconds surrounding that moment, or a snapshot image, so you could watch it/look at it from the post-mission (and death/failure) stats screen to help see where you went wrong. (Because without context, it's hard to learn from your mistakes... or know, from the player's perspective, if the game is being realistic/truthful, etc. Plus, it'd just be cool to see those moments captured and shown to you in a way that doesn't interrupt or intrude with your gameplay while playing the mission. If implemented, I'd assume this replay video or image could be from the perspective of the guard, or the player, or the body, depending on the situation and what the consensus of the team was. For the UI, you'd be able to jump from one failed situation to the next as you review your failures. And, actually, since this is a video game, then instead of each failure being a non-interactive 2D video or image, I could see TDM capturing the moment in such a way that when you replay it from the stats screen, the replay/review would be in-engine, whereby you could manipulate the camera (swing or pan it around, zoom-in/-out, etc. in 3D space). From what I remember, this was, of course, a nice-to-have feature rather than a critical one... and was to be sidelined to maybe be implemented at a future time. I still think this would be a neat feature to have, if it's ever possible. At the time, I'd never seen any games do this sort of thing, and still haven't seen it since. Maybe there's some one-off games that have done it, but I sure haven't played them. Then again, stealth games ever since Thief I/II have such simplistic stealth mechanics and theme park ride/guided-tour situations, along with contextual music/sounds when you're spotted, that you always know when and where you're spotted and by who; so it hasn't been very needed, in general.
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    No, this does not need to look like an extra objective. Just an additional line below the objectives title as kind of neutral overview so we don't need an extra key! E.g. like this:
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    It sounds like we're basically on the same page, except that you don't believe humans are the cause of climate change. To be fair there may be other factors, but humans are definitely a huge one. Natural cycles have never been this fast. The only times things have changed this fast before are where there have been extreme events like supervolcanoes or asteroid impacts. There certainly are some batshit crazy climate activists, as well as people who do it only for the virtue signaling. But for every one of them there are 10 boomers who drunk the conservative kool-aid. Unchecked capitalism is the cause of much of our societal problems today.
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    There's your answer. Smashing a window of a mega corporation which is literally destroying the planet and killing innocent civilians are just about polar opposites. Hence why it is such a dumb comparison. Corporations don't feel pain, only what affects the bottom line. In many cases it's the only stimulus they respond to. It's not the ideal solution, hence why I don't condone it, but even calling it "eco-terrorism" is going to far. To be clear I am not an ideologue either, I would say I am a pragmatist with strong values. However, when faced with a nearly existential crisis the pragmatic thing to do is to put up a fight. As long as we can avoid catastrophe I can accept many solutions.
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    I do agree that there's a lot of overreacting and misinformation about certain areas and aspects of environmentalism, but given the trends that are being shown through science and the various studies that have been shown regarding climate change, it's hard not to feel concerned for the future. The problem is that progress in changing habits has been extremely slow, which is why certain scare tactics are being used to scare the younger generation into thinking they have no future (or at least a worse one than the previous generation). We've built our whole society on the basis of cheap energy and kicking the can down the road. That can't keep going forever. It's less about caring for polar bears and rather serious issues such as the ability to have conditions to grow the food we need to sustain the growing population of earth, certain regions of the world becoming less inhabitable, among other things. The problem is people want to save the Earth without adjusting their quality of life. I don't see how that's possible without some radical improvements in technology.
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    On the other hand, this is the Dark Mod forum which in my experience tends to be an order of magnitude more civilised than most forums (especially game-related forums which tend to be full of toxic entitled 12-year-olds). I give it a 50/50 chance.
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    That's why Atheism is so great. No need to defend or believe any of the 4000 currently existing religions on Earth, or try to pretend none of their sexism, slavery, prejudice, murder, side-picking, self-suffering, punishments by death, and forced faith ultimatums, actually don't exist when all of them are crystal clear about it (just hush hushed and never discussed).
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    oh lord... I'll take "Things no one asked about" for $500, Trebek
  50. 2 points
    It has been over a year since I did any work on the map for the final campaign mission, and I think the chances of me ever building back up the energy and commitment to finish such a massive project by myself are slim to none. I'll probably be putting the map (actually 3 separate maps at this point) up for adoption at some point, but in the meantime there are dozens of custom assets I was holding back for that mission, including new AI and some necromancer assets, that have been sitting on my HD unused. I want to release them so that other mappers can benefit from them. I'll post them here gradually, a few at a time as I get them uploaded to SVN. All these should be available to mappers when TDM 2.08 is released. First of all, a new standing sphere light (modified from the existing wall one) and a new magnifying glass & stand. There are 4 new "anatomy" skins for book and paper models, suitable for the desks of doctors or necromancers. A few new "clutter" models, including 2 collections of scattered rocks and 2 batches of scattered papers, to easily add some visual interest to scenes. And a new tile texture with a few colour variations. Each colour has a set with red squares as well so you can create various geometric patterns. (While I'm at it, Kingsal gave his permission to use his amazing beastmen AI in the core mod, so I've finished converting and uploading them--they'll be in 2.08 as well).
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