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  1. Looks like there's two of us now and pre-alpha code being repoed to bitbucket. Three more spots left so join in if you like Total War and Warhammer and can do something in Blender or Unity.
  2. Shooting in progress, and Rocky forgot he is still dressed
  3. Some progress http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeQzs1o7ISY
  4. She would probably loot guards with her teeth...
  5. Someone someday will shoot pron thief style. Like the one with the plumber only there would be no plumber..
  6. basic footman (grudgebringer infantry) with idle animations http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcvQkc7VE9U And thats the perspective and distance from wich will be viewed 0 Crappy zoom in, decent from a bird view! Now to walk, run and fight cycles Speed painted in Blernder Texture Pait - symbol on the chest supposed to be a hammer but in stretched out and turned into a tree
  7. Not much here Kinda what stealth that is?
  8. Finally figured out formations.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hov6UQBFwvU
  9. Yep I can see me doing aal the engine stuff from skratch... thanks but no. Unity works- thats good enough and has huge community. Found free pathfinding toolset today! Making a multitouch camera controller half from examples half from reference and I never did a line of c#. For every thing one might need someone did and left a forum thead. So I hope this will be fast. Btw there new engine coming - Anarchy Havok, supposedly better. Played wshr today on ps emulator - controls are main downside.graphics still Good.
  10. Zergrush u no like unity? It runs pretty well on low-mid-end phone (as for demo with terrain, skybox and camera). Peeformance is my main concern. Would they sue for game mechanics?
  11. Edit: actually I played rip months ago and did found out that AI is kinda lousy-stright-a-go type, and what seemed as hellish hardcore challenge was in fact a result of dull strightforwardness of enemy units hehe. . . So what!? It's even easier that way! Join before I finish this baby all by myself and make tons of googlewallet money!
  12. Just curious if anybody have seen this hardcore masterpiece in the time of Win95. Twas so cool at the time or seemed so. Followed by Enslaved on stereo twas a blast. Point is it's time to make a remake ow yeah! On unity. For android. Shadow of the hammer or something like that. So if you an artist or you know unity fell free to join!
  13. Yeah..yeears of $1500..i like that. Count me in, please.
  14. i just thought it may be used as a "stolen by my fence" architect plans of some building, if being stilyzed to look more weary
  15. Nice! Now grab ahold of DR and start mapping! Glory to Bridgeport!
  16. Think its great idea! Can u post some of that?
  17. Great! Can u by chance outline basic steps for that?
  18. Arcturus did u try kinect? One need two of them set on different angles for best results
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