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  1. Bikerdude, I'll get some fairly soon. I just played it again and didn't have any issue with AI except lazarova walking in a small circle by her door. I made a distraction and she cleared that indecision. I played it all the way through before seeing your post here.
  2. I really like the town section balance performance wise: "I'm 'here' and not rendering 'over there'". The readable were very good and can get any taffer excited about upcoming missions. Minor bugs sure but the place is huge also Best part yet I'll play it again. oops almost forgot,
  3. Behind closed doors!

    1. nbohr1more


      I know right!?! Still waiting to see an article out there about it. Maybe it's not being picked-up since it's not on the TDM front page?

    2. SeriousToni


      Yes, we need an advertising manager :) At least we got a honorable mention on these years ModDB awards.

  4. I've had lots of fun playing the mod, and such a city it's like I was in thief 1 again. It took me about 2 days on expert, got all the objectives. I also enjoy our hero's narration here and there. (I'm looking around the forum for that spoiler function)(as soon as I figure out that.....)
  5. I only watched the first vid, didn't like the heads up displays and floaty text. The hands lurching forward....zombies are supposed to do that. Zombie mod hmmmm.....
  6. Ok thanks for the responses. I guess the best way is to just make my own textures....maybe with gimp or camera. What size/resolution would br good?
  7. Hi There are some free textures at gamebeep.com which closes on November 1st. The license for the free ones may fit into The Dark Mod but I'm not sure. Happy gaming
  8. A Rube Goldberg map? Drop a rock which sets off a chain of nonsense,
  9. It took me a while to learn black jacking in TDM. The ground, light and ai do factor in. And once you get the hang of it...... Each thief version had their own ease or difficulty. TDM has the best .BTW I like the clunking the ai does in the new version when hitting the ground.
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