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  1. That's a cool video - can we make it public?
  2. Cool. Squill just modified the skeleton to seperate the hips from everything else like the Doom 3 models. I decided it would be best if I get a few animations done with the new skeleton before I start weighting anyone else, just to make sure everything works.
  3. It's not a big deal - that would take me one evening. Better do it now while we're just getting this one character right, than later when we've already weighted 5 characters.
  4. Hahaha Actually one of the early episodes of Start Trek TNG had Riker explaining how the holodeck worked, in a similar fashion. Then in an Enterprise episode, a guy (can't remember the character's name, the one always arguing with Belana) went to an alien holodeck, and the alien girl walked him along, and he exclaimed "The perspective is changing!" highlighting the advanced holodeck technology the aliens had. I'm a nerd, I remember these interesting things...
  5. Well the new skeleton has the same basic structure as the current one, so if the anim channels are working in the current one then it should in the new one (if not, we stuffed up and would have to fix it). squill is going to finalise the skeleton soon and then we'll do anims with it and we'll find out if it all works.
  6. I guess you could put it on the FTP if that's working? Otherwise maybe in the models_src repository.
  7. Well now's the time to do it. What needs doing?
  8. Hehe... you could "texture map" your walls at the click of a button and completely re-theme your room depending on your mood. It'd almost be like the holodeck
  9. The candle video also demonstrates our object manipulation feature - apparently not many people know about this feature yet. Nice job Springheel
  10. Uhm... a place where people discuss things on the net? I don't know what you're refering to exactly... Back to OLEDs: 100% color reproduction. Ultra thin. Full HD. No Ghosting whatsoever or refresh issue. Fantastic Contrast. Very Low Power Consumption. Its the best screen technology in the world, the best parts of all the other technologies with none of their inherent flaws. I don't need anything bigger than my 22" widescreen, I just want better picture quality now.
  11. I just got to 30 last week - don't believe the hype! It doesn't feel any different.
  12. Okay done, I uploaded a new single frame anim for the citywatch called "drop_body", it's laying down on its back with arms at sides.
  13. Laying flat on the ground arms at sides, and you can rotate it 90 degrees in the code to do 2 checks, to see which way it fits best. One paralell with you, one perpendicular to you. Could do a quick one using the old rig.
  14. Yeah after deleting the head I'm already done with my part, just waiting on squill to attach the IK and handles and stuff - we agreed to split it up this way. I could add those things but he's got more experience with getting that stuff just right in Maya. So send them now if you want I don't think he'll want to make any more physical changes to the skeleton at this point, we're both happy with it. He'll just be adding controls. So I can start weighting other meshes.
  15. Hm I'll open one of the other guys when I get home then. I thought the player would be a good one to check out, cause he definetly has his upperbody seperate from his lower, for different animations.
  16. You know how other games avoid this? LODing. Pity Doom 3 doesn't support it.
  17. Hm, well the parenting is done in Maya. Usually everything a child of hips, because that's conceptually what's going on. Everything moves from the hips. All animation rigs are built like this. If there's an issue with this, we need to sort this out right now, before squill and I make any anims with the new rig we just made. Maybe it is like what Spring said - hips and torso are child of origin, but not connected to each other. I think we should import one of the doom3 models. I just quickly imported the player.md5mesh from Doom3\base\pak002.pk4\models\md5\characters\player\mocap\ I rotated the "Hips" joint, and the entire upper body leant forwards, which is a sure way of testing if it's actually the child. Around that area I also found "Body" and "Body2" bones, which both seem to do the same thing. These are the parent of the hips, it seems, because they rotate the entire body, but do not move when the hips rotate. Also around that area I found a "Waist" and a "Waist2" bones, which both seem to do the same thing, rotate the upper body as if bending from the hips.
  18. Yeah I was a bit overenthusiastic about the Movie setting - it does make it at least kind of "playable" in my opinion, but still has none of the immersive colours of the CRT. I think this also enables the "dynamic contrast" thingy, which I read about, which dynamically drops the power of the backlight and boosts the gamma, whenever the overal picture is dark, as you play. This is better than nothing. I always set it to movie mode when I play a game in the dark. God dammit, we are in a slum here, with LCDs and the rest of the world being "fine" with them. Can't wait for them to hurry up and make OLEDs possible. http://www.engadget.com/2007/01/08/sonys-1...inch-oled-hdtv/
  19. I only did placeholder combat anims for the guard, squill is the only one to edit the first person anims since Dram modified the bow anim, to the best of my knowledge
  20. Thanks Ish - yeah this is something I don't think anyone was aware of yet. The current "turn 90" is just for a standing guard on patrol, not what you want. Tell me what the anim(s) has to be and I'll put it on the list. However I think it's fairly optional compared to other essential animations, and should be put at the bottom of the to do list.
  21. Ah, spring, do you still want me to remove the shadow head? Haven't been back here in a while - devoted the time to actually working on the Darkmod instead, hehe. Yeah give me a list of rigging that needs to be done. Maybe it is better if I do it even if it cuts into some animation development time, cause I can do it very fast.
  22. Huh... but you were doing awesome looking maps from what I remember. We were all happy with them, how come you were so dissatisfied? It wasn't the oDDity syndrome I hope - "Gah I'm not doing anything new and interesting and am not in total control of everything, this is getting boring... I'm sure working on a REAL project doesn't feel like this..." hahah...
  23. Ah who made these... squill I think?
  24. Well the character bodies are just a tree that sprouts from the hips, so surely it would be possible to do it all relative, everything only has one parent.
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