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  1. It was pretty cool when I tried it, but the flickering sky bugged the fuck out of me. That shouldn't be a problem with the prefab, right?
  2. I think I got maybe seven hours before I decided I needed to mod the fuck out of it to make still interesting to play.
  3. Also homebrewers. In my case, I only found out after I installed the modchip that it could only run homebrew in GC mode.
  4. He's missing a crouch-run animation, making the player's footsteps be far too slow, but so far, great!
  5. But that requires physically soldering a modchip onto your Xbox 360. And, as I discovered with my Wii, these chips can sometimes suddenly and inexplicably stop working (in my case, just after the website of the company making them went down).
  6. I have a (persistent) temporary disability!
  7. DALEKS DO NOT USE SUCH PRIMITIVE TECHNOLOGY! Also, because I'm bored: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypeRzDDIejk
  8. Fuck you, oDDity! I'll use OS/2 Warp if I want!
  9. I don't see anything even vaguely homophobic here.
  10. This is a known bug, and not an easy one to fix. The walk speed is exactly the same as Garrett's. Again: This is a problem with Doom 3. I have no clue why this is. Bloom works for me, but then, I haven't tested the released version. It's probably as simple as having forgotten to include the shader. Could you give some more detail? I haven't encountered this particular bug.
  11. Just reinstall it without the crack. Patch 1.3 and 1.3.1 both remove the cd-check.
  12. Feh, I took longer. Besides, very little time of ours is wasted waiting on an applicant; you don't need to apologize.
  13. I thought they removed the check with the 1.3 patch. I'm pretty sure I never bothered cracking my Doom 3 install, and I haven't so much as opened my D3 jewel case in three years.
  14. I have a sampler pack from that company consisting of Black Hawk Stout, Red Tail Ale, and Eye of the Hawk Ale. I've already long since polished off the Black Hawk (which I positively love), and had been dreading drinking the last two beers. You see, of Red Tail Ale and Eye of the Hawk, one of the two I cannot stand, and the other is a great beer, but I cannot recall which is which. I do recall the one I hate as having a nasty aftertaste that reminded me of Old Rasputin (never, ever drink it if you can help it), and the other as being an excellent beer indeed (better than Guinness, but not quite as good as Smithwick's). I wound up choosing Red Tail Ale, which, due to the quantities of egg nog previously consumed failed to adequately answer my question. I guess I'll just have to try again tonight. Why, it is the year of our Lord, the Master Builder, 1573.
  15. They own you before you can pull your sword out. Proper melee combat (read: blocking) hasn't been implemented yet, but most people won't even get a chance to put that to the test. Even the regular city watch are complete badasses. I recommend archery if you intend to take them head on, and with gas arrows or fire arrows at that. Actually, scratch that; don't take them head on at all--flash bomb your way the hell out of there. All in all, melee combat is pretty realistic right now for a scrawny thief in leather armor (soft, not boiled or studded) who doesn't have three days' training on how to use a sword. Hey! That describes the player character exactly!
  16. That's what they're calling it. Not, mind you, what it is, but it's what they're pretty much calling it.
  17. You mean just about anyone in the RIAA today?
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