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  1. Interesting http://mashable.com/2015/04/28/steam-workshop-ends-paid-mods-negative-feedback/(good point on thinking value and not emotions)
  2. Game development is crazy hard work where a lot of things can go wrong (even when using established engine, which Source was not at that time). So things do get derailed and that's life. Believing GabeN has not thing to do with it. I also feel like GabeN makes it look like he has no clue about what goes on at Valve :/ As if he just let people run it and when shit hits the fan he shows up to do the damage control
  3. It's funny how much conspiracy is coming from some folks. It's a choice of modders - no one forces to sell mods. GabeN already mentioned Beth was the one to setup the cuts. Another company can say "I want 20%, Valve gets 20% and modder gets 60%". Where is the indication modding will die because some people can charge for their mods? Of course if everyone decides to charge for their mods, and people would only pay for really good ones, modders with crappier mods will throw in the towel and won't make mods (at least it's a possibility). That would be modder's fault entirely though.
  4. Where is that right to resell spelled out? Nowadays people buy keys and do giveaways, etc. I do that from time to time too. I even buy games on sale and give them out as presents. Developers benefit from it. I am not too concerned with AAA developers, because their bosses don't give a damn about designers, programmers, etc. (so once the project is over and devs move on, they don't get royalties from old projects). However, it's quite relevant to indie devs and that's why second hand market is a horrible idea for indie games. As for comparing carpentry, well, my last kitchen table set cost me ~$1000. I have no plans selling it since it's that good. Do you feel the difference between $40-50 game and $1000 table ? (or $10 - $20 indie game and $1000 table)
  5. If I was an author, and I didn't get anything out of second hand sales - yes, I would be opposed. It's not cheap to make games and write books. It's not the same as a pair of jeans that you can resell and the manufacturer wouldn't even notice any loss.
  6. I hope you realize that Steam is PC market nowadays. There is not whole a lot evil about it. As a developer, I totally don't like for people to be reselling my game and me not making a cut from it. With Steam however, it's not the case and that makes me happy enough to tolerate other downsides of Steam.
  7. In that case, correct. But, they could make a mod that contains new assets only and sell it, and the mod's downloader would download TDM.
  8. Can make new content and sell as mod anyway (making sure CC licensed content isn't in the package and is automatically downloaded upon install).
  9. http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/33uplp/mods_and_steam/ AFAIK it's still live - ask [the] Gabe Newell what you want.
  10. You can go as ballistic as you want, but since TDM is under GPL, anyone can do whatever they want with it, as long as they credit TDM team. People can even repackage and sell it. You can turn blue and purple, but you can't do anything about it. P.S. I wonder why would assets be under GPL :/
  11. I'd pay for a good mod, if the price was reasonable and if I really wanted to play it. Hell, don't we pay for good DLCs ? So how is it any different with mods? I wish RAGE and Crysis 3 got some mods [worth paying for].
  12. I guess it's not that simple: http://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2015/04/24/valves-paid-skyrim-mods-are-a-legal-ethical-and-creative-disaster/
  13. I meant devs don't have to sign up for monetization and keep mods free. Valve won't get anything, nor anyone else. Also, mods that contain someone else's work, taken without permission, won't be allowed for commercial release. A mod that will be sold has to have all work done by the modder/mod team (and mod team has to agree on such circumstances and figure out how they will split the money). So, if we are all grown ups (I would think grown ups know better how to handle commercial work), there shouldn't be any issue. It just seems to me that people over react yet again and make an issue out of thin air.
  14. Game devs don't have to sign up with Valve for this (unless I am missing "mandatory" wording). Plus I am not sure why would you get bitter and have a lawsuit if you sign the agreement. Valve gets paid, devs get paid, modders get paid, free modders keep enjoying their freedom. Everyone is happy
  15. It seems that development somehow died out. I don't know if it happened in the past, but I don't even see any activity on github. Maybe it's the end of DR ?
  16. So, what's the problem with this ? Make a mod - get paid. It's been done since TF2 hats. They prices were ridiculously low, like $0.12 per item. It also encourages certain level of quality in mods. Either make it free and ugly, or make it better and charge for it (hell, selling for a nickel would get you good pocket change depending on userbase size) or make it good and free.
  17. Oh, yeah, that map.. I though you are using portal sky (info_portalsky) on it. I was talking about standard skybox - a room with skybox texture assigned. Several rooms inside each other, like Russian doll. It could be done the way RAGE does it: but it's more work than several skyboxes with alpha.
  18. Portal sky doesn't work well with 120k x 120k open world maps (or rather it's very problematic to compile, and with all the hacks compiling such map takes more than half a day)
  19. I was thinking about making 2-layer skybox (skybox inside of a skybox), where 1st layer (closest to player so to speak) would have mountains and whatnot, and the sky will be transparent, and the 2nd layer (behind the first one, farthest from player) would have clouds and I would scroll it. Is it something possible to do out of the box? Any idea how material with transparent parts of the skybox would look like? Is there any way to blend/transition one skybox into another? Like day skybox into night skybox ? Thanks!
  20. Fun fact - renaming our engine to Wolf2MP.exe yields 1 fps in the menu o.O Rage.exe boosts fps a bit. That's Doom 3 BFG based, not Doom 3 based engine.
  21. Seems like Wolf2MP is the best bet right now. No Quake 4 MP profile ?
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