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  1. kingston v200+ 120 gb... I get an error when trying to back up its saying no space or such.. wont complete a back up point, i dont know ive got 3tb so....
  2. so far the kingston is fantastic. I had to do a few tricks to relocate some files but all in all its nice to boot from log in to ready in seriously like 0 seconds, I am now waiting the few seconds for the internet to connect. other than that as long as I am carful about changing the default downloads to HHD im cool. had to enable trim in win 7 though and a few other settings.. looking forward to advances in this tech... I am having problems with creating a back up restore points though ....
  3. Dark Radiant: is there anything you cant do ? thier like Doughnuts thank you Sotha
  4. Couldn't sleep last night or should I say I was dream editing maps all night, and came up with a couple questions... is it possible to have a patch that seems solid, matches textures to brushes next to it but is no barrier to the player, ie. Able to walk through but seems solid I all visible ways? The other question is what if the player needed to obtain several objects, once gotten I want to add a new item to his inventory, and remove the previous items, I guess I don't ctualy have to remove them but add new item to to his inventory with key properties. kinda like he fashioned them into a new item, then that item I want to tag as a key of sorts.... I'm thinking the new item would have properties of a key but with not the key model.... I hope this makes sense... you probably know where I'm going with this :-)
  5. just ordered a kingston SSD 120 more faster
  6. makes me sick every time I think of the fall of TTLG, ALL DUE TO J. Romeros crap Dikatana.... I remember the day I woke up and read the TTLG forums stating what had happened... I have not "bought" a game from Edios since, forgive me for my outrage its still very depressing how TTLG for F#%@ed all becouse Romero studio needed to survive.... I laughed in Romeros face when he showed that peice of $@&T at E3, laughed right in his face. Specter - dont EVEN get me started about him. Thief 3? holy F^%$ what a piece... and now to rape the series its like indiana jones crystal skull time... F-THAT!!! what you guys have done here is amazing, its a true tribute to what/where this seris should have gone. I was there at the begining of real game companies, I knew/know the players. to watch the industry over the years become what it has and crap such utter CR@# down our thraots over and over and people ask for more and more.... as it is now I havent bought a game on release day for many years all becouse I know 99% of them are barley worth the bargin bin price theyll be in in 6 months. so much hype to capture money on release becouse they know in three weeks theyll have to drop the price. I love the $59 (us) cr@& they set for us. just hold the gun to my head why dont you. Thief 4... enough, it will be pretty and CONSOLE! and mostlikely NOW 3/4 view point like modern warfare... VERY VERY VERY sad..... ill pass thank you and Warren Specter?? go F-yourself hard.... again forgive my outrage. Specter knows who I am, let him come and tell me to my face Im wrong...
  7. yea i get a machine about every other year the timing was good this time I edit alot on my office computer heres that set up, older HP quad with vista booo... Il gonna duel monitor the home one too this set up is just nice. kinda ran outa room to watch movies while im editing though please forgive the sloppy map I have up I was learning arches and thier NOT perfect lol oh and the movie is Prometheus
  8. yea boy!, love vids = instant understanding thanks muchos
  9. I'm about half way through reading and digesting the new I questions thread, I noticed a section on patches an AI pa thing saying that the AIs and path on patches, is this still true? I'm really trying not to ask too many questions and trying to figure things out for myself, but some things haunt me, I've gone through most of the wikkis printed out about 100 pages of reference and such, its coming together, I didn't expect the resizing of models to be that much trouble, matrix and all, anyway total rethinking of what's possible, leaving behind the "old" thinking and opening up to new possibilities, man this editor is fantastic... Sorry about the spelling pecking away on my tablet,
  10. I've been warping the walls floors, streets most anything that nature has a hand in after seeing thief 1 game play again comparing it to what this editor can do, I want as much random chaos as possible. Built the rest of this house last night general walls at least, I found it sooooo easy now, great editor, I'll finish it off soon and most likely use it as a mini mission. Now on to the meat, AIs triggers etc. Now its just a matter of the right texturs/lighting for mood and such... do have a question on re-sizing models, can't seem to find a way to scale them.....
  11. nice, VERY nice I disected part of the St Lucia map as I really liked the way the road was done, over the weekend I worked with patches like that... I guess my thinking has to be expanded to alow the fact that the machines CAN handle alot more poly and such than I was used to... Thanks MUCHO Springheel.. you guys are flattening my learning curve quickly
  12. and with that the world comes together... thank you
  13. yea im having trouble "switching" one side of the brush, leaving the other sides.. and the rats act like thier on crack lol
  14. im still having trouble with textures but getting there.. rounding off corners the more I do the more I want to have them all rounded Ill have to choose whats important to the effects and what I can skid by with.. as long as you guys dont look too hard
  15. just bought Dell XPS 8500 for this editor: Win 7 home Pre - will update this to win 7 ultimate when I get around to it... i7-3770 3rd gen 8 gig Ram DDr 1600's AMD Radeon HD 7570 1 gb - ill update this soon, the cards thier OEM but for now its working running all max settings, so far the card handels most anything im throwing at it. Once I found Dark Mod, I had to get a computer for it. I LOVE this game... just posting so if anyone has a problem with my missions I make we can track down if its a hardware prob etc.
  16. Demagouge, that was my weekend, TONS of mickymouse rooms just to get it down... worked with making more natural roads and such patch deformations and such, AI pathing room, im accumulating alota stuff ill use later. so now I have thiese pieces on tap for whatever. I did have a flash this morning about making a "Doom-ablo" level haha. mostly spent alota time playing all the missions avail to see what is/was done, that with the inspirations thread... yea im about ready to make a small adventure. all in all Im amazed how much easier this editor is, its a matter of waking up the dead brain cells thanks again to everyone great community and great advice from very talented people...
  17. I've been playing all of the fan missions this weekend seeing what people have done, I'm amazed how far everything has come. I watched some old game play from YouTube of the original missions, its crazy how far its come. I got overwealmed a bit and didn't know what to build its like a diabetic in a candy store. So I've been working on doing parts of things, an archway, a hallway, simple outdoor, I'm working now on getting the ground to deform a bit better for more realistic, always was amazed at how perfect the streets were clean strait lines... I want more chaos randomness, thank god this editor seems to handle that. So I'm designing in sections now, I'll cut and paste them together, the hardest part is keeping a "standard" and continuity of style, size. So I base everything off the whore model for size and such :-) anyway built some gloomy stairways and such, I'll get something to show very soon. Its now so unlimited its hard to narrow down a focus :-) is there a Max to the #of items other than frame rate, so now I'm just going for it :-)
  18. Xcen, looks very good, the light fixtures for me are too modern, I'd like to see more flames than a lantern type in there, seems older style w modern light, just my initial impression, the archi looks great :-)
  19. I spent some serious hours this week trolling the forum... I am just in awe of what Im seeing and finding.... for one I cant believe that my old missions are still played. I would LOVE to try them again, Id like to know how and what it would take to play them. Them when I found the poll questions on top designers and saw Oblivion was mentioned, the shock was too much. I cant tell you what a feeling to know they carry on. THANK YOU ALL... well I figured out tons this week arches, bevels, patches... OMG the possibilities, the SEED stuff is mind blowing. its almost too much to take in, I sat just thinking for hours of what I wanted to build, that lead me to the "inspirations" thread, DROOOOOOLLLLL, and to see that some of you live near around those places, too much to dream about... I sat down and started to draw out from memory bear pits, tower of illusion and oblivion, my wife came over and peeked, I ran through the levels on paper telling her what was goin on in each room and such, I could NOT believe I remembered so much about them, but then again I guess the several 1000s x runnning through them tattooed them into my memory... it was such a kick to find screen shots of them in the "guess the mission" from screen shots.... just too cool... anyway, question is, are the old missions playable on a modern system? if so how. Id realy like to run through them and save video footage. I called up some origional game play footage from youtube, wierd to see how through modern eyes how primitive they seem now, my memory of them was TONS more intense as compared to the reality of modern gameplay experience of modern engines.... anyway, again thanks and if its possible to load and run those old missions, Id love to know how.... I wonder what KFGecko is doing now, I met him once at comdex years back we shared Grobb on a stick from the star trek experience in las vegas... cool nice guy...
  20. ahhhh, ok today Ill try the matrix and move it around a bit, sorry for newbi questions I really try not to bother the forums untill ive exausted myself reading trying tutorials etc..... im doing nothing but patches and bevels in a play room on simple brush just to get it in my head. Im also wondering if my video card ATI might be a problem as I read somewhere they might be glitchy. Ive bought a brand new comp for this editor (yea im pathetic I know but I LOVE this game so) it has a ATI 7570 1gb generic, ill swap it out if its a problem but so far loving the i7 3rd gen... anyway thanks for the responses, ill play with the tools a bit today. the tutorial on arches celings and T intersections blew my mind, so may posibilities with this editor.. again great job guys
  21. One more thing, I tend to build dark, ambient at 4 or less, to try to make the "dark" consistant for other players I've locked my gamma in game at 1... have you guys made a standard as to gamma? Anyway fyi all my things will be based on gamma set at 1, figure player can set from there but at least 1 is base t what I'm stareing at.... :-)
  22. I'm having problems,s using bevel... I've followed the tutorial, over a coupe hours I can't get it to render, I have a pink surface where it should bevel in the editor, when I go into test map it is invisible.... I'm trying to bevel the edge of the sink in the screen shot, it should be straight forward but its not rendering..... after a couple hours of playing with that edge I moved on and will come back later after I get better grip... I want a to round the corner just a bit, I tryed step by step the tutorial everything seems to work as should, I can see a "shell" in overhead of the bevel w three sides all looks as should but pink surface, in "lighted mode" its a wedge cut off leaving a hole where I can see the water inside..... not sure wuts up here..... Beauler Beauler??? Anyone :-) thanks for responses in advance....
  23. I remember doing somthing like this, again it was a trigger for the conversation of two guards, like the 1st level of the origional game where the guards talk about the bear pits. after the event/conversation. I warped out the trigger to the blue room... I wanted a one time event. if I extrapolated this farther I would have warped other guards in to replace the "used" up guard with a freash trigger of another conversation or such... I did alot of warping of AIs was easier than trying to manipulate an single AI over and over... hope this makes sense... but again you guys are worlds ahead of me..
  24. I did this along time ago, I did it like this but not sure if/how posible in this editor.... I simply added the trigger, had the AI as "team" 0 then in blue room had his "evil" team 3 clone ready to be warped in and replace the team 0 guy... the warp was so fast the player didnt see the swap... used this on alot of non pathing guards I made in a museuem level I had. hope this helps
  25. Yea, I knew you guys would zoom in on the textures right away :-) I've corrected many on the "eyesores" to make things more in scale and natural looking, changed the lights and such. Its so much work to take order and make chaos look natural.. but that's what its all about. Sent two hours yesterday playing with an intersection, there was a minor glitch that most likely no one would see in the dark, but for me it was a mood breaker, I want total imersion, I hate having my illusion broken buy a bad texture or floating candle or something.... :-) anyway, big things comming
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