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    Irc Server

    Ok... Link me to 1 place where password protection was compromised and people got in on oh so secret developer info. I guess the blog was made for the same reason huh? =P If you had that much time, maybe you could spend it on learning better HTML. Assuming you made the site.
  2. omega

    Irc Server

    I really don't understand why you pick a new, empty server. Why not put it on irc.starchat.net right next to all the other Thief projects? *shakes head*
  3. Ok then. I will gladly set it up for you if you provide me with a place to set the stuff up. I need some webspace (with php installed) and a mySQL server to set it up. However, I cannot test anything yet, because ID haven't released their Doom 3 Linux client yet.
  4. My system specs: AMD Athlong XP 2000+ 512MB DDR (Semi-soon to be updated to 1GB) Geforce 4 TI 4200 SB Live! Value Gentoo Linux running kernel 2.6.7 I can set up a mantis system with all the catagories and stuff if you provide me with a place to set this up. (I think mOdE might be willing to host it, i'll ask him when I see him.) But I think you guys should start building stuff first. It's too soon to set up a bug reporting system as of yet. Catagories should be something like, Gameplay, Map, Sound, GUI, Display.
  5. http://creativecommons.org/
  6. omega


    Would help with what? It will only make it harder to read.
  7. Of course I know that. I'm just saying that should this ever come far enough that it needs testing. I'm willing to do so if I have time.
  8. If the Doom 3 Linux client will support mods, and this mod will run properly, i'll gladly test it for you. Provided you have some good bugtracking software such as mantis. I'm also a tester for Alien Swarm. A modification for Unreal Tournament 2004 which also runs on Linux.
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