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  1. I'm more gamer then mapper, but Mionix Naos 7000 was my choice (although today I'd go with the laser version, 8200.) It's expensive, like 70-80€. I have smallish hands but this fit perfectly in size and weight. Not too light and pressing the LMB does keep the mouse in one place. Much more comfortable compared to Steelseries Sensei that I had previously. Also has speed buttons on top to choose from 3 different speeds. Can't live without that these days.
  2. I don't call the dreams about gaming as something lucid, but goddamnit it's horrible to try and run a badly built Dwarf Fortress in plain ASCII in a dream. There were walls of ASCII all around me and no matter how good I played, them dorfs kept dying like they always do and it was like they were all my pets and had names and I cared for them and I just kept losing them to goblins, dragons, carps whatever. I could squish a goblin char here and there but they were too many too fast... I had a headache the next morning and decided it was time to ditch DF for a good, long while. Funny that I usually can't remember my dreams but DF on ASCII dream is vividly still there.
  3. Kaspersky still going strong here. I haven't had any problems in the past or present with it. I usually don't update it on yearly basis, so I might have skipped some releases. Currently running 2015 and got nothing to report. I'm naturally so distrusting toward anything on the web that I can't even remember when Kasper last found something. I run occasional checks (like 2-4 per year) with software like Malwarebytes or Spybot. The company I work for still runs System Center Endpoint Protection. Can't recommend. When it does find something, it's usually only the tip of an iceberg... I'm talking about a report of finding 12 trojans or something and when we scanned it with F-Secure, there was like 700+ reported malware. We do fresh install when it hits numbers like that, but the usual fix is scans with F-Secure, Malwarebytes and maybe ComboFix. ComboFix is a bit of a brute at times and can mess things up, so... be careful.
  4. Lydecker

    Lost Alpha

    New patch up for this. Maybe now it's a bit more playable. I have a bad habit of going through the PDA buttons and it crashed every time... http://www.gsc-game.com/index.php?t=community&s=forums&s_game_type=xr&thm_page=1&thm_id=22600&sec_id=19
  5. Not that much interested in any FPS of late, but I do give points for the alternate future vision. And you just gotta love Mein Kleiner VW: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7jWg-gHjgM
  6. Lydecker

    Lost Alpha

    After nearly finishing Cordon area tasks, I must say it annoys me a bit how all buildings seem to be made for giant people. Old wooden houses with so much 'headroom' looks a bit off for me. Same thing with the smaller tunnels, etc. The factory works, as well as the big tunnel, though I've never understood it's placement or function. It almost feels like 1 guy just made a building and all the rest went with that, without ever placing a character next to one and getting the proportions right. This is something that was spot on in SoC. Other than that, too soon to say about much else. Seems to work just fine, runs like it always has for me etc. Looks pretty, sounds pretty... will take some days to get more into the zone, but I'm liking it for what I've seen.
  7. Interesting test. Confirms that getting an SSD is... crucial in eliminating loading delays, but does not necessarily make things much quicker. I have 2 myself, 128GB for Win7+software and 256GB for games. Besides Windows & other software starting up very quickly, games have been rather unaffected. Though I am almost always the 1st on a server in any game after level change, the initial loading takes rather long time. Then if you are capturing a lot of gameplay video or editing it, I'd suggest 2 small SSD's in RAID0. Would make a hell of a scratch disk...
  8. Holy ff...! I knew it was going to be half-arsed at best, but this... this is just... ...
  9. I think it's very nice. Those who missed the idea behind this, make your browser into a smaller window and expand it from the corner. The background image follows the size, as well as the logo and others. The background image could be a bit bigger now when it stretches across. Gets quite pixelated on a big screen. I opened the test page on my trusty Nokia N9 and given that it only has 480px wide screen, the web page looked near flawless and was very readable. On download section the SVN link and the mission downloads went over the border, but I think that's forgivable. I wish all webpages were like this!
  10. I see nothing but pure black on that SS on my old LG Flatron. It's IPS, so it should explain that. I upped my monitors brightness and gamma, didn't really change it. Pitch black turned to very dark gray. It's not even that expensive, cost me 550e back in 2010. Still a very good balance between speed and quality. I must be getting delirious on this fever or something... I was sure this topic had something to do with sun spots, even after reading a few lines... The topic and that little avatar of the surface of sun. Yeeeah... back to bed...
  11. It sure has. I was following this mod for a long time and I read somewhere that the music was one of the things keeping it all together and pushing the team to finish. Too bad they just left the game adrift since first or second patch. No idea if the Steam Greenlight helped them get it going again. I absolutely loved everything in this, but as internet soon pointed out, there were many flaws in the multiplayer game mechanics. I never saw any news about trying to fix them, so I just keep it on disk and hope for something to come. The whole thing is worth checking out, especially for those who loved Ghost in the Shell. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOh3xYPrYF8
  12. Lovely topic. I'm a soundtrack junkie myself and there's too many songs and soundtracks that I could list... There's no top 10 listings for me with game music. I'm amazed at times how some songs can play on repeat for ever. I swear, I've listened to the Dwarf Fortress tune for dozens, if not hundreds of hours and even today it does not annoy or bore me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6FXeupOp04
  13. I enjoy this forum and it's inhabitants because people take the time to write their piece in plain, clear English. Not the usual gunk I'm used to see on so, so many other forums. I stopped following TTLG forums a long, long time ago. Can't remember why anymore.
  14. This film came out of the blue and hit me off balance when I saw it. It was a perfect moment to really enjoy it. I wasn't expecting anything, didn't know anything of it and it just took me for a ride from the get-go. I was watching it with a friend of mine and we completely split up on our views of the film. I thought it was brilliant, he thought it was just boring. I don't see any problem with the violence. It was true to the nature of it. Hollywood sugarcoats violence in disturbing ways, here it was presented with more grit and reality. I think it was meant to displease the viewer. And the soundtrack... I think I bought like 3 CD's just because of this film.
  15. Yes, they sure are. I bought Far Cry 3 on Steam Christmas sale and played it through over the holidays. I was rather annoyed by the constant loss of control, no matter what I did. Cool animations are OK, but cool animation x 1000 and no way to switch them off or escape from them becomes annoying. By the time I was through with the story, I removed the game immediately from the library, which is pretty rare for me. And categorized it as DONE.
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNAZFUyxQ3M Rob is back. Nostalgia trip begins in 3...2...1...
  17. Lydecker

    Windows 8.1

    Unfortunately, they WILL do this. I remember seeing a plan of switching to yearly (or every other year) subscription kind of thingy, but it's been played down since. I think we got 8.1 for free because all computer manufacturers were telling M$ that they can't sell this shit. I used to do this as well, then I got myself some virtual computing space at work. I don't install much stuff on this computer since I can always test it virtually and just revert a snapshot. Whether it's a useless program or a total catastrophe, home system is safe. I also wait a week or so before updating anything. Helps quite a bit when it goes "Here's the latest upd... oops! Something went wrong. We are sorry that your day/week/month/life is ruined, have a nice day!" Just reminding myself how M$ borked the root certificate update last year. Fun times.
  18. A quick test and up comes the crazy feature found in every Unity plugin game I've tried; movement stuck to a direction. Most likely caused by unpowered Logitech G940, but beats me. Why the hell does it always pick it up? Stupid engine. I have very little to say about it, but it looked intriguing. Pretty feisty owner as well, beat me to a pulp straight away.
  19. Guessing here, but I think he's referring to something like a commo rose in BF series and other modern ways to switch tools and equipment in a radiant-menu-GUI-system-thingy. Something like Dishonored has for switching weapons and abilities. Press a button, move mouse, release button and you have what you wanted. Maybe? Could be good, could be bad. I wasn't that fond of it in Dishonored and time nearly stopped when you accessed it. Would need some serious designing to get it working and not obstructing or annoying. And optional.
  20. Oh dear. I overslept this morning, because of you and your mission! Just had to push it through last night and it took me 4 hours and 40 minutes to do that! I enjoyed it thoroughly. The pace, level of detail, that thiefy feeling, ambient music and especially the special few moments and puzzles. Very, very good mission overall. I think difficulty was spot on, it required patience and boldness at the same time. I hadn't played any other mission in 2.0 yet, so the nasties were quite frightening at times. And creepy... I'm still in awe of how relaxed and fulfilled I was at the end. Accomplished, you might say. The ambient music and sound really sets the tone of mission on it's various steps, like just before requiem the ambient tune is just spot on and I lingered outside the church, looking for new places and loot, mainly because of that tune. It just got me carried away for a while. I think this shows what you can do when you have a story to build a mission to. I don't think you did the story on a whim, maybe some changes, but overall you must have had it pretty much nailed down and just went with it, making the game work for the story. Truly, this hits my personal top 3 straight away.
  21. I've always thought of it as Krypt does; the gem is not just about light, but more of general visibility, including the shape and stance of my character. Shape and stance only influence it a little, movement some more and lightning most. It's that simple.
  22. My gaming is pretty much limited to TDM, Dayz, Dwarf Fortress and some random CS for brain reset, but... there are a few titles: - Witcher 3, although I still haven't finished the first and 2nd has been waiting in Steam for that to happen a looong time now... I will play them through, soonish. - BF4 for brain reset, BF3 worked well until they borked something in a patch and it broke on my computer. - Star Citizen, this is something I'm really, really interested, after all those years in EVE. - Mirror's Edge 2, absolutely LOVED the first one. Can't wait. I was at some point seriously thinking some home renovation with ME theme... - Routine, even though I'm not that fond of such games. + Not a game, but I'm rather excited about Oculus Rift. Things I've seen and heard about it is... every time I see a video or article about it, I just wanna give them more money
  23. On my elderly hardware set I too experience some stuttering, usually at the beginning of a mission. If it does not calm down in a minute or two, I just do Quick save & load and it's all right again. Does not happen often, latest mission was Lords & Legacy, I believe and even then only on very first run. Very mild annoyance. Quick specs: 2nd gen i7, 660Ti, 12Gb RAM, SSDs for both OS and games.
  24. Not that much. For my home connection, the upload bandwidth is much, much more important as I serve TS3 and Mumble for a group of friends and some other stuff. There is a downside to all that speed; You can't really go back to slower connection once you get used to a faster one. I'd say download speeds from 20+mbps and upload from 4-5+mpbs are the bare minimum for me to start noticing "things not happening as quick as they should..." And it can really annoy you when working, playing, testing something etc etc.
  25. Work, middle of the day. Disappointing figures, should be same speed on up and down... Maybe the test server is not capable enough At home, I have 50/8mbps connection, soon to upgrade to 100+/20mbps.
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