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  1. Lux, missed the 4 Eyes point. Even better! And the software is 199$ express package. Hell I ready to donate if someone will too. Also,actor will need some apt space in front of computer. Imho, we can donate 60$ worth for cameras, try thr 30-days trial, establish software-to-TDM pipeline. If things go well - donate to software.And lo, TDM have mocap source. Made by people, for people.
  2. needs two kinect, and some acting skill...
  3. Look what i' ve found http://skyreignsoftware.com/resourcepage/low-cost-motion-capture-technology. Is it 10$ per second for pro mocap? There is local mocap studio http://mocap.com.ua. gonna check they prisings Also
  4. may be wrong but is that depiction of Springheel K.O.ing horned demon by kung-fu techniqie?
  5. and then "Springheel strikes back"
  6. someone realy should create topic "Rise of Springheel" next to this ..thrillling
  7. What so dark about Steam? Its accuallly better than hard copies of games and discounts are decent
  8. Outlooker, can i use this scenario or some parts of it in upcoming mission? It's not finished and has no story yet, and no title. Actually why not cooperate? Fan mission making is not only mapping. If you keen for story writting i'd be glad to joint forces
  9. I've worked at advertising companies for years, making ads, now at news agency doing various stuff, mostly ads and graphics. As for time it's up to 40h a week.
  10. http://the-rageaholi...-4-which-is-not So peapole where actually able to play thief at E3
  11. hehe crowbar to pry windows and for climbing, like that indoor fog looks weird Shadows somewhat less dense than i expected, hope there will be gamma adjust Focus ability optional! Guards looks dumb, they even did cut out scuffle part from previous reel Thief has dogs, luckily in the cage or taff time will be over in no time My main concern is unhued blueish color scheme they choose, why no lively thief 2 colors now it looks like everything is haunted No kills or knockbacks and no detection objectives - goodsy! Guy knockback and kill munite later though So - is it mock or ingame footage?
  12. i've read somewhere one will be able to disable such hints and 3d views. "Hand's moves" is rather impressive, i liked hands on doorhandle actually closing door. Action music is rather out of the palce thow, hope they come up with something more Brosius-like As for now looks like decent Dishonored spinoff and visuals sets mood for such - gloomy plague-like and rat-ridden. I remember Thief setting was a lot brighter and alive
  13. As long as you don't kill any guards and don't use any specials and with gamma turned down it would be not so bad.
  14. You mean pumping oil into lantern when it burns out?
  15. You can record MIDI-playback of foresaid sonata with decent samples and use it in TDM? IF author of midi file says so. F i this one free for personal use and requires licence for other uses http://www.justmidis.com/00-MIDI/2/000000000458/Moonlight%20Sonata Sounds good though
  16. Great! Looks like this http://m.fotki.yandex.ua/users/humus777/view/634260/
  17. I've seen link on speed build in Blender forTDM somewhere on forum
  18. Monobo, columns are point consern? They looks kinda fat. And that ringy thing at the bottom of columns will be better if sharp edged and smaller. And perhaps downscale textures. Otherwise looks worthy of an epic entrance!
  19. Watchin The Wolfman 2010 Its got very TDM interiors http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wolfman_%282010_film%29
  20. Canals are really sweet looking, ERH+! And other things too!
  21. Can i have another bag of powder? Also Great FM Sotha! And quite unusial too!
  22. @Kvorning small pic delivers)! And its wip anyway
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