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  1. Man I didn't even think of this. We should certainly be interested in it though. Maybe after the release we could manage.
  2. Execute script nodes is checked... hmm...
  3. Yep the def file works, joints added and everything, I did "exportModels tdm_ai_proguard" to test it, before uploading. I did set the main timeline to the correct amount of frames, the mb file plays and loops fine, so it must be something else - I'll check out the Script Nodes thing, thanks, it probably is something wierd like that.
  4. Well, I got the skirt joints added and everything exporting properly again. Tunic warping is a problem of the past, here's a screenshot of the current idle animation, with the tunic tweaked to keep it's position in spite of the legs being rotated. I musta done something wrong when exporting the run animation, because it seems like it loops over too early, as does the left attack animation, but all the others are fine. I'll look into this tomorrow if no one beats me to it. Should be something simple.
  5. I don't think it's nailed down yet, I'd say whatever arrangement caused the following image (in springheel's post) http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?s=&am...st&p=179369 would be the one to go with, since it seems just 90 degrees off, which is what you showed in your screenshot. How many heads are there? When I changed the rig, for some reason, exporting the weight maps and re-importing them didn't seem to work this time, although it did last time. If we decide there are too many heads to change then we need some way of modifying the skeleton without having to manually weight the mesh verts back on again.
  6. In your animation you don't move the origin control (between the feet) to move the entire character, you animate each limb individually moving through the world. That's going to make it hell for you to animate with, and is also bad because Doom (our game engine) uses the origin to know where the character really is and centers the collision box around it. So whenever the entire body has to move, you should animate the origin control, and then animate the limbs to look right (well you will be back and forth but hopefully you get the idea).
  7. squill got back to me in email and said yes, that is what we should do. Judging from Springheel's pic http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?s=&am...st&p=179369 looks like the head needs to be rotated forward 90 degrees.
  8. Ah ok, the anim clips folder will be our repository for re-usable animations. Squill and I worked out what we're doing with the source file for the rig (proguardmesh_rev2.mb) The one on SVN is the one we're going with - but it hasn't been used to export the animations yet, so the mod is still out of sync with it. I updated the rig again - I had to add the skirt joints to the character set to make sure their keyframes get exported over when its converted to a clip. The head rotating thing has to be fixed. I think I can fix it but don't know how to test it. What I'll do is go ahead and export all the proguard stuff and spring can do his thing and try it out.
  9. I had a quick fiddle and didn't see any problems (got the mesh to twist up at the joints, which is normal if you over-rotate) so if it's something wierd thats only happening after a while, then maybe it's some kind of math error. I can only suggest having as few key frames as possible... I'd advise sticking to FK for arms as much as you can, but since your anim has to be about picking up boxes, then I suppose most of it has to be IK anyway...
  10. That's a good analysis. At a glance, I'd say overall that the most obvious difference with your new one, is the lack of detail (no normal maps), bright colours, and face not based closely off a photo.
  11. May as well use a copy of the rigged TDM model, unless there's any objections?
  12. Okay, the good news is, in addition to the upper set of 4 "skirt bones" that start from the upper leg, I have added 4 additional ones that start from the knee. Surely dresses and cloaks will need to bend at the knee. I did a test animation on the proguard with the leg rotating outwards and keyframing the tunic back in place to compensate, and it looks great! So that issue is resolved. Unfortunately, yes ascottk we have conflicting info between model_src and the mod. I'm resolving this with squill right now in email. I think squill may have started on adding the skirt joints a while ago, and so uploaded his after I started working on it in my last post. We just have to start getting used to the lock file feature in SVN.
  13. Great! As I type, I'm adding the tunic/skirt joints, for front and behind the legs. Your pic and description was all I needed, it was good. Also, it seems to me that we will need an extra set of joints for the lower half of the skirt, because it will bend at the knee.
  14. It's not that bad - it only needs some tunic bones on the front and back, and to be honest, only about 6 new anims have been made, to paste onto it squill put a lot of thought into what we would need from a new rig, and I wasted a lot of time getting tangled up with the old rig and trying to fix bugs that shouldn't have been there, it's hardly "jumping the gun".
  15. Woah I didn't know you could moderate.
  16. I've just been simulating breathing by moving the torso and arms slightly. I think it's sufficient, but wether anyone agrees and if we need rib bones, is another story. I think everyone wants you to use a pre built character, whatever you can find, that you can just animate with. The quality of animation, not the technical ability, seems to be the motivating factor in deciding to put someone on our team.
  17. Yes definetly - the real issue has been us as individuals needing to devote more time to the mod. Now that I have, I'm really liking the new rig and am working quite quickly with it. Thanks for the tips about adding the tunic joints, we really need them, that was brought up earlier but hasn't been fixed yet.
  18. Yes the anims only have to be satisfactory. To start with, just do whatever you feel most compelled with and then show us. I think there are some nuances to getting them all working with the game that aren't documented. You will probably have to ask a lot of questions. The latest rig is in the model_src repository, under proguard_mb folder, and is called proguard_rev2.mb The progaurdmesh_export.mb is what the def file uses to export.
  19. Woah you came out of nowhere. Welcome back! This thread is about turning while moving - we already have a turn-on-the-spot one. Ish also brought it up here, which I had already added to my todo list in my signature http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showt...mp;#entry179074 I've added this thread to it as well now, just in case.
  20. AluminiumHaste, there are too many factors that contribute to what is possible at the extremes, so your best bet is to scale up and down in halves till it starts working. Start with a map that works, and add stuff to it till it crashes. If your'e talking about one giant complex model, then cut it in half till it works. As an extreme example - if you end up with this tiny 3 poly thing and it still crashes, then you know something else is wrong
  21. Sounds like a great way to approach it. It always felt hack when an FM had to abuse the difficulty settings screen to get different play styles happening.
  22. I have Pakmannen's contact details, I'll ask him.
  23. Ah it is like that in the Maya files too. That isn't something I realised could change. Thanks. I'm learning as I go
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