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    Forums fixed

    Another database table crashed unfortunately, not sure why this is happening for the second time in just a few weeks. Repaired and OK now. I'm working on transferring the forums to a new and more powerfull server, and will also upgrade to the latest version.
  2. modetwo

    Forums fixed

    Had a problem with the web server yesterday that led to a crashed table in the forum database. This has now been repaired and things seems to work again. I was on travel so it took a while before I was able to fix it. Merry Christmas!
  3. modetwo

    About spam

    What I meant is that this is already in place and working.
  4. modetwo

    About spam

    Unfortunately, Stop Forum Spam is already implemented using IPS' anti-spam service. Read: http://community.inv...ervice-updates/. As for stats, 99% of all new accounts registered are immediately banned due to match via IPS' anti-spam service as "Known spammer". So it could be a lot worse. Adding Captchas and what not is of no use either as it's often (poor, under-paid) humans that register the accounts manually.
  5. PHP using up all memory for some reason. Will do an upgrade tomorrow to see if it helps.
  6. I'm looking into it and monitoring the situation.
  7. There are no ads on these forums. We use the IPS spam service which is blocking a lot of account registrations, but we simply cannot block all because that would mean to disable new registrations.
  8. I've added Tel's CSS fixes. I think some of it makes the forums look ugly (especially the difference between unread/read threads/forums), but hey - what ever makes you happy.
  9. Haven't tried the app as I don't have an iPhone, I'm an Android fan. Did you check the IPS website for documentation?
  10. Woohoo, upload issues resolved. Attachments now work as they are supposed to. Caused by a strange setting in the FastCGI config. Test
  11. I'll use it to fix it permanently. By the way, regarding the missing : ) smilie - not sure why but it was changed to : smile : - I added it back as : ) now. :) Edit: Yep, works!
  12. Keep in mind that we use the default, non-modified IP.Board installation, so any strange stuff and 'features' are all part of the software.
  13. @7upMan: I didn't change anything. I'm also using the latest Opera version, no issues here. Try emptying your cache and make sure you haven't turned off javascript or other plugins.
  14. @Bikerdude: I'm not sure, is that how it was before the upgrade? This is just how IP.Board is coded I suppose.
  15. Still working on the attachment errors, seems to only happen when the attachment is over a certain size. Have tweaked all the necessary settings so not sure what's still causing it. @Bikerdude: Can you elaborate?
  16. @Fidcal: I think you can blame your browser for the "FastestFasterFastMediumSlowSlowerSlowest" comments added to your posts as well, too bad you didn't get a response on your MyOpera post. A Google search seems to show that only you have issues with this - w t f ? I suggest you do a reinstall of Opera and import settings/bookmarks/passwords etc to see if it helps.
  17. Regarding attachments, not sure what's causing that error. It's not the server, as I'm able to create and manage attachments. Might be a bug or something in the forum software, I'll look around for any IP.Board reports on that. @PranQster: What browser/version are you using?
  18. I think the poll creator is able to set up "public votes" and "users are able to change their votes" when setting up the poll. It cannot be changed after the poll has been posted for obvious reasons; users may not want their voting to be displayed publicly when they actually posted in a poll with private/hidden votes in the first place. I'll look into the css and contrast issues this weekend.
  19. @Bikerdude: Hehe, no worries, I was mostly joking. Anyway, let's get this skin finished first, then we'll see. If you want to, mock up a sketch of the swapped colors so I can simply change the CSS. The pain (in the ass) is to get the colors to look good together. @Ladro, thanks again! I'll get this done when I get home. Keep the fixes coming, or tell me where else there are strange colors/hidden text people!
  20. No, the old theme is not compatible with this version of IP.Board. Bwhaha, after the last upgrade people complained about the 'ugly brown' theme, now they complain about the ugly grey colors. Yay for changes. Now if I just go back to the shadows and keep quiet, everyone will forget all about how the forums were back in the days and then gradually become satisfied because they forget what they're complaining about. It's happened before, tihi!. ; - )
  21. Still some things that needs to be changed, but at least we now have a dark skin as the default forum skin. Members may choose the default, light IP.Board theme by using the "Change Theme" link in the forum footer. Mobile devices should automatically use the light-weight Mobile Skin.
  22. I'm currently developing å dark skin, hope to have it finished by tomorrow.
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