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  1. I like how Gearbox doesn't even shut this down, the guys who made it put it on hold because they weren't sure when GBX would let them release, and now we have to boycott gearbox?


    I don't see anyone hating on 3D Realms, who would slap you with a C&D the moment that you made anything duke-related that wasn't on the build engine. They wouldn't even entertain the idea of somebody else working on a duke project.


    They or their publishers may be responsible for not having mod tools, but they had absolutely nothing to do with DNF's problems. Nearly every single questionable design decision on that game, from the HL2-copy-pasted level pacing to the 2 weapon limit, was done by George Broussard.

  2. If PGI keeps going down the road of screwing their supporters over, MWO might die, but I won't count on it, since people didn't even seem to notice that when MWO was in "closed beta" they were basically paying 120$ for a broken, unfinished alpha - and for open beta it's still pretty borked too.


    Also the MWO forums are hilarious. Anyone mentions MW:LL and people will say the game is Shit, and then someone defends MW:LL with a legitimate argument and people call that person childish


    On top of that, the community moderator responds to anyone who thinks that MWO caused MWLL to shut down literally with "Prove it"


    a ton of replies, and he quotes the post, and says "no proof!". I didn't know they allowed 12 year olds to moderate.

  3. Several devs from MW:LL on forums have said that Piranha was trying to get a C&D, but they'd rather keep bad blood down to a minimum with Piranha since they are letting 0.7.0 be released and allowing it to co-exist with MWO for the time being, but basically, it's almost like a "coverup" message.


    Hell, the MW:LL team HAD a WORKING mech lab but they weren't allowed to put it in this release, and Piranha is actually going to be using some of their ideas for weapons in MWO.


    @Sotha, having played both, the netcode is definitely much better in MW:LL then MWO in its current state - that's likely due to the fact that Piranha basically are trying out a completely different hit detection system that they wrote themselves, and it's very weak at this stage (I don't know if it's gonna get better). Also, MWLL will still get some small updates for bugfixes and such to polish this release, but they won't be allowed to add any new features and gamemodes like they originally planned.


    And Sotha, the "switching" thing isn't exactly feasible because of the tons of models they would have to remake to not resemble mechwarrior things. Every single gameplay asset would have to be redesigned to not resemble battletech at all, which would require a humongous amount of effort to do.


    Some screens I took while playing






  4. qKsDP.jpg

    MECHWARRIOR LIVING LEGENDS, has released their final update, 0.7.0. As of today, no more development will continue due to legal threats by the current MechWarrior IP rights holders, the MechWarrior Online team, Piranha Games. The development team for MWLL, Wandering Samurai, has been disbanded.


    MWLL won the 2009 ModDB Mod of the Year (and multiplayer mod of the year), 2010 and 2011 ModDB Honorable Mention, and were in the top 5 2007 and 2008 Most Anticipated Mod(s).


    Full post and downloads:


    Mechwarrior: Living Legends – Final Release; 0.7.0













    There is a bit of good news, in addition to the release of 0.7.0 - MechWarrior Living Legends should be compatible with the free Crysis Wars demo. Some servers will allow demo players, but some will not allow them to join. So this means you can download the Crysis Wars trial/demo, and play MWLL online for free on those servers


    I'm pretty upset at this, as a person who liked MWLL and was looking forward to MWO after it had some time to improve, I could care less about MWO now.


    And unfortunately, the dev team even got a license from Microsoft to make MW:LL, so Piranha basically capitalized on how MWLL got a lot more people interested in the Mechwarrior franchise, made a game, and then shut them down to prevent competition. I mean this stuff has happened before obviously, but it's worse when something with so much effort and attention to community feedback gets closed right there, for a game that is arguably almost the same game but with way less polish and features.


    Oh well, at least they are allowed to release their finalized stuff, but all the features nearing completion, like the Mech Lab, will never see the light of day.


    You can download Crysis Wars for free from here FilePlanet: Crysis Wars Trial


    It's a trial but it works with the mod on the official servers, which support gamers with trial versions

  5. I hope more of the models get that attention. Something that always annoyed me about TDM and Doom 3 in general was how low poly the characters were. The new one looks fantastic, and more like that would make TDM seem a lot more lifelike.

  6. I have trouble with both.


    By far the most annoying thing about DS is the strange and seemingly broken collision model for Garrett on any surface less than the width of a kitchen table. I spent at least 20 minutes more than I should have in the Pagan's place because I was trying to sneak across those beams, only to suddenly get caught on them then be forcefully launched to the ground and get severely wounded/die, or dropped right in front of AI.

  7. I'm just glad it only takes a while to load the first time. Playing Thief: DS right now and the constant loading and long load times are extremely painful.


    Just curious, are there any plans to enable the player's shadow and make AI aware of it? I would assume not as that would probably be difficult to implement for such a small change, but it would be interesting to see something like that actually affect gameplay.

  8. The movement is pretty clunky, because Garrett turns his head when you look around, he doesn't turn his body until he can't turn his head anymore. The problem with this is if you are standing still, and turn a bit then try to run he will make a pretty wide curve that can cause you to fall off ledges, bump into things you didn't mean to, etc. I'm getting used to it but still it's annoying.


    Also mantling is really bad. Sometimes I'll climb up something fine, other times Garrett will literally spin around and climb up thin air, then fall back down and alert everyone in the room. When it works it's not bad but when it messes up it can seriously fuck you up.


    Other then that, and the omission of rope arrows, I quite like it so far (doing the Jacknall's Claw mission now) and I'm getting used to this stuff. However, one thing I will not be able to get used to are the long loading times. I'm looking for .ini tweaks to reduce them now as they are extremely annoying given their frequency.

  9. Very few games have actually done Full-Body Awareness right. I think Dark Messiah was the only game that had a FBA system that made you feel like you were looking through a head instead of the camera, but it retained the tight controls of a normal FPS game where you are a floating camera.


    And I've been playing and getting used to it. I actually kind of like the flatten on walls mechanic as well.

  10. Well, I guess I'll try to get past the "clunky" feel. I did install it a while back with the texture pack and I thought it was pretty cool but it just felt wrong how clunky it was, considering how good the previous games controlled.


    Plus it is Thief, and I've always found the thief series in general to be some of the most interesting games I've played, gameplay and story wise.

  11. I started playing the game a while back but the game kind of felt clunky while playing and that put me off quite a bit compared to the first two so I stopped (forget what I was doing, maybe a mission in a cathedral?), but I hear the shalebridge cradle is supposed to be one of the most atmospheric, scariest and well made levels in a video game that tops even the scariest horror games.


    I love scary and atmospheric things (the latter is hard to find done right in my experience, very few games nail it), my question is should I play through T3 just to play the cradle, or should I just watch a video of it and dim the lights, turn up the sound?


    Also, I haven't actually beat Thief TDP yet, and RTTC is supposed to rival the cradle according to certain people, which is better in atmosphere and scare factor?

  12. This is really for personal curiosity, but could we get away with basically remaking the missions from TDP in the dark mod, but changing the names and factions of everything, altering layouts, and supplementing a new story ( "inspired" by the originals)?


    Or would this basically be riding too close to the edge? Forgive me if something like this has come up before.


    Of course if we couldn't do this it's no problem either, there are tons of great FMs for TDM I've yet to play :)


    Excellent mod btw.

  13. So once the source for BFG is out, will you guys try to incorporate any code into Doom 3, or would porting it to the BFG edition of the engine be more feasible?


    I feel TDM could benifit greatly from how much better the engine runs - unless you guys have your own tricks up your sleeve for engine optimizations and multicore support.

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