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  1. https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Console_Useful_Controls
  2. Some answers for the questions can be found on our wiki. https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=The_Dark_Mod_Gameplay
  3. No, there are no file permission errors, otherwise the official tdm installer give you a nice warning and closes itself.
  4. I love my freedom. The mission creator must not define how the mission must be played.
  5. If it is the file permissions, run Freyks unofficial installer and during the location selection, point it to folder you placed the installer. This will care of the file permissions and then runs the tdm installer almost automatically.
  6. I love the ambience and the art of the game, but i dont get the shalebridges vibes of it. Because this is not a stealth game. and shalebridge is a combination of great ambience, stealth -> sound focus. But i would be nice that scorn get it too. Gameplay video with some sound ambience:
  7. Thanks for the screenshot, but that isnt the whole error. So we cant see which file the installer has problems with. How about removing the files you get errors on and then use the installer. Or use the installer in an other folder, so it doesnt have to update files.
  8. And about the language used in TDM and DR are mostly C++ and some Python. The topicstarter has knowledge of Python. So do a forum search and use only searchword "python" and you will get some project for python (like automation for TDM and stuff for DR) Im not a C++ programmer or python scripter, but i "played" with little projects, over the years. Like Gui design and gathered (and created) sound/music/guis to trying make my own Fanmission. Did some wiki documentation and i scripted several installers for TDM.
  9. Just to be clear. (As I see it) "Playing around" with the assets: Unpacking/viewing/changing data like 3d-models/textures//sound/GUIs/scripts/etc. that are inside the pk4-files (Those are just zip files) info: Wiki - Main page and How to pack your Mission "Playing around" with missions: Download a mission from internal mission downloader. And then change the mission with DarkRadiant editor. info: TDM Wiki - DarkRadiant "Playing around" with the source code: The source code of the game engine. more info see posts above and at the wiki. And fix code bugs in https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/ Info: TDM Wiki - Coding & Scripting
  10. And follow the compilation guide at the wiki. https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=The_Dark_Mod_-_Compilation_Guide
  11. I am waiting for this project:
  12. For the ones who dont speak german (or dont want to use google translate), to read the article. Project site: https://github.com/HarbourMasters/Shipwright Video:
  13. Ow wow, Thats an nice site for you, to make some money for paying your mapper, Kurshok. Because there are some tasks on there, if you know solutions for it and get the task, you can make easy money for it. (And get experienced, so you dont have to flip burgers. ) Like this one: https://www.freelancer.com/projects/articles/need-github-documentation-project-maker-34485787 Where the jobposter needs a Github article author, to convert a 13-chapter document to an single Github page. Here you can notice that: they didn't read the Github manual, didn't do a google search to "mark the software solution down" (hint). Or don't have the time, to do this all themselves. So, you can do it for them. Ka-ching!
  14. And how about following our video tutorials: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=DarkRadiant_Video_Tutorials In my "early days" invested some time and money in buying a book about modding a specified game. I read it, then opened up the editor and changed files. Nowadays people can read wikis and watch howto videos. If you want a book about TDM modding, read "quake 4 modding for dummies" and then our wiki. Now it costs you only time, to do it. That you can also "create".
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