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  1. Just want to letting you know, that im working on another versions of my tdm installer scripts. i'm getting more into music: created some (game-related) mixes. (like fifa98, pinball fantasies and mixes in other gernes) Working on a thief-fanmusic mix. See my mixes on mixcloud. Trying to produce music with software And today i got my first midi-keyboard. See my tracks on soundcloud. Trying create stuff with an video editor. To upload videos of my music to youtube.
  2. I got this problem also. I dont see these edit-buttons (from the screenshots) Tried this in several browsers.
  3. I dont know. But what i do know is, that you can find the lossy version in tdm_gui01.pk4\sound\meta\menu\amb_nocturne_menu.ogg. And the music, like the other media, are licenced under an creative commons - noncommercial.
  4. Nice map. Take this to the next level: Convert/remake this map for TDM using darkradiant. https://www.darkradiant.net/
  5. beside thief serie in my collection, i got also: Assassins creed syndicate. styx - master of shadows. havent got the time yet to play it myself. (but enjoyed the video walktroughs) And if people make a game adaption of the anime movie Steamboy, i would buy/play it immediatly. (does count steampunk elements in games also? like rune 1 and shadow of mordor?)
  6. Yes, that would be nice! I got my installer projects also on git ( repo freyk22). Waiting to merge with this project (or if people want to do this)
  7. those are file atributes, stumpy. No papawegg, this doesnt corrupt things, because TDM write the data in his own folder. But make it writeable for all users, otherwise you can not write files in the tdm folder. Like in this recent topic: cant save game
  8. Those are folder atributes. There are differences in the use of folder atributes and folder permissions. we should follow the standardsthat ms giving to us. The most of the windows games are installed in the program files. because that its the standard for all windows applications, so we should not change that default location. We have to figure it out how the other games/applications writes in this folder and then decide. As for that i know, TDM writes all his data to his own folder. To let him write in a special windows folder, my installer gives usergroup "everybody" the permission "full control" for the tdm folder. (i should change that setting that in my installer) All the games that i have installed in the program files folder, the group "users" have read & write permissions (instead of full control). D3 located in the program files (with the same user permissions) and writes also data in the users profile (like config files and savegames). (C:\Users\user\Saved Games\id Software\DOOM 3 BFG) Is it possible to change the path's in the tdm config file?
  9. nice to know that it works for you. for my research, i would like to know at which location you put the tdm folder.
  10. There are differences between file/folder "attributes" and "permissions". Most of the time i see that tdm and his updater has problems with the folder permissions.
  11. Did you an update of tdm? if so, it is known that you cant open your saves after this. And Is your TDM folder writeable? (Especially your "fms" folder.) If not, make your TDM folder writable (instruction from the wiki: " in windows explorer, right click on the darkmod folder > preferences > tab "security > edit > select "Users" > tick checkbox "Full control")
  12. You have to change this in the "security" tab, not in tab "general" righ click on the darkmod folder > preferences > tab "security > edit > select users > full control (more info: wiki ) Or if you have any difficulties installing tdm, use my Freyks unofficial installer (from the download page) This will guide you trough the installation procedure, set the write permissions, gives you shortcuts, a nice uninstaller, etc)
  13. yes, that would be nice. And create a feature that create some rpm/deb/flat packages and try to publisch the packages & packager to the mx linux packages team (and others). Because novice users uses packagemanagers. and its (maybe) difficult for them to install the game from source. And dont have the patience for it.
  14. About the installation of TDM on mx linux, I tried TDM on mx linux 19 - 64 bit on a vm and compared the installation guide on the wiki. without any adjustments during installation, the updater and game works. tested game only his sound, display and menu-selection control. I fully agree with the installation steps that Kano describes, And these steps are already described in the tdm wiki article. On the downloadpage you can choose to download the 32-bit and the 64-bit of tdm updater for linux. If you have mx linux 64 bit, download the tdm updater 64 bit for linux from the downloadpage. (and/or follow https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation#Installing_TDM_on_Linux_64_bit.2C_manually If you downloaded the 32 bit version of the linux tdm updater and want it to run on mx linux 64 bit, you need to install you need libstdc++ from the 32 bit libraries (which kano mentioned) , already described in a section of "Installing other packages" on the wiki article. command: sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386; sudo apt-get install libc6:i386 libncurses5:i386 libstdc++6:i386; (or something like that)
  15. yes, if someone want to discuss the tdm-folder placement and other installation steps, please create another topic. I just created the whole wiki article (with bits of knowledge and experience of every OS) at the time when there were no documentation. When writing the article, i followed the D3 installation instructions, common linux application installation rules. And added sollutions for problems we/i experienced. People can edit this article where needed.
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