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  1. Yeah, you are right. It's all about balance between the game leading me a way, and a world I want to loose in my self. But I guess for windows that lead to a place I can go, a bit transparency is nice. Also for the effect, that outside guards may see me with my lantern, if it's on. If normal windows can be opened, this is mainly useless in case of gameplay, because climbing outside will lead to nowhere but a high fall to the ground. But it will feel lesser like: This is a level, created for me and more like a world, that also exsists without me. Imagine in a city or rooftop mission, you are seen on the roof, you slip inside a flat, and without open the window, in the darkness of the room, you look through the glass on the street, if the guard is still looking for you. I think this could be nice and feels thiefish.
  2. Hey together, sometimes I think, that windows can break or better atmosphere in the game: 1. From the mission creator side: Why can I open some windows, and some not? At least from the inner side of a building, every window should be able to be opened. Other solution is, they are locked and the picks don't work. That's at least the illuison that they "could" be opened! The same about doors. It's okay for me, if some doors can't be opened with picks or keys, but the should give the illusion, that the can be opened to intend a "world behind it". I know this can confuse players and lead to wrong paths, but I don't want the feeling, that behind this door the world is over. Also I am a master thief. What's a locked door for me? 2. Sometimes I wish, that behind the glasses of windows, I should see at least a glimse of the things behind it. So just a very little factor of transparency. And if there is nothing behind it, because of level-design, a jpeg of a fictional interiour, along with some noises from the happening behind it (baby screaming, discussions, laughing ...) That would make a better atmosphere in the game, and gives players the feeling, that they are in a "complete" world. Mainly, level designers should avoid doors and windows, that can't be opened because they lead to nothing. I know, it's freetime job and they are not paid for anything, therefore I can understand it. But in my perfect world, it would be like that.
  3. Hey! A bit off-topic, but, someone mentioned, that some of you did remakes of the original THIEF-Levels. I know you are not allowed to post them here, but if someone could send me a PM, where to get some to try, it would be nice! Thank you!
  4. Same problem here also!!!!!!!! Also Arch x64!
  5. Okay thank you! Great, great, great, so I can play on. Is there any language pack for German in progress by someone? Greetings!
  6. Hello together! At first, this mission is fantastic! But I have one question, maybe someone can answer, it is about a part of the mission. Thank you!
  7. Hello together, at first thank you for all the hard work! It is a very very great mod, i love it! I played the mod a bit and have some thoughts: 1. I know, it was never like this in THIEF, but I think, it would be realistic, if a AI notices you within about 2m 180° in front of him, no matter how dark it is. It's about the "feeling" that there is someone, i think everybody has. 2. When walking on robes in the air, it feels like going on hard ground. Maybe some tottering would be nice, when walking on such. 3. There should be a possibilty to open a door just a bit and have a little look inside instead of push the door to open. Also moving doors should be more recognized by AIs, in a radius of some meters. 4. In general, flying arrows should be recognized more. Exspecially flames going out by water arrows. 5. What about extinguishing little gas flames by hand? 6. Is there a way to knock an a wall to get attention. Always waving around with the sword seems not to merge.
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