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  1. It looks really good, but unfortunately I'm in Japan for the next year and I'm not sure if the multiplayer community will be stable enough to make it worth-buying in a year's time. We'll see though.
  2. I haven't played Clear Sky yet--I'm in Japan for a year studying abroad. This unfortunately (fortunately?) means I can't play anything new on my lackluster laptop. But I really loved the original Stalker, despite it's numerous flaws. In the end, the gun-play I really enjoyed. The inaccuracy of the guns I felt was realistic and well, I didn't have a problem with it. People complain that enemies can take way too many bullets, but I was always aiming for the head to begin with. I didn't check to see how many shots they could take in the torso. So is Clear Sky's gun-play still intact from the fi
  3. Wow...some nice looking art-work, but some fuck-ugly 3d art. I hope the game isn't as ugly as those screens.
  4. Awesome man. Congratulations!
  5. I have a friend that could play FPSs fine until Half Life 2. For some reason FPSs with that level of realism or better always make him motion sick.
  6. As for Limbo, it's absolutely hilarious that it has been in production for fifteen years . It seems like the girlfriends of the developers are a major factor, as they were the playtesters for the game. Maybe they got caught in a lie that they were truly their own materials--and it spun out of control? I think of all the stupid things men have done in recorded history, most of them were results of trying to impress women.
  7. This is happening already. Two semesters ago I had to buy a math textbook and it was a third cheaper to download strait from the publisher as a pdf. However, you can only have it installed to one machine. If your computer crashes, you have to buy a new copy. It's a new business model to cut down on resales, which certainly doesn't benefit the publisher. Plus I'd imagine the government would back them up on this as resales don't factor into GDP, they don't stimulate the economy, and generally are despised by the business community.
  8. "Framed"? Somehow I doubt the validity of that.
  9. The Takeshi Kovacs books by Richard K. Morgan. Excellent sci-fi film noir-esque fiction.
  10. Oddity, you are absolutely hilarious heh Personally my beef with Ocarina of Time was that its the same game as Link to the Past only in 3d and a few extras. The story-line is basically the same, the puzzles are the same, the locations, enemies, items; even most of the BOSSES are even the same for the most part. I loved Link to the Past. It was immersive, fun to explore, the puzzles were great, the dungeons challenging. I explored every inch of that game and I think most people did. The art style was great too and overall, it was just a blast I could replay over and over (I'd buy a GBA just
  11. Wow congratulations on Cannes. How difficult is it to get in? That's something to put on the resume!
  12. I guess I'll add my two sense here too. Don't take anything I say personally, but I want to be brutally honest. I don't think just adding to the chorus of consent is exactly going to help you guys grow as musicians. The riff sounds kind of contrived--I mean really typical. Also the song feels like it has a really aggressive tone, but your singing style sounds kind of withdrawn, hurt--which doesn't really fit the whole over the top cock-rock confidence that the guitar drives. Also it feels like the bass is too boomy on the mix. Plus I feel like the guitar should have a little more mid to i
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