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  1. Evem more scary, reminds of creepy claw-creatures from t1
  2. The other competitor aside live! Creative is Asus with xonar dg.
  3. It should sound like this:"Dost thou wanneth to get er eyes be pluketh by this villianous Graven-knave?! By Builder, get thee gone on er route you taffing good of nothings or I will cuteth er eyeballs to thy waggy feets by this very steel! And will troweth it to burricks. Taffer..."
  4. Did someone already preodered thispile of steaming ghuano from steam? They put quite a reasonable price. I was expecting at least 30$-40$.
  5. There quite a few titles that brings exitment these days, Arma series is one of them
  6. Take a look at outlast, despite another obvious asylum-patients clishe it is quite a gem both technicaly and design wise. I espesially loved voiceovers, great acting, not some amateur stuff from AMFP.
  7. I'm not satisfyed with lack of any humor whatsoever in this game. And this parent child BioShock ref is annoying, music suks too big time. Got sick at this Victorian epoch style haunted house clishe. Factory is good, if there would be another storyline, it could be 5 star game.
  8. Where do you get these insane figures!? 8-0 I got 10/1,5 mb/s unlim at 10$ a month
  9. How about tale teller whips about hero and his tragic and much deserved fate))
  10. Good save for nokia! As for windows 8 it needs x86 hardware to run on, these are few yet comparing to arm
  11. Had this issue with portalskies. Its flikering grey and then normal
  12. Awww Sweet Times with thief gold! Was playing it summer nights through the mounth or so... Mansion of Konstantine, Bafford's Estate, Bonehoard, Opera House - true Ambrosios for eyes and ears! (Shed a tear of joy here for a moment...)Thief gold is full of lore, i'd go for tg, and then tds. Luckily they have them all three on steam sale
  13. Good composition and posture!!) allthrough I do doubt this bow ...
  14. Crafty titles are this two, and 3rd
  15. Eyelashes were so gay, good riddance
  16. Started codin in c# two weeks ago, can't imagine how windows even works. I mean it is Java. How wants Java to run their os?!
  17. Any news of thief 4 being so thrashy? Is it still thrash?
  18. Some update https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kfp7qS_t0hQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  19. Win 8 is pretty the same as Win7 and can't get tdm 2 get going on win 7 ( from svn). Tdm 1.8 runs great though. As for choosin id bet on win 8 with free 8.1 update with tiles off
  20. Fantastic! And pretty smooth too! True candy store for eyes indeed. Shadows are super dark and nice. Truecolor! The only thing missing is 3d text on black background with nice effects and that's it - AAA gem on a plate.
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