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  1. Ok, thanks all! I think I just totally misremembered this feature being in the doom3 engine, my mistake : ) @HMart - yup, r_showTris 2 is what I've been using for verifying visibility stuff. It works well, but becomes a little difficult to visually parse when the level reaches a certain complexity, so I was looking around for possible alternatives.
  2. I'm not sure if I'm misremembering it, but is there a console command to "pause" the engine update of visibility/culling? With the primary purpose of letting you noclip around and see exactly what is being rendered/not rendered when the player is at a given location. I could've sworn I've used this command before, but I just spent the last hour trying to find it to no avail, so maybe I imagined it!
  3. Hi all! I wanted to share some thoughts on DarkRadiant tweaks & features. I’m guessing most of this has already been mentioned before, but I wanted to throw it out here just in case! Thanks. Particle Editor Currently, it’s a bit difficult to judge a particle effect’s size relative to other particle effects, as the camera automatically repositions itself to frame the effect in a close shot. (The ground grid does give a frame of reference, but is only useful for very rough estimates.) I’d love it if there was a way to “lock camera position” while viewing particles. This would all
  4. I'm digging into DarkRadiant's python scripting tools and was wondering if anyone had tips on how to detect which face is selected. Currently I can detect: the brush that is selected the parent (brush) of the selected face But unfortunately I can't seem to figure out how to detect when a specific face is selected. Does anyone have insight on this? Here's my current python script: class FaceAligner(dr.SelectionVisitor): def visit(self, node): if node.isBrush(): brush = node.getBrush() for i in range(0, brush.getNumFaces()): face = brush.getFace(i)
  5. Oh cool, I think that'd be useful in some specific cases. Thanks for the tip! I just realized I posted this in the wrong forum category. Sorry about that, my mistake. Is there a way I can have this post moved to TDM Editors Guild, or for this post to be deleted?
  6. I was wondering if there's a special DarkRadiant technique/tool for adjusting a texture orientation by an edge. A level designer I'm working with made a demo video describing this: Basically, right now he is doing some calculator work to angle a texture along an edge -- is there a shortcut of some kind to do this? Thanks!
  7. I feel I'm missing something basic - here's what I'm experiencing: 1. I make a brush. 2. I turn the brush into a trigger_once. 3. When I try to resize my trigger_once, I'm unable to resize it, nor can I select its vertices. Can you explain what you mean by 'select the proper worldspawn' - is there a special way to select brush entities? Here's a short desktop recording of what I'm experiencing. I make a trigger_once and am unable to resize it: http://blendogames.com/dev/dr1.avi
  8. Is it possible to resize a brush entity? And if so - how? Whenever I try to resize a brush entity (i.e. door, trigger), the brush doesn't budge. I wasn't sure if this is by design, or if there's some intermediate step I'm missing.
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