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  1. It looks as if realtime RayTracing might truly be the ultimate solution to resolve the decades long "shadow precision dilemma" battle between Stencil Shadows and ShadowMapping...
  2. Hey Jack, I also never understood what all the thief community fuss regarding the "optional" third person mode in DS was about. I for one really enjoy being able to see Garrett's physical body sneaking through the environment which undoubtedly increases the immersion for me. The good thing with optional settings is.. well... that they are optional... so every FirstPersonView Thief fanatic is/was able to play through the entire game in FPV if they just so desired. When I introduced an optional Third Person View for my MCS project, I also faced a small but very vocal minority that rejected tha
  3. Since I don't have access to the internal thread I did a quick replication test within TDM (version 2.07) and can confirm that I am able to replicate the Stencil SelfShadows Polygon Popping. A few years ago I managed to get in touch with one of the programmers from the Thief Deadly Shadows engine tech team, so this is an excerpt of some of the things he replied to me: I contacted him recently again and will update this thread in case he replies with more information about this topic
  4. I personally believe it is still a way of offsetting the stencil shadows but in a slightly different way than the idtech4 default CVARs currently allow us.
  5. I see and understand. Still thanks for the exchange. Just for the record... I am no stranger myself being victim to assets theft without crediting from my own idtech4 mod projects. It happened multiple times in the past and while admittedly not being the most pleasant thing in the world to experience I regarded it as the price that I'd eventually have to pay when working with an open source text-readable file system format as (thankfully) idtech4 is. Also I try to take comfort in the thought that usually people tend to steal things they find of worth. Therefore in a somewhat twisted way wi
  6. Well as I replied to Jack... all options are on the table. For just a moment I took your arguments and bounced them back against the current state of reality. I mean come on... even you wouldn't be able to deny the irony if following game news article were to circulate the gaming news portals across the globe: "Modder gets sued for stealing assets from a game that's essentially about stealing assets !" What a priceless PR stunt that would be Just lighten up a little. ***Update*** If I am not terribly mistaken this is Garrett from Thief4 available on Steam for Skyrim: Now we
  7. Okay then let's think this through for a moment. If a gigantic corporation like Steam (a multi-billion-dollar company with an army of lawyers) lets something like GMOD (a commercial product that up to this day generates daily commercial income/sales) slide for more than a decade and officially provides those Steam WorkShops where such Copyright Protected content can be officially downloaded via the Steam Client, then why should an "Everyday-Joe-Modder" like me be concerned at all to face legal consequences for releasing a free of charge modification, having less than a thousandth or even a m
  8. Not speculation but rather a simple look at the game's wikipedia page. Especially the sections Reception and Sequel: 5 years after the game's release and the outlook to a sequel has never looked more grim. Especially in today's megalomaniac game industry business not releasing a successor for such a long period of time can be taken as an indicator of a brand's popularity and net-worth. But again those may be just conflicting opinions. About getting a C&D letter on the other hand: I am virtually certain that as long as I don't make the build that I am currently working on publicly availabl
  9. Arguable IMO... Thief 4 sales and its success were bad enough to make Square Enix at least open for discussion. Further more the whole deal could be limited exclusively to the Deadly Shadows brand, source code and assets. Provided enough community interest and/or investors can be mobilized, I don't see Square Enix having much to loose in such a deal about a game and technology released 15 years ago... Plus we are not really sure what exactly happened to the tech and IP rights (it is something I plan to research/request in the near future). Quite some bizarre cases have happened in the past
  10. Hey Jack, technically multiple options are still on the table to realize a thief themed coop mode project: Option 1 would be to port everything from Thief3 DS to idtech4 (that includes later replacing all copyright protected assets with free or licensed counter parts to avoid copyright infringement) Option 2 would be to get in contact with the current Thief3 DS source code and IP copyright owners to implement a coop patch by pulling off something similar to what the Nightdive Studios are currently doing with SystemShock 1 (minus rebuilding the game from scratch but instead focusing on a coo
  11. Of course we did... countless times actually... but the admin of the page for whatever reason was reluctant to take action against either side which only kept fueling and growing that conflict mess over time.
  12. Would you mind quoting the two users' concerns as I seem to have trouble making out exactly what you refer to. Also do you find it appropriate having to apologize for something that was not initiated by me and that I tried to prevent myself right from the beginning ? Users here requested clarification about exactly what I was trying to prevent. I can't follow your logic, believing it would be me having to apologize but I'm open for explanations from your point of view (even at the cost of still extending this off-topic discussion far beyond diminishing returns)
  13. It's sad times when basic conflicts between community users generate more interest, clicks and views than the primary reason why we all decided to come together... namely to discuss, share and cooperate on community based projects.
  14. That's interesting... On a first quick glance I am unable to spot any difference within the tanget space normalmaps used in both games/engines... (Garrett's Hood NormalMap)
  15. That point in time was at the peak of toxicity and after years of tolerance (or ignorance on my end) and after observing many valuable members ceasing activity on the forums I admittedly too lost my patience (we're all human after all) which also was the reason why I stopped frequenting the page for almost full 3 years. Again it was one of my threads (mind the ironic title of it "Growing the community" in a futile attempt to discuss how more users could be acquired) which got once again overrun (those were just the posts that ended up in the "Haunting of Deck 12" area and quite rightly so). I
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