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  1. You can actually go as high as you want, only the specs of the hardware is the limit afaik.
  2. The differences between Quake4 and Doom3 engines are very very small. The largest difference is that weapons and such in Quake4 is hardcoded in the SDK so you can do a bit more with them (like have a soldier upgrade them for you etc) But when it comes to level editing, there's really not much there to be had. Even added features like vehicles and such can be added to Doom3 w/o much problem. The biggest incentive anyone got to change to Quake4 is that it has got more attention directed towards multiplayer. (And afaik even that is something you can beat up in Doom3.) But last I checked, Thief wasn't a multiplayer game. Although I am sure it'd be pretty kickass in coop. But even for that you wouldn't really need Quake4, since Doom3 is more than capable at handling a 2 player multi game, and I doubt you would be playing 16 player thief coop. Eh?
  3. Well, I can't speak for Dark Mod. Since it's obviousl quite different from regular Doom3. But the maps we make for Doom3 in Doom3: Phobos are ranging between 10000-17000 brushes so far. But I've seen a map that used 20k brushes. So as for level size. You should be good.
  4. I've seen people say Doom3 engine was outdated already when it was released 1.5 years ago. But I usually dismiss those people as people that don't know what they are talking about. I can't think of a single game released yet that has bested Doom3's engine. And with ET: Quake wars around the corner, I don't see this changing. Of course there's other games coming with very impressive engines such as Oblivion and Gears of war etc. So we'll see what happens. But I would never call the Doom3 engine outdated (yet).
  5. Since Targas whole point of existance is to be a Truecolor NONcompressed format, they are not good for compression. The quality is of course superior. But the size is huge.
  6. You know, you don't HAVE to use Targa files. Doom3 support other formats aswell.
  7. Oddity: there's a reason to why people still play and make maps for Doom1 and 2 to this very day. Personally I prefer games that have a first person view. Weather it's Myst (big fan of that line of games) Doom (Still making addons for it. I need to get a life. ) , System Shock (One of the best games ever) or Thief. Now, how can my preferred taste be wrong? It can be bad from someone else's point of view. I know I think a whole lot of people are retarded and have bad taste. But the concept of bad taste is rather illogic. Because who would decide what is the uniform good taste? I doubt the people I find having bad taste (people who like to dress like in the 80'ies with mullets and other attrocities) think to themselves "-Hoo boy, I sure have bad taste." They rather think "-Oh my god, look at that drug addicted punker over there, what a mess he is." Who's wrong? I think the person who likes 80'ies shit is wrong in liking it, cause it's such an attrocity. But that person probably think I look like shit too. Generally I don't eat fast food, because I enjoy the food I make myself a whole lot more. BTW: Oddity, you'd probably love C/S. BTW2: I really loved Doom3 and it's expansion.
  8. I always listen to music. I never map w/o music. I get my inspiration from the music. Once I made a whole mod based on the music from one album. Everything was made from the emotions the music gave me. All the way from textures to level progression. Music I listen to the most is (while modding): KMFDM Marc Pullen Vanilla Muffins AFI Classical music, beethoven for instance. NIN Rammstein
  9. Kristus


    Either way, it's just a matter of adding to the shader parameters for the skybox.
  10. Kristus

    Sub Title

    Ok, But in Doom3 editor you can set up spotlights, that much I know. I have yet to find a use for them though.
  11. Kristus

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    Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but Doom3 have spotlights that can cast shadows. They use it for the flashlight among other things, and it's handling that just fine.
  12. thedarkmod.com yes, I've been using that ever since you got the domain. What do you mean it's not up yet?. It's there, all reddish and stuff. But the redirect doesn't make sense. (to me that is. ) even if you don't have control of Nameservers or directDNS there should still be ways for you to make it go seamlessly. Oh nevermind, I shouldn't talk, I am not knowledged in this enough to rant on about it.
  13. Great job on the new design but... Whenever I write in the url to the dark mod homepage it feels the need to do a redirect. Why on earth does it do that? I add the url. www.darkmod.com and then I get, dark mod now at www.darkmod.com redirecting. I am not a fan of being redirected to the same url I came from. The page works and all, but why is it redirecting first? Another thing, why is it using frames? To disguise that it's using another url for the page itself? There's better ways to do that.
  14. Kristus

    Sub Title

    I noticed the new subtitle and I must say that I don't really find it rolling on my tounge, or something. Swedish people help. (Det ligger inte r├Ątt i munnen) How about: "Tales from the gloom" or something? (I would have suggested Tales from the Dark , but it would have been to many dark in one name. )
  15. Haha. SUCK ON IT BITCH, SUCK ON IT! MMF. Oh yeah, you like that huh?
  16. Kristus was the nickname for that guy in israel that got crusified for being called king of the jews and stuff. I used to go by Ebola. for about 6 years or something. But after I released a 4 year long project I had had enough of that name and decided to change. For a while people had no idea who the hell I was and so on and so on. Anyway, the reason I choose Kristus is to hopefully piss someone off and my real name is Kristian which is spellt "Christian" in other countries which means .. well christian. as in christianity if anyone still hadn't figured it out. So therefor I mock my own name and anyone who takes offence for using the name of "Christ" as my own. (people in real life actually call the "The Christ" aswell so it was partially therefor I choose it aswell.) Phew, lots of talking. err typing. On top of that I had a team that went under the name Unholy soft. *walks away humming, Am I evil? yes I am.*
  17. My biggest grief about Window2k is how much of a pain in the ass it is to get my lan to run properly with IPX protocols. (I wish developers would ditch IPX forever, in case they haven't already)
  18. Err, ok. If you say so. Windows might not be the best OS but that's simply not true.
  19. I'm not endorsing piracy, but IMO people should warez HL2 just to learn Valve a lesson. There's no steam in the pirated version. (Yay) Someone said that demonstrating doesn't help. Well, it's not just a matter of demonstrating that's important, it's HOW you demonstrate. Or one could rather call it going on strike. Refuse to pay for Half Life2 and warez it, it may sting a bit. But you'll not be forced to use steam.
  20. Reminds me of Myst. I like it alot.
  21. Yeah, I have thought about that aswell. But then I dropped it cause I don't care about sports.. I love to play football and whatever, but I hate watching other people play it.
  22. Actually, I can run HI on 1280x1024 with my 6600GT 128mb
  23. Indeed. damn these computers. I found normal skill to be a bit easy, they have a peculiar ability to not see me even if I am not hidden, so I started in Hard instead. now that was quite a step up for me. It's fun though.
  24. Kristus


    [monty burns]Excellent. [/monty burns]
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