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  1. Just copy/paste this: Jolly Roger Use the reply button at the bottom of my post to get the BBcode.
  2. Really? I was under the impression that the Jolly Roger was actually accurate, but it was only ever hoisted at the beginning of a raid (flying a friendly flag to get into range of the target).
  3. There's also lojban! The only language that computers can speak nearly as well as humans!
  4. There's a Crysis thread? I thought we'd just been going off topic!
  5. I prefer the highlight to the random smoke trails that grenades always emit (I mean, otherwise, how would your enemy know you just threw a grenade at them? ). At least the highlight is explained away as a feature of your already preposterously advanced suit. Your suit with augmented-reality and advanced computer-vision processing giving you actual, tactically useful data? Totally unrealistic! Massive smoke trails being emitted by frag grenades? OMG >_<, that's just like IRL!!!
  6. I do not think that word means what you think it means...
  7. "We are not going to invade China! The very idea is prepos--prepostar--it's bad. China is our ally! Some of you journalists seem to have gotten it in your heads that he's one of the good guys--I mean, one of the bad guys, and that's just not true. I have looked into Who Juntao's heart, and he's a good soul. I trust him. I trust him implicitly."
  8. I had figured that Delta was going to be as fucking hard as Far Cry on Realistic was. In fact, it was actually easier than Far Cry on Easy. I had assumed that the difficulty increase was much more than just turning off the training wheels--my bad for actually expecting a proper challenge. The only real challenge came from fighting the framerate (or lack thereof) whenever my video card overheated (about every 7 seconds of gameplay).
  9. Single clicks. IIRC, we also need a distinctive "sweetclick" and fail sound. That's all I remember offhand.
  10. Never mind; I'm frickin' retarded. Please delete.
  11. Nah, unless I'm severely mistaken, D3 physics are entirely in the SDK.
  12. I can't play the Crysis demo on my computer. My entire screen turns into one big artifact.
  13. Regular saving probably should still work as it does now, but Save As needs to function as above (says the non-DarkRadiant user...). At least, that's how I parsed the problem.
  14. Best. Excuse. Ever. I'm so using that now.
  15. 3DRealms is actually one of those exceptions. Alas, the Prey code is not theirs; it's Human Head's.
  16. Is Evolution any good? I've always used Thunderbird.
  17. But it would be fucking awesome! That's a pity. I don't think I ever noticed, though. That's a performance optimization, no doubt. While it would be nice if they implemented a sliding scale of portal depths to render, in some ways, that would make it the limitation of today's graphics cards (and rendering engines) more obvious. Really, the only thing that could be guaranteed to render unbounded portal depths accurately would be a ray tracer.
  18. I was not aware of this. Truth be told, I never assumed James Brown wrote it, but still.
  19. War, by James Brown? That's my only guess.
  20. The hips are locked solid in sleepy, bu otherwise, it looks great!
  22. Sadly, there is an identifiable logic to Bush's behavior: one-upping Daddy Bush.
  23. Dude, Space Invaders featured smarter enemies than George Bush.
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