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  1. If I'm not busy I'll be there I finally got to download the game but not from fileplanets site I had to go to the source for some strange reason, but I am willing to play. Spar I have the same problem with online games they cost you to buy then you're paying for the rest of your life...kinda like pay TV or whatever, I'd never pay to watch 400 changes of crap so I won't pay to watch people stuff the gaming fun of others ie: all the hacks that think that because their character or car can fly that they are better
  2. @sparhawk I can learn C++ if that is what is required for me to help. I need to learn because I have a few ideas for games but no way of transcribing it
  3. Hi I was wondering if there was anyway I could help with testing or programming I haven't done much in the way of prgramming in visual C ++ but I had created a couple of different calculators for another game system in VB. I have little programming background but I learn fast and I can find problems most wouldn't think of. well if you need help don't hesitate to PM me. Morian
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