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  1. I was able to get out and do some on-location sound recording and got a start on some things. I'm hoping to have the arrow sounds very soon. Here are some door sounds for now (probably for metallic doors) http://www.myersmedia.net/darkmod/fx_door_metal_01.ogg http://www.myersmedia.net/darkmod/fx_door_metal_02.ogg -sax
  2. Oh, I was just listening to them for inspiration but would be creating my own SFX for the DarkMOD. I didn't mean to imply that I was going to use them in DarkMOD. Sorry.....
  3. Hey guys- I've gotten hold of some "pro" sfx kits and was listening to some of them. I can't believe how many of them wound up in Thief:DS! The original files had been edited a bit, but still they were the same files. BTW, I should have some SFX posted soon to help out with the missing sound files. Any recommendations for what should be done first?
  4. Schat, my dear friend, none of us are Chopin. Nor will any of us ever be..... But lucikly we don't have to be and you do awesome work, so keep it up! I only wish I had 1/100th the talent that good ol' "Fred" Chopin had! I really like the nocturne piece. It probably actually has too much melody for a Thief level (not a bad thing, it's just hard to balance between being a composer and doing a soundscape! I love the texture of it all!) but it's awesome. It sounds like it should be in a horror movie. I love the music box version complete with music box sounds! Excellent work, Schat.
  5. Schatten- Very cool stuff! I like them both and could easily see them in a Thief mission. Nice production! Eerily enough the "whispers" one reminds me of a piece I did for a production of "Hamlet" a while back. hamlet_1.1_ghost_scene.mp3 - I used lines from "Hamlet" as the backdrop - I think about 15 tracks of voices. For the looping/popping problem, do you have audio software that will let you forssfade the endings? You can paste another copy of the original track and crossfade between the front and the back of the audio file, then edit that much time out of the front of the wave.
  6. I gave up my day job... Now I'm just a sound guy.
  7. Hey guys- Be careful when you mention the name Michael Myers..... I go by the handle Saxmeister, but that is my real name (no joking or kidding here!)
  8. At the same time the sound guys should be thanking you all for your incredible artwork, modeling, and programming. The promo video was incredible and what little I've seen of the in-game stuff is amazing and totally blows away what TDS was trying to be! It's great to be on such a talented team of individuals!
  9. By the way.... Here are the original T2 success and death movies for anyone working on the movies for both of them. success death
  10. Well guys, I'm back in the game again so I'm up to helping out as much as I can.
  11. Hey GIMG, great stuff! I can't wait to see what you do with your talents in the film genre!
  12. Oboes definitely have that lonely feel about them. I think that the English Horn has even more of a melancholy feel about it. The Baroque oboes first appeared around the 17th century but were descendants of the overly-loud shawm from the Medieval period. So, maybe a shawm with a lot of reverb! The trumpet does have a certain sound that can be melancholy and empty, but played solo it tends to evoke too much of a feeling of the military (since most armies use a trumpet for calls, reverie, taps, etc.). Natural (straight) trumpets without valves lend more of an authentic air to earlier musi
  13. Guilty again, Spar. Ha ha ha!
  14. Oops! That's what I get for trying to type too quickly at work! I meant to say, "this was my latest attempt." I edited my previous post.....
  15. I was playing through Thief 2 again and got to the docks.... you caught me, Dom! Pak wanted to try a couple more of this style, so this was the latest attempt. More should be coming within the next day or two.
  16. Well, I'm back at it again with my new toys. I thought I'd have a go at trying to emulate some more of the Thief 2 ambients (if that's what they are used for). http://www.myersmedia.net/darkmod/thiefy_swells2.ogg I think this sounds/feels closer to the original sources than before. So, I'll have to try my hand at some more of the sounds.
  17. I like the idea of having a separate "bonus objective" sound to differentiate between the standard objectives and additional bonuses. @Ish: it always sounded like a news intro to me when T3 did that! I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt that way! Ha ha! @Schatten: Too much brass, I definitely agree. I was just in a rush to give our tech teams something to work with. I'm looking forward to being able to do some more "serious" work on sfx soon.
  18. @Spar: Glad you oculd find a backup. I finally found mine today (a little late, sorry!). Yeah, Cakewalk went up to about version 11 (I think) and then got renamed Sonar and they are on version 5 now. I got mine in the mail last night (the full blown Producer edition!) and got it running. I've attached some pics below that show how to get to the staff on Sonar. First of all, insert a new MIDI track and then go up top and find the "Staff" button, click it and voila you should have the staff.
  19. That sounds like the best solution to me, especially if (as we were talking about in another thread) the player needs to hear the "objective completed" sound while still hearing the background music. If it were left as a global and got cut off that would be an abrupt interruption in the ambient sounds. It's a shame that the engine is limited like that, but thinking about it from a programmer's point of view I guess it makes sense. The global should only be whatever is in that world or map at the time and the local sounds would be played for local events. The "objective complete" or "objec
  20. T2 did have the optional ones, if I remember correctly. Failing an optional objective never meant failing the mission unless you were on the hardest setting, in which case the optional objectives were your objectives. The optional objectives never informed you when they weren't met, only when you had completed them (with a chime and a report at the stats screen after the mission was completed or failed). If we did have an "optional objective failed" sound it probably shouldn't sound as drastic as the big "mission failed" sound. Maybe more of a buzzer sound that alerts the player to the f
  21. I threw together something similar just so he could have something to use. Here is the mission completed successfully sfx http://www.myersmedia.net/darkmod/darkmod_...ve_complete.ogg and the mission failed sfx http://www.myersmedia.net/darkmod/darkmod_...tive_failed.ogg Maybe these will do for now.
  22. That's just the old version of HomeStudio. There are newer versions with many more and better features that can be downloaded as a trial. You can't save your work but you can either capture the audio from another editing program to save your work or you might be able to "fix" the trial. Here is the link to download the Sonar 5 demo. http://www.download.com/Sonar-Producer-Edi...tml?tag=lst-0-4 I still don't have the new software so I'm anxiously awaiting that and will let you know how good it is!
  23. Here is a screenshot (smaller than real size) of an older version of Home Studio doing the staff over top of the track view (which is what everyone is used to seeing). It also does the piano roll view and sysex information view (if you really want to get technical). I have almost unlimited MIDI channels and I think 48 channels of audio for HomeStudio. Sonar will just expand that with a prettier interface and more plug-ins and virtual instruments.
  24. No music staff? Is that what you mean? Sonar has a staff so you can actually write the notes in as you would using staff paper. Even the HomeStudio version (the cheap one) has that. @Pak: I've got some killer VST instruments most of which are freeware I could either send you or send links to. I've even got a great emulator of the classic MiniMoog synth and the ARP2600! They sound great.
  25. Well, I've finally done it! I'm upgrading to the newest version of SONAR so that my virtual studio wil be much better equipped for more work. So, hopefully you guys will be hearing some more work from me soon! Anyone else use SONAR instead of the other biggies out there (Cubase, Logic, DP, etc.) ?
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