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  1. I'd just be doing what looks good, I don't see why you'd have to match it exactly, especially since the geometry is different anyway.
  2. Domarius


    Of course there's no z-fighting, there doesn't need to be a gap - the whole reason you're duplicating them is because they can't be seen from the other side it's pretty common - I've seen it done many times at work and I've even had to do it myself a few times.
  3. I'm pretty sure I can modify the geometry without re-weighting the whole thing... I can do it in max for sure, and I'm pretty sure I was doing it for the proguard in maya, I'll double check though. I'd be surprised if it can't be done.
  4. Ok great work Setting it up differently for each hand sounds like an oversight to me.
  5. On the new mesh, I used partial weighting to get the bum bending right when the leg was raised. But that was the only spot where I used it, and I think I weighted the verts 50% evenly between two bones. So maybe it will be okay. But in my experience I've found it's better in the long run to just learn the new software, rather than mess with exporters and encounter all the quirks and incompatabilites that arise. If all you need to do is weight verts, that is pretty simple. I'll write up a little tutorial if you want?
  6. Domarius


    Most games don't do this. What you usually do is just duplicate the polys. If this sounds "bad" it's not, because if the game had the ability to draw two sided polys, it would be actually drawing the extra polys anyway In max it's as simple as pressing W for the move tool, selecting the polys you want to duplicate, holding shift, clicking them once, this causes a clone, then with the cloned polys still selected, click "Flip" in the modifier panel to invert the polys. You need to also right click the object, properties, then check "Backface cull" to see what the game will see.
  7. Okay just post here if you have any questions. I had a quick look between the two of them, and it seems that most of the major bones have the same or similar names. In the new one there are less bones, eg. the old one has a LeftUpLeg and a LeftUpLegRoll but the new one only has a LeftUpLeg.
  8. From the pic it looks like it's the right forearm that's sticking out, cutting through the body and coming out the opposite side. Here's the tutorial on editing AFs http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php/...int_Hierarchies I had a go but I can't get past the part where it says the "new" button must NOT be greyed out, for you to continue. Apparently I'm not getting the model name right. But I've tried tdm_ai_proguard, ai_merc_proguard, and tdm_ai_merc_proguard (all obtained from the def file) and still no luck...
  9. I want to mount this on gold plating on our website
  10. When I exported the anims using the FBX workflow (load fbx_import.mb into maya, import my FBX on it, then do exportModels in Doom) it worked fine, but now that I'm animating with citywatch_rig_00.mb and saving the .mb anim files directly, I get this error when I try to load a map; Game Error: Join 'Spine2' not found for attachment position 'slung_across_back_rl' on entity 'atdm_ai_builder_guard_1' I don't understand it though - I'm exporting using tdm_ai_citywatch.def, and it has "Spine2" in the -keep options, and tdm_ai_builder_guard.def also has "Spine2" in the -keep options. I can only think that citywatch_rig_00.mb is out of date somehow... but I found a "Spine2" joint while browsing its heirachy... Hope I'm missing something simple - the new dummy combat anims are all ready to go except for this...
  11. I love that this guy is famous - he's a local, and actually has been around our office a few times to test our games with other members of Australian gamer. In case you guys aren't aware, they are making a new gaming show in Australia http://www.gamedamage.net/ You can watch the pilot episode there - he is one of the 3 guys hosting the show. Here's the youtube link, some people have had trouble playing the vid directly from the site Also, as an added bonus, me and my co-workers are in there for a split second!! Jump to 0:24:50 and watch from there. That's me jumping in front - I had the idea to jump across the group like an idiot, and they liked it so much they got me to do it again till we got it right. You can see our studio logo overlayed over the top, Halfbrick studios. The guy is pretty cool - he's actually nice when he takes his hat off, and by that I mean when he isn't putting on the cynical facade, which is almost NEVER but he does such a good job of it anyway. In one of our post-game test interviews, one of the questions was "Would you buy this game?" and he answered "Yes. But then again, I'm disgustingly rich."
  12. Tried to test it, but couldn't get the sword active. Been out of the mod for a while, sorry if I missed something obvious. "give weapon_shortsword" didn't work. All my arrows are available but no blackjack or sword.
  13. Spring, as far as I know, you have no choice. At least, here in Australia, you can't get a CRT anymore, not since 2 years ago at least. But there is no need to "armchair" debate this. There is no debate - I have both a CRT and a very new decent LCD (Acer X223WB 22 Widescreen LCD DVI (HDCP) 5ms 2500:1), when you can see them side by side, it's undeniable - a CRT has a wider colour range (ie. richer more saturated colours in a darkly lit room) than an LCD. And it's nothing to sneeze at. It's a huge difference. Side by side, classic Thief on a CRT in a dark room looks warm and atmospheric and beautiful. Same game, same room, on an LCD, makes me wonder why I'm playing a game with such shit polygonal graphics. It really does look that different. If you could compare it yourself, I'm sure you would agree, as an avid thief fan who wants the game to look good. It's a fundamental difference with the way they generate the picture. LCDs have one big bright light behind them, shining through 3 different coloured plastic for each pixel, so you start with white, and then to create colour the individual LCD cells become more opaque and try to obscure the light. But they can never do a perfect job, meaning that in a dark room, your monitor will glow grey even if it is trying to do a completely black picture. CRTs create the picture by shooting out the light to draw the picture. It starts with black (no light) and then actually shoots out light at you to create the colour. So darken the room, and any dark areas of the screen will be truely dark, this means a higher range of colour saturation, nothing is washed out. Of course most people don't play Thief, and compare CRTs and LCDs in a fully lit room, and can't tell the difference. LCDs are sharper and better in every way except that one important feature - colour. Actually those pictures that Mortem posted show it, but of course if you are looking at the photos on an LCD you will barely see the difference anyway! But I am looking at it through an LCD now and you can still see the difference a little bit. http://mortemdesino.googlepages.com/LCD_Dark_SLlamp.JPG Notice the CRT has richer tones, see how the red of the light stands out on the wall in the wood and the bed. Of course in the photo it looks subtle, and I myself thought this little difference couldn't mean much, but after playing the game for 10 minutes on each, it feels totally different... the LCD makes Thief feel flat, cold and boring.
  14. Yep - he had like a single huge square for an arse, and as soon as he bent his legs, his tunic clipped right through his waist. Haven't seen the nobleman - it's a case by case thing. Bend the legs, see if it needs it. It looks like I can just get cracking with anims now, all the technical issues have been ironed out?? This is exciting
  15. For the record, I didn't "dissapear", I announced I'd be away for the holidays, like everyone else - in my journal, AND in a new thread in the members section. I'll look at the proguard model tonight. We need to get squill back in here too.
  16. Wow. You are using the new file, right? It's pro_guard_v2 or something like that, from memory. (I'm in London and can't check) We didn't overwrite the original file just yet. In any case, I'm sure there are plenty of kinks to work out at this stage - we hadn't yet got it working properly in-game by the time I went on holidays. When I get back I'll check out all these things. The shadow mesh shouldn't be merged with anything. I did notice one mesh with shadow in the name that wasn't the shadow mesh, I'll need to take care of that. I don't know what the origins of this model is, but it can be fixed good as new I believe.
  17. Modelling isn't very scarey to learn - if you've got access to good tutorials, and people who can answer your questions. (That's really the main thing) I've been cranking out some 3D models at work recently, even though I'm hired as a programmer, hehe. My team needed more art but the company couldn't spare the artists so I just told them I could do art stuff and they let me go at it The artists are happy with the quality and the amount I'm helping out. Obviously if you can make this cabinet, you've got good artistic skills, and the ability to learn to used tools to get what you want. So you just need the time and the info to learn the 3D modelling tools, and understand the requirements for the modelto be in the game (techniques for getting a good polycount, etc.)
  18. I love Steam, it adds convenience in so many ways. Like how you can just copy the data files for your game to another computer, validate it, and it runs, no install. And who still reads manuals anyway? The ideal game experience is excitedly jumping straight into the game and having it actually play you through an interactive tutorial, which is pretty much the actual game but carefully made so that it teaches you how to play as unintrusively as possible. And I'm happy to say most new games I play do exactly this. Crisis, Call of Duty 4, Half Life 2, etc. People spamming past huge amounts of on-screen text, ignoring game manuals and jumping straight into the game, is not really about their "lack of dicipline", it's natural. We want to learn by doing. The tutorials we make at work consist of little challenges that you can't pass untill you've performed a certain move correctly, accompanied by minimal, optional instructive dialogue. It sounds limiting, but if its done right, the player just feels like they are playing the game, and not being taught in a heavy handed way.
  19. When I was playing, I heard a horde approaching, and the only way in was a shut door, and I felt safe. Then the door started banging, then fists punched through the door, splintering random holes in it. Then a tentacle came out and grabbed my character by the neck. It went to a third person view and I saw my dude getting held against the door, struggling, while the zombie hands came through the hole and started tearing at him, he was losing health. One of my other teammates came and cut me free and struggled to pull me free from them in time. Thing is, none of this was scripted, it's all emergent gameplay, and I know because I died several times in that area and this particular incident only happened once. Sometimes the zombies are scattered everywhere, somtimes they are nowhere to be seen and come all at once, sometimes doors are shut, sometimes not, it's fricking awesome.
  20. Trust me, you'll get used to it Take it from someone who makes games for a living. We find torrents for the roms for our DS games days after the US release date. In a way, you're safer - your game is less popular. I'm looking forward to a similar situation when I start releasing games I make as a hobby. Anyway - congratulations!! That's huge exposure for yourself getting on Steam - that's what it's really about right now.
  21. Argh... does it work properly??? Don't let me get my hopes up for nothing... Boy am I glad I logged in today... *edit* actually this is the real thread link http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1793911 yeah sounds slightly quirky so far but for the most part you can actulaly play through the first lot of original missions. Towards the end more bugs become prominent. Finaly my dream of playing Calendra's Legacy with my 2 brothers will come true. One of them hasn't played it yet, it will be pretty awesome.
  22. I thought we were going to make some sort of entity that causes certain AI to play one of a set list of random anims when nearby - eg, for looking at a painting, or warming hands by fire? That would cover praying.
  23. Hee-ya!! http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php/ASE_to_TDM Wikified.
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