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  1. This pains me, friend, and I honestly and sincerely wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. You have been a AAA star helping me update BHM to the newest technical implementation and I hope you still find time to play TDM and enjoy the labors of your work, as it is available to see aplenty.


    Take care of yourself dear friend and if you wish to chat now or in future, please feel free to shoot a PM or email my way!


    Kind and sincere regards,


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  2. Thanks :) I must say I still have problems with scale, things almost always end up bigger than they should. I'm used to heights like 128, 192, 256, because it's easier to match tiling textures (and design tiling meshes for grids like 16 or 32), but with player being 80 units high, that looks way too big.

    I get that problem in Maya, though I usually keep the scale correct in meters and then simply scale the final result to 0.433. This gives the correct scale versus the player size :)


    If you fellas need an extra hand with enviro detailing, I'd love to hop on that with you guys. I try and commit larger scenes to texture atlas and can be pretty flexible for mesh optimizations (shadow/draws included). It looks like some real fun for the portfolio, so toss me a PM if you're interested Dram!

    Thank you for the help offer! I would definitely say yes if BHM was less complete, but right now there is mainly scripting/objectives/pathing etc to complete, with a few areas to redo in terms of enviro. If you still want to work together however, would be epic fun for the next map!

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    I suppose now that the game is fully open-source there is potential for reusing the actual code to ensure that both renderers behave the same, but I don't know how easy it would actually be to integrate such third-party code which isn't necessarily designed with reusability in mind.

    I imagine this would be a big task, as even file handling may largely differ, could turn into a Pandora's box. But, if we could and it was not something that would take years of free time, then it would certainly be worth it. In the past I used to do editing primarily in DoomEdit, and the only reason was lighting. With the renderers displaying the information differently, it can be quite difficult to perfectly get the lighting as one envisions it. Still possible, just more difficult.

    I use DarkRadiant exclusively now, as it encompasses everything we need in TDM, so it is a top AAA job!

  5. Thank you everyone for greeting me here. A very warm welcome, indeed! I will probably be more of a lurker than an active poster since I don't know much about most of the topics discussed here. As far as computers go I'm just a user. Being a veteran pen&paper RPG player and GM I'd already have some gaming ideas but converting them into maps seems sort of impossible to me (besides my non-existent technical skills also due to real life matters – family and kids, mostly).


    Nevertheless. Should anyone be interested in lines said in a slightly foreign accent (I'm Czech) I think I could ask at work whether I could record something there. I'm a teacher, not an actor, but I do use my voice in some kind of a professional way. I could also help with Slavic names or Central European flavour if need be. And I know Latin.

    Feel free to post ideas if you wish, perhaps it will inspire a mapper or two to take it on :)


    Incidentally I too am Czech! Working at BI in Prague.

  6. That looks beautiful man, shinhy and tempting. Very, very cool!




    Is the plan to release Blackheart Manor as a separate mission?


    • This is a question for Dram.

    Good question. From what we discussed with Biker, we wanted to finish BHM with the assumption it will be in the campaign. That means with the events etc. I want to release it as a separate standalone 'Director's Cut' version as well, I guess the question is which comes first.

  7. The campaign SVN isn't really being used anymore, as the entire project is pretty much dead. I'd be happy to add the assets to the core SVN if you like.

    Sure, I would appreciate that. I committed them to the campaign SVN before I read this, but all as one commit. Here is a list:

    Entire folders from the campaign directory (newly added with the commit):
    Also include the following files:

    Beautiful work!


    Welcome back, Dram.

    Thank you! It is good to be back :)

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