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  1. My apologies if this has been answered before, but I'm just starting out and was wondering how one goes about keeping DarkRadiant up to date? Is it as simple as installing newer versions over the previous ones? Or must I do a clean install for every new version?
  2. Really? Wow, thank you, that's very kind of you! And of course I'll write and record more, it's just a matter of time
  3. In case anyone is interested, slowly but surely I'm still writing reviews and recording Ghost walkthroughs of TDM FMs, along with a few other games, here: http://themasterfoundry.com/
  4. Happy New Year taffers! I get the feeling this is going to be one thiefy year Chalice of Kings, The (Review): http://themasterfoun...e-of-kings-the/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWJbTwEw0b0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmuXZ22phUw
  5. Thanks for the suggestion TafferCat, I may end up trying just that. However, since I actually purchased DXTory, and it does work well with every other game I play, I'd like to try and find the culprit before abandoning it for another tool. I do hear great things about Shadowplay though. Thank you Lux, and good to know about the sound/door dynamic. I'll keep that in mind for future playthroughs.
  6. I was wondering if someone could suggest a possible fix to this issue I've been having with The Dark Mod. Basically, whether I record the gameplay to an SSD drive or a regular HDD, my frame rate always suffers, often quite a bit. The software I use to record my videos is DXTory, which gives me no trouble in any other game, while my computer should have more than enough rendering power ( GTX 780, 16gigs ram, 4.5ghz Quad Core, etc...). Please note, the frame rate only drops during the recording process, never in regular playthroughs. Could this be a simple incompatibility with the recording software itself? or perhaps a graphical setting that I should disable to keep the fps steady? I'm worried because later levels will only increase in size and improve in appearance, so recording may just become impossible. Maybe it's in the way the level was built? Anyway, I would appreciate any advice and would gladly try any fix. Thank you lads!
  7. Found some time for another TDM adventure/review. Kyyrma, I'm sorry but I decided to stick to my "somewhat chronological" approach of going through the fms, I hope you understand. Rest assured that I'll get to your mission eventually Anyway, hope you guys enjoy! Thief's Den (Review): http://themasterfoun...-fm-thiefs-den/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DBn6jVrvcQ
  8. Thank you Kyyrma, it means a lot! I would of course be interested in doing a playthrough of your mission, it's just a matter of when. Honestly, i'm trying to follow a chronological order for all my content, but seeing as how I already began with a couple of missions that technically aren't the earliest, I guess I could forego this rule for The Dark Mod. It may not be a big deal in this case simply because TDM doesn't span thousands of missions (yet), like the original Thief games, so keeping up with them shouldn't be a problem in any order. I'll see
  9. Thanks very much! I'm having so much fun, it's nice to know others are able to enjoy it alongside me. And your kind comments really mean a lot, as always. Interesting you mention the gamma RPG, it's actually the one setting I never fiddled with but always wondered if I should. My videos are dark, no doubt, that's really the game for you, and I'm glad you're finding it acceptable. As for my narration, I'm always a little worried about it since I never intended to make videos in the first place, let alone speak during them, so if you really find it pleasant, that really puts my mind at ease Anyway, hope you enjoy the next one!
  10. Thank you so much guys! If interested, the video is now up as well
  11. I'm sorry it took so long, but the hardware upgrades are finally done. In celebration, I took my new PC for a spin and thoroughly enjoyed a smooth experience playing The Outpost fan mission for The Dark Mod. Here's my review. Expect a video walkthrough in the coming days, using a brand new microphone! Also, thank you Spring and Haste for clearing up my Ghosting concerns. I look forward to seeing how many missions I can complete in such a manner. Anyway, enjoy lads! And please leave a comment/user rating if you can; it's always nice to have feedback. The Outpost (Review): http://themasterfoundry.com/review/tdm-fm-outpost-the/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JetTarwBG3g
  12. So I've just played through a mission, to finally get some actual FM experience under my belt, and I've received a stealth score of 0 at the end, with 16 level 1 suspicions. Now, I assume that this would be sufficient to say I was able to ghost the mission, but I just want to make sure before I start mentioning my successes/fails in reviews. Judging by the classic rules found here I was able to ghost this one, is that right? Sorry if this seems obvious, I'm a bit of a Ghost nut, and would hate to state false accomplishments.
  13. You're very welcome. I've been dying to give this game a shot, and I love every second of it. Hope the influx of new players and FMs never ends. On that note, I'd love to at some point give FM creation a try.
  14. Thank you Spingheel and sure did Bikerdude! Left you a proper response over at YouTube. I think the upper room in the house by the water was my favourite bonus area So much to look through, really felt like I was rummaging through someone's things, searching for something.
  15. Thank you so much everyone, it truly means a lot coming from the people here. I hope my little initiative helps elevate this game to the heights of fame it deserves.
  16. Hey guys So I finally got around to working on some TDM material over at my site, and thought I'd share what I have with anyone who might be interested. To start, I decided to review and present a walkthrough of the Training Mission. This may be of use to beginners, wanting to know more about the game, and it also helped me familiarize myself with The Dark Mod before delving into actual missions. The video walkthrough is uploading as I type this and should be up on my channel soon. Until then, you can always read my brief review of the mission, award the mission your own rating, and generally help me improve for the subsequent review and walkthrough. I truly hope you guys like it, and I'll be sure to update this thread with more content links if you do. Thank you, and enjoy! Training Mission (Review): http://themasterfoundry.com/review/tdm-fm-training-mission/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUqhpNTf1Yg
  17. Hey IamGarrett! That sounds interesting man, thanks for sharing! I don't know when i'll get around to actually making this trailer, but I'll surely keep you in mind for when I do.
  18. I've also had difficulty accepting this game as the apparent masterpiece it's hailed to be. My thoughts on it here: http://themasterfoundry.com/thoughts-bioshock-infinite/
  19. Awesome, thank you guys! As I record my walkthroughs, I'll collect samples and eventually come out with a trailer that I truly hope you'll enjoy.
  20. Well, the recent TDM 2.0 trailer I quite liked overall, though it's certainly a little different than what I have in mind. In any case, it would be my pleasure to create a trailer for this game Would it be possible to use the music from the mod itself in order to avoid any copyright issues? And if yes, where could I find the tracks to give them a listen?
  21. Sure thing Obsttorte, I'll figure it out
  22. Excellent, thank you, I'll compare both lists to make sure I stay as chronologically accurate as I can.
  23. Thank you guys, it means a lot. I used to make game trailers for fun actually. Only stopped because they took so much time, but I hope to get into it again at some point. You can view all my trailers on my old channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SensesRefinedMedia If you like those and think something of the sort would be good for The Dark Mod, I'll gladly compile one for it in the coming months, so long as there's no rush. Just let me know. As an example, I made one for the We Want Homeworld 3 facebook group a while back. Couldn't believe how popular it got (all things considered). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZtjlTULzl4
  24. Awesome, thanks guys! I prefer downloading and installing maps myself anyway, so I'll definitely do that Stumpy. And I'll look for your map too Obsttorte In general though, it sounds like that is indeed the list to follow, which is very handy.
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