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  1. Easily fixed, just install XP
  2. Looks mildly interesting. Unfortunately the theme has been tormentented, rinsed and repeated many times. I do expect, however, that ID will come out with something a little more then average here. On a related note, the website loads longer then the game itself probably will...mildly ironic.
  3. If possible there are a couple of lines I wish to use in Blackheart Manor, if it is ok I will provide a script of said lines. I would really appreciate the professional talent of your voice actors
  4. Yeah actually Recently hired as a level designer (1.5 months ago). Which is why I haven't had much time for TDM the past few months, as I was sorting my portfolio, then website, then applications, and then air tickets from Sydney to Czech Republic, as well as sorting out leaving Australia for good. Why do you ask?
  5. The rails under the baskets scream steampunk. Add a few gears here and there for decoration, perhaps some sort of mechanical aspect and viola
  6. I actually like the modern touch It would fit well in a steampunk mansion...like BM. I will probably create a skin for it though with a gear theme, I hope it doesn't bother you constantine
  7. Bloody hell these are PRO I must sincerely apologize for ever doubting you The thug is awesome.
  8. Dram

    Im new =)

    One always finds joy in destruction
  9. Just for the record guys, checkoud out the combat yesterday...pro. Seriously guys it is awesome Am I to presume the speed of the guard attacks will increase via difficulty?
  10. He used to be a while back as well, but then left later on. I remember his other models and he has improved 1000%, so yes I agree
  11. Dram

    Great job!

    Hello, welcome to the forums, and thanks for the encouraging comments The website is updated every now and then, usually when a lot piles up to update, while other things, like bug fixing, are not so interesting. As a little side note, it is now possible to have briefing videos (ala T1/2) before buying items etc. Should present some nice opportunities for great FM creators to pop in a video.
  12. I think the hair looks right for the type of people.
  13. Welcome aboard! I'm sorry I first doubted you, but we've seen several members join with great plans and promises, only to disappear. I can't wait to see what you can record
  14. VERY nice Diego, you can hardly tell the difference between the low poly and the high poly
  15. Dram

    Im new =)

    Hello, welcome to the forums Just a question, did you wish to help with the Dark Mod by being a programmer? Please clarify. Otherwise, if you are new to Dark Mod then feel free to check out the website for details and screenshots etc. http://www.thedarkmod.com
  16. The lean is like in anime where they run (for some weird reason) with their hands behind them like wings, while their whole torso is ridiculously bent forward as if just about to spew.
  17. Ahh, but in T1/2 you could'nt actually hit a wall with the sword Only doors and other entities.
  18. It's not problematic, just annoying. It depends if you want to do transparency or alpha testing. Transparency can be done like a glass shader (without the warp effect), and in that way you can have transparent hair folicles. Though it will almost certainly boost the amount of polygons the model uses by quite a bit. Worth a try I guess.
  19. I think it has problems, as you only specify the name of the file minus the suffix (it looks for specific suffixes) - _y, _z etc. I think I remember trying to convert them to DDS and they stopped working (and I know that other DDS textures were showing up). Go ahead and try to convert one set and see if it works, hopefully I am wrong
  20. Dram

    Main Menu

    Yep I like it, though the two line names look very untidy. It might be good to just leave the one line and warn FM creators to make sure it reads out as one line.
  21. I have 3DS Max, but am unaware of an ASE importer?
  22. Well whatever the case may be, I sincerely hope that ID does retain its business approach and does not start to make generic titles like other companies.
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