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  1. the trick when it comes to blackjacking in Thief deadly shadows is to wait until Garrett raises his arm. That was the only thing I found clunky, since you have to get closer than you did in the previous games. Same with pickpocketing. I also disliked the mission briefings being read aloud text rather than a slideshow video. That was just lazy.
  2. I'm sorry I didn't use spoilers but I figured I was talking about some of the features without giving away plot details, kinda like a movie trailer. I've been telling a lot of non gamers about it over Halloween and I had this crazy idea to tell the story as a first person narrative in the style of a radio play. I cut out the TDS elements and made it stand alone as the story of a thief who got chased into a dead end.
  3. I pulled T3 out of the mothballs last month specifically so I could play Shalebridge Cradle on a giant TV on Halloween night and show it off to my fiance. I fell behind in playing the game up to that point, but was able to find an archived savegame online that allowed me to skip right to it. The Cradle reminds me a lot of the remake of House on Haunted Hill.
  4. Well, dispite the differences I've had with this group, this was one of the places I came when things felt like they were spinning out of control. I got inspired by this project and had a great number of ideas as I was writing and learning. Now that my fiance is feeling better, I feel like sharing some of our artistic moments. We're both a bit theatrical. I played Amnesia for a few hours and dug the atmosphere, but before it really hooked me The Walking Dead came on. When I went back to the computer, Dead Island had finished downloading and I decided to try it. And I got hooked on mashing zombie heads with a morning star while enjoying a nice tropical vacation as the edge of Hurricane Sandy blew gently against the house. As for Dead Space, I borrowed the Wii version from the library, but it had a scratch that caused it to lock up a few hours in. I'll probably check the PC version out one of these days, but I'm finding myself spending more time watching game design tutorials, reading old issues of Dungeon magazine for map ideas, and experimenting with Dark Radiant rather than actually playing games. The best horror games I've played so far are the Silent Hill series, the Fatal Frame series, System Shock 2, and Alan Wake. Also scary but not as well known are Call of Cathulu: Dark corners of the earth, Clive Barkers Undying, and the Clock Tower series. All games best experinced with the lights off.
  5. I loved the line about the ghosts being our loved ones and ancestors who feel shunned. Brilliant! I sometimes wish Komag's database could break missions into categories like horror themed, mansion, etc I need to go download that mission now. I'm a horror junkie.
  6. Some Halloween fun with my fiance. We watched The Ring and The Frighteners, then I went home and played Shalebridge Cradle on my parents big screen TV with surround sound and the lights off. Housesitting is like a mini vacation for me. Those poems were great guys. You should make a recording of yourself reading them and combine it to game footage or a slideshow.
  7. It missed me by just a tiny bit. I still have yet to experience a storm that hits as hard as Gloria, back in the 80s. That one took down 3 trees in our yard and left us without power for 3 or 4 days. Is everyone else ok? NJ and NY got the worst of Sandy.
  8. That worked. I'm running all these experiments with the Training Mission BTW. I read that Carmack changed 2 lines of code and added 4. Read the last two lines in the history section right above the word Hardware: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Id_Tech_4 And if you really want to get to know Doom 3's code, check out: http://fabiensanglard.net/doom3/index.php for a nice overview. I'd say the first culprit you mentioned above doesn't really make sense unless TDM's textures have been resized since 1.07 From my understanding, TDM doesn't use Doom 3's textures, and I can't imagine the engine wasting RAM by loading up textures that aren't being used by the current map.
  9. I did a few experiments. #1 settings: seta image_downSize "0" seta com_videoRam "512" result: malloc error. #2 settings: seta image_downSize "1" seta com_videoRam "512" result: Game playable but the menus look blurry. #3 settings: seta image_downSize "0" seta com_videoRam "1024" result: malloc error. #4 settings: seta image_downSize "1" seta com_videoRam "128" <-Lowered to defualt to see if it made any difference. It didn't. result: Game playable but the menus look blurry. #5 settings: seta image_downSizeLimit "1024" seta image_downSize "1" seta com_videoRam "1024" result: malloc error. #6 settings: seta image_downSizeLimit "512" seta image_downSize "1" seta com_videoRam "1024" result: Game playable. Menu not as blurry. So we know it has something to do with the texture size. The strange part is that the game runs just fine with seta com_videoRam "128" as long as downSize is turned on. It's downsampling the textures to 1/4(default) and runs ok on 128 but it can't run them at full resolution on 1024? Am I missing something? 1.07 ran just fine at this resolution without me even remembering to change the com_videoRam from it's default.
  10. My specs: Intel Pentium D Dual Core 2.80GHz 2GB Ram AMD Radeon HD 4650 w/ 1GB Ram Wijndows XP Media Center w/ SP3 And here's my config file: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/48945177/Darkmodcfg.zip It seems to be loading the level just fine. The problem has to lie somewhere between the progress bar filling up and the mission starting. For comparison, I ran the same experiment on vanilla Doom 3 and found that the intro level only takes up about 700MB of ram when fully loaded. Also, what effect does the 4GB patch have on a system that only has 2GB?
  11. Thank you. Ever since I first saw Rocky Horror I knew that if I ever proposed it would be before a shadowcast show. In this case it was Repo! The Genetic Opera, put on by a regular Rocky Horror group.
  12. It was one of my alltime favorite series. The first one gave me and a female friend of mine some really epic nightmares. The only problem I had with it was the vagueness of the plot. 2 had a much better story. 3 continues the story of part 1 and is the basis of the new movie. It's about the baby girl that Harry found in the good ending of the original, all grown up. 3 was nice because it started outside of Silent Hill and made good use of a shopping mall. 4 was......different. I thought the plot was clever because it's about a guy who is trapped in a cursed apartment that used to belong to a serial killer from Silent Hill. He finds holes in the walls that lead him to locations within the killer's memories, but his actions seem to be having a mirror effect on the reality outside the apartment. It leads the player to believe that while he is playing thought the levels, the serial killer is taking over his body. It was pretty creepy but it felt a bit rushed. After that I played Origins on the PSP and found it to be more like 2 and 3. Nothing truly memorable, but not terrible either. And then there was Shattered Memories for the Wii. It had some nice graphical effects as we actually get to see the world transform in real time. It also made very good use of the speaker on the Wii remote when you use a phone in the game. What I didn't like is that they removed combat completely. You spend the nightmare sequences running for your life, using motion gestures to knock stuff over to slow down your persuers. Be prepared to do the same areas over and over because you didn't run the right way and got cornered. I haven't played Homecoming, but from the low reviews, I don't really have much interest. They wandered too far off course. Now if you want to play a modern game that's more like Silent Hill 1, 2, and 3, check out Alan Wake. It plays out like a Stephen King mini-series, and is about a writer who goes into the woods of Washington state for a vacation with his wife. He wakes up after a car accident and finds he has no memory of the past week. But as the game progresses it becomes clear that during the blank memory he wrote a new horror novel and a dark entity is bringing his fiction to life. It's like Silent Hill in the woods. You run around with a flashlight through a mountain logging town, going through logging camps and mines fighting an assortment of possessed people armed with axes and vehicles like bulldozers that come to life. The enemies are shrouded in shadow which protects them from your weapons, so you have to shine your flashlight directly on them for a few seconds to burn off the shadow. You can also drive vehicles and mow down enemies with your headlights. All in all I found it to be what the newer Silent Hills should have been and a blast to play through. Making your way through a dark logging camp as a storm whips the trees back and forth was pretty creepy. Especially when I came to a small office trailer and saw a cutscene of a bulldozer come to life just outside the window and start driving towards the trailer.
  13. My favorite comic book set to a somewhat recognizable music....
  14. I'm having the same problem. Same exact malloc number. I'm running a system with similar specs to yoshimitsu's. 2GB of ram on a dual core with a Radeon HD 4600. I made a video of my experiment so you can see the ram being used. Is it normal for a tiny map like the training mission to use over a gig?
  15. Just felt like sharing a bit of my life
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