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    Well now, you know I had to check this out for myself. thanks. You don't have to kill your wife; you can make some noise by banging your sword around or something and then knock her out when she wakes up! no failures. hee hee.
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    Hmmm, ok. I know some flinders are script-spawned. I assumed these were also. Hints on what C++ you were reviewing? (Save me some time.) Edit: Fixed. Will clean up and commit tomorrow.
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    A screenshot from my upcoming FM "A Good Neighbor"
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    It does not, currently. I'm working on it, and there's an older alpha of VR support. Hopefully, after the upcoming 2.08 release, I'll be able to update the alpha version again
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    Glad you enjoyed the mission! I have to say I was fully expecting nobody to ever discover that little detail. Nice catch? You monster!! ^^ 2/3 good deeds and one very bad deed! That's my girlfriend doing the voice line.
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    Old post but i thought i would pitch in. The Lithtech Jupiter source code might be the full version but... the source can only be used for mods, it is incompatible with the released NOLF2 game. I have built it with no problem besides having to use a rather old msvc .NET compiler, unfortunatly this version simply cannot run the full game it will crash and burn if you try. NOLF2 used an old version off DX9 the enterprise source version uses a somewhat newer version and there are some assets that needs changing to reflect that. So untill someone with a good grasp on the lithtech engine and artistic skills comes along. the only thing you can do with it would be running some samples and creating mods for the game ( it atleast works well enough to show off your work ).
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