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  1. I watched the video. That's like the old rulers with moving images you used to get in toy bags at the festival, just on a large scale.
  2. The only difference is the position. Rotations for both the neck and head bones on both the new and old skeleton, are all 0,0,0. There's not much else to see in the properties pane for these 2 bones other than translation, rotation, and a couple of other settings all set to 0 on both skeletons anyway. It wasn't the only inconsistency - the model name was also missing the merc prefix. I found several other occourances of the merc prefix (person type, ragdoll, etc) and removed them too. No more merc. There is also a merc_elite, is anyone using that? It's the only entity left with a "merc" in the name. I'll remove merc there too if it's ok?
  3. Connect to SVN https://darkmod.homelinux.com/svn/sound_src
  4. There is an SVN repository, hopefully it's been maintained https://darkmod.homelinux.com/svn/sound_src
  5. Anything No one's been in charge of sound. I'd say download all the music & sound from SVN to check out what's there, and see what else you can add. Go crazy! Actually we'd like some more aesthetically pleasing lock picking sounds http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showt...mp;#entry179449
  6. The only difference I can see is in position. Maybe I could export a body that uses the new skeleton but the same position offsets as the old skeleton on head control and neck control? Could you tell me what you're doing to do the tests? I've never done anything with head attachments before. I'd like to try it out and see what I can do.
  7. The proguard's def file was still causing "number of joints" errors on export, it was still pointing to old anims. But I updated the proguard's def file and it works now. I've been exporting using the proguard's def file just to make sure I changed the scale to .97, that seems to match the citywatch better than my initial test. The proguard's head sits a bit higher than the citywatch, but I think that's just the way it is, because the limbs all appear to line up. Also I renamed tdm_ai_merc_proguard.def to tdm_ai_proguard.def, never understood why there was a merc suffix. Hope it doesn't break anything...
  8. HMMMmmm... the "head" bone position is 0,-2,0 in the old skeleton, and 2,0,0 in the new one, I wonder if that has anything to do with it? None of the other values are different. Except for one called "radius" but I'm pretty certain that's not used in game, it just controls the visual size of the bone in Maya.
  9. I'll move this line of discussion to the other thread, this one is getting cluttered with too many issues.
  10. I can tell you that the neck bone rotation is all set to 0,0,0 in both skeletons, in the AF Pose anyway. The translate values are slightly different, but not wildly (8.8, 2.7,-0.7 in the old one and 10.5, 1.3, 0 in the new one). I don't know enough about it to help yet unfortunately. It is the "neck" bone that the head attaches to, right?
  11. Sweet - the fact that it actually works at all is good news. Looks like something else we need to do to the new rig. I'm glad you looked into this, Spring - the barbie-doll head system has bothered me for a long time, for reasons people have already stated, and women often wear low necked clothing. I was resigned to our fate of high-collared characters but now that it's even remotely possible, we should definetly work hard to achieve this.
  12. Actually that's incorrect - you've posted an image demonstrating 3DS Max's "displacement map" feature, which actually generates new polygons from a height map while rendering. It's another way for the artist to easily make more polys, it's not any less taxing on the computer than creating the polys any other way. If that was parallax mapping, the outline of the armour would not show each individual plate - the edge would be as straight as the low poly version. Parallax mapping happens in real-time, and just distorts the textures, and so you do get razor sharp corners, if you're looking for them, but I find they become less noticible because your brain is more convinced by the bricks changing perspective as you walk past. Only when your head is hard up against the wall and you're looking directly at a corner, is the illusion broken.
  13. If you have the graphics settings maxed out and Qarl's texture pack installed (like I do), it looks pretty awesome, not anywhere near as "stretchy" as in that video. I think it's just because the textures are higher res. But in any case, Crispy is right - it's better than not having it at all. If you're not looking for faults it's very convincing and immersive.
  14. There isn't a way. If you weight to the rig and it looks correct, and then the idle anim kicks in and the legs rotate outward, that's a problem with the animation. I think it's a simple matter of tweaking the anim. I'll make a note of it. I'd like to see squill's opinion on this. We will have men in robes and women in gowns, we might need bones for cloth over the legs.
  15. Great, I'm glad you liked it! I think having to re-do all the anims is a great opportunity to replace my old work with better stuff, since my skills have improved since then. I hoped to get something more intimidating but I couldn't quite get it and decided it was sufficient and time to move on. The good thing is in the future I can improve them again after the mod is released.
  16. Zelda Ocarina of Time - Every second NPC you talk to does that "fake choice" thing. Why????????? Why did they bother putting that in the game??? I feel like a trained animal every time I choose "Yes" in that game, once I knew what the outcome was going to be every time.
  17. Ah - well the only time I noticed the cool torso turning was when he was standing still anyway. So I wonder if there's a way to only involve the torso when a certain animation is playing (idle). Probably too much work, but that would be the ideal I reckon.
  18. Okay the proguard is actually currently being exported at .90 (it's his head that's being exported at .95) For the body, I have attached screenshots overlaying it with the citywatch. The citywatch is all black. This one is the current export scale setting of .90 - he's too small This one is with no export scale specified - he's too big And this one is with .95 - just right! I feel like goldilocks. Unfortunately I don't want to commit it because it might break something. Usually when I export my anims I revert the model, so that I only change anim files, otherwise I get this "different number of joints" error. What I did just now was ignore the joints error, and reload the level and model anyway, and it somehow worked. But something is obviously up, and I'll probably break the game if I upload this model, so I'm going to check with squill what to do about this error.
  19. Woah! That's so cool when screw ups look that awesome... I can't imagine how it arrived at that result.
  20. Okay well good to have you back I've found it's really rewarding to make Dark Mod a bigger part of my life, it's something I really want to complete. For me it boils down to not playing video games very much and even turning down LAN games with friends - but I still go out I just culled out the less important stuff.
  21. Not sure why it's happening in the first place. Are the legs rolled outwards?
  22. Ah really... that sucks, because I was really impressed with that. I remember sneaking up on a hammer guy and he turned and looked over his shoulder at me, half turning his torso, it was very natural and realistic looking. Most games would just rotate the head in a stupid akward puppet looking way. I hope there is a way to get that back. Surely a little clipping is okay? We have to put up with a certain amount of it in the game anyway.
  23. It could be. I can try re-exporting it. How did you craft up that nobleman test? If you upload the def file or whatever you used, I can re-create those screenshots and we can see if this is the case.
  24. What was it you were supposed to be doing? The model looks really good. What polycount is it?
  25. Domarius


    I'm surprised there is z fighting in this situation. Must be something unique to the Doom 3 engine. When I model like this for games at work, the whole reason z fighting will never happen between 2 polys back to back, is because only one poly can be visible at a time, due to the very nature of the arrangement.
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