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  1. i tired of being banned :>(

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    2. ungoliant


      you might try posting things of substance instead of inflammatory material designed to get a rise out of people, or just get a reaction for attention...

    3. SiyahParsomen


      Best troll is banned troll which denies being troll.

    4. pusianka


      Ok, am I the only one with sarcasm detection senses?

  2. i dont like being banned :(

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    2. Bikerdude


      SH if thats u, please create proper name, the current one is just pointless.


    3. Sir Taffsalot

      Sir Taffsalot

      @ Sihah - why on Earth would you want access to SH's banned account?

    4. SiyahParsomen
  3. you remind me of shadowhide for some reason, shadowhide is that you? :D

  4. sup Seems like most of you guys is finaly happy,but i recently read this thread. I lol'd You guys are talking about my bad attitude and stuff,did I ever personally insulted any you ? Do you remember how everything started ? I carefully said that i find some of TDM missions little boring and what did I got ? "ignore this idiot","ban his sorry ass" ? ok.Your community is so intellegent,polite and friendly. Since than I started to talk completely other way with people who deserve it But did I ever trolled people like Melan,Greebo,New Horizon,Springheel,Bikerdude,Mortem Desino ect. ? I dont think so. And what I was banned for ? gif in the signature ? are you fucking kidding me ? yes,Springheel warned me about it for a few times BUT,why the hell are you,Springheel, started to delete my text signature ? I asked you in PM for a few times,but you never replied me.I thought you were ignoring me and I insterted another gif,than you SUDDENLY show up with a banhummer.So why the hell are you ignored me when i wanted to ask something,huh ? why ? ban for a gif ? are you fucking kidding me again ? after all good things i did for mod ? shared it in local network,shared it on a few Half Life related websites,made a few tutorial maps for mappers,even made a playable mission ! than what ? ban for a gif ? are you fucking kidding me for a third time ? anyway,after all bad things you did to me,I'm still planning to make another TDM mission.
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