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    I was thinking how far into industrial era the consumerism starts to drive some big numbers of major group society. Mass-producing of cheap things from celluloid (combs, kitchen utensils, etc.) making modern marketing and advertisement spread around streets and people's minds. Child labor and 12-hour shifts, seven days a week is one thing about factories dominating the world, but putting more modern image of a human in basically dark age grounded society needs some serious rethinking of the whole world set. And for now, a tank. With no context.
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    Not sure if there are any Minecraft players on this forum, but I thought I'd share my Thief-inspired map anyway. While it does not take place directly in the Thief universe, I've included some nods to the series, like Heartless Perry's pawn shop, Trickster's forest, a Keeper compound, Thieves guild, Hammerites, Mechanists, City watch and Garrett's place. There is a questline at the museum which is about retrieving seven legendary items for its collection. One quest has you finding the Keeper compound and another one requires you to do some jobs for the Thieves guild. There's also a mission which takes you into long forgotten Hammerite crypts. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/em6mky6qu676cz2/oakhold-2.0.zip/file It currently works in Minecraft version 1.14.4 only. I recommend pureBDCraft resource pack and Optifine to help with FPS and dynamic lighting. https://optifine.net/ https://bdcraft.net/downloads/purebdcraft-minecraft/
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    This is a new wrapped corpse model, kindly created for the campaign mission by epifire. There are multiple versions, including a sitting version, and a couple piles of bodies. The City is now ready for the plague!
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    I've created a walking flame-bearer skeleton as a security device for crypts or mage towers. The held brazier is part of the md5mesh, and the mapper binds a flame to it. The skeleton is a functioning AI, but he can't attack or let go of the brazier, so if alerted, he will search for and track the player, but won't be able to do damage. He works best when combined with other AI for that reason. You can set them to a neutral team to the player if you don't want them to react, and I've included a static model as well if you don't want any AI functions. The only thing about the current implementation I don't like is that the flame stays burning if you kill them...it would be nice to have it go out like a dropped torch. Probably just requires a script, so if anyone feels inclined to add that, feel free.
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    Don't know if this has been posted, but there's a popular Twitch streamer (Tomato Gaming) who's done a couple of livestreams of TDM missions. Here's a Youtube archive of the ones he's done so far: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOiTQjyPiqo2L2Y8ur2A-Cixv0nT1yzOa If he's streamed one of your missions, I'd definitely recommend tracking down the related Twitch stream, since it's a lot of fun to watch the chat reactions.
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    I kind of miss our old status-bar on the right, where you could casually share what's on your mind or what is happening in your life right now. So, I figured, let's just start a thread for that. Let's get this started...
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    This was posted by Azaran on TTLG:
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    Working on several missions that will rely on 2.08. Yay! Getting treatment for my cancer that has decided to attack after 11 years of remission. Boo! Enjoying my 2-month-old grandson. Yay!
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    The update to "Away 1 - Air Pocket" is now available as Beta 2/Release Candidate 1. Now with fewer bugs, more stealth playtime. Links are here.
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    Jack: Give me a simple test map with the AI, the path corners, the switches, the doors and their visportal, all monsterclip in the area, and I'll try to see what's going on. When a mission is loaded, if a door has a switch targeting it, the door makes a list with all switches in it. When the AI approaches the door, and he's told by pathfinding that it's closed, the presence of a switch list should send him to the closest switch to open the door. Once he's through the open door, he'll go to the other switch and close the door behind him.
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    Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the mission and found the challenge level enjoyable. Ghosting CoS1 is indeed tough, though it is possible to supreme ghost it (no first alerts, no extinguishing lights). I hope you will get even more enjoyment out of replaying and going for side missions and challenges! Expert level is mostly meant for replayability or those who like punishing difficulty, as are the optional challenges. It does seem like quite a few people have run into that pesky lever bug now, even though my testers or I have never been able to reproduce it. I suspect it's not easily fixed, but I think I might just remake the mechanism to remove that bug. There are a couple more "quality of life" fixes I've been meaning to add anyway. I guess I will take a break from mapping CoS 3 to take care of it, should only be a few days work.
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    TDM was released in 2009, so 2010 was the year of the most buzz around the project. IIRC we had two different mapping contests that year as well. The 2013/2014 bump came when we went standalone, won PC Gamer's Mod of the Year award, and T4 was released. Good times.
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    I don't know where to post this, but it feels like it doesn't need a thread of its own. I found a cool article on the history of the BSP Tree algorithm from its origins in military sims to Carmack's implementation of it in Doom. Of course BSP Trees are used in Doom3/TDM as well, so this is in our direct lineage, and I think it's good of us that work with TDM to know some of the backstory to our ancestry.
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    In the TDM base directory there should be "vcredist_x64.exe" and "vcredist_x86.exe". Try running that and installing that? It might help with the VCruntime dll at least. Also sometimes you need to register DLL's. The command is regsvr32 “C:\Windows\System32\NAME.dll” Replacing name with the name of the dll. I did a fresh install of Windows 10 myself and have had a pretty good time on it, the only issue is that a couple of times Microsoft have released an update which has given me a bit of a problem. But overall it runs pretty well. Maybe a fresh install would have been better than just upgrading.
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    I think you're just used to the way our current asset base looks like. These have that unreal engine look to them, where they are realistic, less stylized. I like both actually but you really can tell the difference when you mix and match them in a scene.
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    A Christmas miracle!! Thanks guys, looking forward to playing it
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    Silent Hill: Alchemilla is just a standalone Source mod for Half Life 2. You can download it right away and play it. If you have Steam it'll recognize it as the Source SDK and run like any Steam game. Unfortunately it has no NPC's or too much of a plot in consequence. It's just a fan mod made by 2 people who couldn've found an animator to do the job. But it is a faithful recreation of the original locations and the mod has a soundtrack too: If you haven't already listened to the soundtrack of the first two Silent Hill games, you should! The combat in the original games was easily one of the weakest parts of the game and the puzzles were archaic but it was all in there just for the pacing. Today Silent Hill's legacy is in the Amnesia game and I've heard that SOMA is pretty good as well. I mean that, as in you can't fight your enemies there, which was the point of the whole thing. Besides, enemies respawn in Silent Hill so killing them can be useless sometimes.
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    Using SEED with already existing 7,000+ (I think the problems started with ca. 7,200, not sure anymore) entities prevented HHI from compiling (although I only combined 10 - 12 entities in one case). Later on in the process I was able to reduce the entity count to a lower value by merging func_statics as per demagogue's suggestion. However, it seems to be a good idea using the SEED function long before the entity limit comes in sight.
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    @STRUNK Thank you for suggestions, these are great!
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    @Jetrell Just a thought. Have npc's/guards get in a fight by throwing things at them so they knock eachother out? Two grumpy guards already having an argument, and when you throw something (applecore, empty bottle, horsedung) from the direction of one of the npc's/guards, they'll get in a fight, and you can steal whatever they were guarding ...
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    Fair enough. For whatever unknown reason, whoever created it decided not to have it show up in the Targets folder. Here's a picture of one I used in Somewhere Above the City, showing spawnargs. This one, when triggered every frame or so, resets the "target" spawnarg in VaultCamera4 so that it points to the entity target_null_7, which is moving around. This lets the camera resync its view in real time.
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    @Dragofer You are totally right. Wanting to println all 3 "strings" got me confused, for an entity can't be printed. I changed it now and it works. Working script:
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    That'd be a type mismatch because m_target_name is declared at the start as a string but should actually be an entity.
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    Stencil shadows is the original shadowing method used in the engine. Shadow maps were implemented by TDM team quite recently. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.
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    HI all. I decided TDM needed a big red button, so I made one. I also thought the sound could be better, and I found something good on freesound. The metal housing texture was made using several from TDM's existing set. The red button texture is rubber from textures.com Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/hhe6yecs8cgvcm6/RedButton1.7z The object comes with a prefab so that the new sound and relative positions of each part are correct. It's location will be mechanical\switches\RedButton1 The button has a NoDraw plane. At the moment TDM doesn't allow skins to replace nodraw, but if that problem gets resolved, this button will be ready.
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    I heard her fine. Then again I have an odac/o2 with A990Z. The mission is amazing, gripping and tense atmosphere, no cheap jump scares. It's fine enough to be in a McGee Alice game.
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    Iron trees? Not in my part of... oh. Great stuff buy the way
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    IMO learning Doom Script is a excellent way to learn programing, is easy compared to C/C++ and being based on a C like syntax makes it a excellent introduction to those languages.
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    @demagogue That's the thing, it only has the model name, nothing more. @JackFarmer Only thing is, it has it's light on ... I'm looking now how to turn that off before exporting the model.
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    There is a player model that you can see in mirrors, but I'm not sure if you can use getHead on it. How about getEyePos();? Also I've always used sys.println();, idk if sys.print(); works
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    @STRUNKnot that I know of, but what you can do is take the origin of the player and increase its z component. Should go like this. vector player_position = $player1.getPos(); player_position_z = player_position_z + 40; moveTo(player_position); Btw, I could suggest taking a look at river.script from my fm Down by the Riverside. It contains lots of the scripting I've done so far, with a fair amount of commenting.
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    I think you are looking for Airship Ballet's "Thief's Remorse"? https://www.thedarkmod.com/missiondetails/?id=97 Hmm... now that I think of it, this resembles Moonbo's "Requiem" more than that mission: https://www.thedarkmod.com/missiondetails/?id=76 Hmm...
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    @JackFarmer This doorstack can be used for the slidingmotion also, but then with a simpler setup : O Instead of the doors rotating I have them translating !! You can also have one door translating, and an other rotating. I see a lot of uses for movement here : ) WS6 has all the setups from WS5 also. WS6.map
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    Vertical contest contributed 10 or so, iirc.
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    @JackFarmer I made something quite easy for the rotation with stim/respons that totally works : ) .... It might not work on a very small scale though .. but you could just bind a smaller thing to a bigger mechanism. The little red cubes have a response (select > Entity > Stim/Response ), the little brass cube has a stim. WS1.map
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    @STRUNK Thank you for your quick reply. I already thought about using func_rotate, but was hoping for an easier solution (I was positive that there was a spawnarg like "invert_on_trigger--0/1" for basic movers...). I will try your suggestions and get back to you . Until then: Happy New Year! Jack
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    Okay, so I'm very late to the party, but this was more fun than Old Habits 1 ;)! Still there were some issues that should be avoided in other missions. I had very low framerates in the shed which probably was caused by the many objects there. I had to come here and get a hint on how to enter the priests room because I blackjacked him in the chapel. He should have carried the key, I mean how is he supposed to enter his own room after he left? Climb through the vents? I don't think so :). Also I had no chance to solve the crown torch riddle due to the fact that there was only one holy water which using my changed Unofficial Patch mechanism I threw at a statue and had none left for the other. Even for an optional objective one more holy light water, and maybe some additional gas arrows, would have been safer! I read about the correct order here and managed to finish the mission, surviving the nasty trap without noclip or chairs at least ;)!
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    Wonderful mission guys, I loved this one a lot. The map struck me as one with a very strong sort of remote city, stuck deep in pagan territory and an with ominous ambience throughout the city. I'd expect such ambience from a horror mission, especially around the woods and inside the sewers. Nice touch, not all horror needs to come from the undead.
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    A wonderful mission full of winter atmosphere! I love stories that go from simple stealing to something more and I think I managed to fullfill all the objectives, even finding the hat on the way home. I have two suggestions though: I searched a lot for the snowman eyes because I expected them to be coals. As everything else can be found very early on, this will make players waste time around the schoolhouse. So maybe put some coals there and add the jewels to the loot? And about the spiders, why not add an objective once you find the message in the hut to look into what happened to the guy while implying you can't repair the stuff yourself? This way the spider update would be clear in the end!
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    I've seen it said of the current core asset base that it tends towards the clean and unscuffed. Admittedly that was five years ago, prior to Springheel's outdoor modules with all the grime decals included.
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    TDM is quite well suited to capturing a Lovecraftian theme, owed to its light & shadows, cautious gameplay and relative ease of implementing custom effects and scripts. My Down by the Riverside was consciously inspired by a Lovecraft story, and there are most likely a few other missions too that share this theme. Where I'd like to make a distinction, though, is between recreating the theme and actually putting his tentacle monsters into a mission. Those monsters belong to a different universe, and to me would feel as out of place in a TDM mission as i.e. a Catholic priest or an Alien. The approach I'd endorse, therefore, would be to take the unique atmosphere of his settings and come up with something original and suited for TDM with which to populate the mission. That 'something' doesn't necessarily need to be a monster, it can also be a certain kind of human or a malevolent ghost, for instance.
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    omg what a pleasant surprise! Will definitely be giving this a spin in the coming days! Thanks for the Christmas present!
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    #5021: DR gets unhandled exception on start up should also be fixed in this release (this is the one where you had to delete your corrupted filters.xml to get DR to start correctly).
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    There are at least two cyberpunk total conversions for Dark Mod. One of them uses (or at one point used) a lightgem I made. They're WIP and I haven't seen an update in a while, but I would be a big fan if they could be completed. I've said my biggest wish many times. It's multiplayer so you could play missions coop with friends, and we could (ideally) have thieves vs. guards maps. On the one hand it'd be a pretty structural change that wraps its fingers into most systems, so a big task. On the other hand, once you've done that, the game itself and most maps would be really fun coop as they already are, so that's all you have to do.
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    in t2 it could be that basso was his landlord, and after the rescue at the start of that, basso would give garrett free rent for an extended period of time.
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    Yeah I could never figure that one out when I was playing. Always thought if you could steal that kind of money the least you could do is not bring the attention of the watch by minding your rent. Speaking from Garret's view anyway. I'd steal everything else but if I had to pay rent somewhere I'd at least keep that one spot of my life legitimate to keep concealment. Interesting topic nonetheless.
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