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  1. Thanks. That got it. All in all, fun mission, and the cathedral design inside was well done.
  2. A bit stuck on this one. I've got all the objectives, and could end the mission, but it seems kind of unfinished if I do.
  3. Ok, that works. *happily cheats her way through the haunted maps* lol Yeah, I know. . pathetic. But hey, even just damping the lights and sneaking through helps! I DID try - really try - to get a grip on the fighting. But after spending two hours just trying to get through it in the training mission, I got too frustrated, and my stress level went way too high for playing a game. Pfft. Then again, I was *HORRIBLE* fighting in Thief itself, too. I'm much better at the sneaking/waiting/listening then darting around than I am with fighting. (Even playing something like Skyrim that has a huge amo
  4. Stealth is the way I've dealt with them in the past - though this current one I'm trying to do is making that difficult too, because of the flaming skeletons. . .which light you up and make everything see you. Bah. (Playing "The Rift" - only on the middle difficulty but as far as I've found there's a whole 1 water arrow for the whole game. Did buy some holy water at the loadout screen on the second attempt, but without more water arrows, thats not helpful!) Can't remember the other one I was playing where they seemed to hear me if I made the slightest move and kept trapping me in a tower becau
  5. Bah. Not nice for those of us who hate dealing with undead. Worse when the map only offers the sword and nothing else. *sniffs* After spending an hour trying to sneak up on one of these skeletons and knock its block off. . .yeah. . .isn't really happening. Never have been very good in fighting - neither in Thief nor in here. (very good? Thats an understatment. Have never won. )
  6. Elentarien


    Ok, I've done a search on the forums and come up with a couple threads, but none of them contained any clear, definitive answers, so I've got to ask again, for those of us who are to fog-headed to make it out. How does one deal with the various types of undead in the Dark Mod? To date, I have avoided any and all missions dealing with the undead. After trying one, with disastrous results one evening, and finding nothing I tried seemed to effect them, I went through and played all NON-Undead missions I could find. However, with a bunch of Halloween missions out now, my list of unplayed mi
  7. beyondthesun, I had a bit of trouble finding how to get down the well too. Once I found the room I was missing, it was easy. But finding that took a bit of work. heh Still can't find out how to get out of the tunnels. I've run all over and have not found a key to unlock the darned doors.
  8. Kinda stuck in a dumb place on this one. In the tunnels. . .and I can't find a way out. I mean. . .I SEE the way out - the cellar doors, but I can't figure out how to get them open. I have not found a key, and they're locked from both sides, and unpickable. Nor do I seem to be able to go back up the way I came. Where'd I miss the key? Thanks
  9. Ok, got it finished. The fix worked. Key was in the same place, but I picked it up with no problems. . .no fancy climbing around. Found a few things I didn't find the first time through. Had a bit of trouble the second night. I chased the horse off while I was outside initially, and apparently EVERYONE decided that meant there was an intruder about. Did they go chase the horse or try to retrieve it? NOOOOO They all drew swords and stomped around inside making threats. pfft .Sometimes you really have to wonder about their intelligence. lol I did feel guilty about the poor horse, though.
  10. Thank you for the patch. I'll pop it in and restart the mission sometime today. No worries. At least it was a bug you already knew about, even if it was rare. Oddly, its the first time I've actually hit a bug in the missions, apart from the whole rat-blocking-the-door thing in one other mission. lol At least you knew how to fix it! The key, I mean, not the rat. I did go exploring for other possible hidden objectives. . .tried to saddle the horse. I got it on him loosely, but after it thunking around noisily for a while, he bucked it off again and it sat there uselessly at his feet. lol G
  11. Bit of a bug? In the first mission while trying to find the skeleton key. . .I found it But after jumping around like a mad thing, climbing up from the side, and finally running upstairs to get a bundle of something from the storeroom to stand on. . . the key isn't frobable? No highlight, clicking around like crazy won't let me pick it up. . .its just. . .stuck there. Or am I missing something obvious? Having lots of fun so far. I've found one 'hidden' objective - which was easy to complete. Cute! The candles in the
  12. Just finished this one. LOVED it. It was not only fun to play - very Thiefy - but the story was interesting. Loved all the optional objectives (though I accidentally ended the mission on myself at one point by running out of the abandoned house to explore. Reloaded and got a 'closed but open' glitch. heh) and I liked being able to help people. Squeal on the warden, find the map for this historian, free the prisoner, NOT freeing the dangerous prisoners (though that took some experimentation!). And all the little 'sub-stories' going on. Made it alive and interesting. The Well was rather intere
  13. Thanks, grayman. Probably the one direction I didn't try. Heh Even with a nudge it took me a couple of tries to figure out what I could actually walk on. Not everything *LOOKS* like you can. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this one too. It was fun being able to run around randomly breaking into people's places as I went, and the various 'stories' of people along the way. I was a little disappointed with the end, though. After the strong story-coverage of the first mission, this one felt like a bit of a let down. We learn of several people, but aren't able to do anything about them. IE. . .
  14. Wow, another great FM and I'm not even that far in! Love the over all atmosphere, and general 'feel' of the city. It really does feel like a cramped part of town where people are stacked together. . .the well-to-do along with the 'poor' apartments of people just trying to get by. I have to say I liked hearing that baby crying too. . .it added a nice 'background' to the area thats often missing. (Though some of the newer FMs have dogs barking, or cats meowing, helping lend a little more 'unseen life' to the city.) I suppose children in general would be sleeping, but the baby was a nice touch.
  15. Oh yeah. . .thank you! I'd completely forgotten about that entry. I had in my head that it referred to opening the catacombs - not a single tomb. Then I guess I forgot about it once I actually got in there. Doh. The irony was, I'd actually stopped at that point and was attempting to stab haunts in the back (didn't work, btw. heh) or KO them or something and apparently completely missed the . On the good side, I finished the remaining objectives without a problem. I enjoyed the mission thoroughly! I solved the rat problem by figuring out how to kill it. (Then felt exceedingly guilty and c
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