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  1. yes, its definitely the wrong write permissions. I got the same errors, like what the topic-starter said, when i denied an user the write permission to tdm folder. But during my test, the trainingmission and other missions (downloaded by the updater) appeared in my mission list.
  2. i tried it, with my tdm cyberpunk mission.
  3. TDM mentioned in gamers thief doc: The rise and fall of Thief at 31:40 in video:
  4. @stgatilov @Springheel This problem has repeated it self many times. (see also other topic in this subforum) And it will be repeated again, if we do nothing about it. As you know program files folder is one of the standard folders, where every application/game want to install itself. Look also at the the standard installation selection location at DR's installer for an example. (or the D3 installer) If people want to locate the TDM folder there, we have to provide the feature to do this. Some solutions: Put the FM folder (and some configs files) in another folder outside the tdm root filefolder. integrate my installers in the tdm code workflow. Please Make them official. (or ask the DR team how they work with this permission problem)
  5. For the 3d modellers who want inspiration or examples, i found some great 3d human models in D3 mods. Like Jill Valentine from resident evil: https://www.moddb.com/mods/ruiner/news/jill-valentine-player-packs-released Doom Slayer, Scarlet Rivensin https://www.moddb.com/mods/ruiner Arx: end of sun https://www.moddb.com/mods/arx-end-of-sun
  6. Thanks for the screenshots. No there is no need to redownload tdm entirely the files using the updater. I think that only the permissions need to be set correctly. ----- Network problem: About the message to unable contact mission archive, I cannot help you with that, yet. (but as a work around download and install the missions manually) You already downloaded missions using the tdm updater. (from the same mission mirrors). so i think its the permission problem. ---- Permissions problem: I dont see the trainingsmission and some other missions in your mission list, but they should be. (^ recurring wrong folderpermissions symptom. @springheel ^) Check if you have some subfolders in the fms folder. If not, run the tdm updater. if so, do the following: Give all users full control permission to the darkmod folder And also on all his subfolders. (I forgot to mention the subfolders, also in the wiki) After following step 2 from the wiki, Right click on the darkmod folder > preferences > tab "security" > advanced select "users" check checkbox "included heritable permissions..". > ok if you get a popup hit the add button. The full control permission need to be applied to all subfolders. (see column "apply to") To be sure, check (and set manually) the full control permission to group "users" for "fms"- folder". After all this, start tdm, select missions and in the mission list the training mission and some other missions should appear. Check if you can download new missions using the internal mission downloader. Another solution is to move the tdm folder to another location and set permissions. Please tell us on which location you put the tdm folder. --- If above doesnt work or have difficulties, just run our unofficial TDM installer At the folder selection during the installation, point it to your existing TDM folder. (installer sets permissions, add shortcuts and an uninstaller. but downgrades the excisting tdm updater) After the installation, the TDM updater automatically starts. close it, manual download the tdm updater from our site and copy this to your tdm folder. (overwrite it) Run the updater, After updating/check, start tdm and verify the mission list.
  7. Manowich, please set your full acces-folder permissions at the tdm folder by, how it is told at step 2 on the wiki: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation#Install_TDM_on_Windows.2C_using_the_updater (righ click on the darkmod folder > preferences > tab "security > edit > select "users" > full control) Or download and point the unofficial tdm installer to the folder where you put tdm folder and install the package. after this, try to install a new mission, using the internal mission downloader. if this solution doesnt not work, check your internet access or the mirror you download the missions. What is the location of the tdm folder? @Springheel If this problem once again is the result of not setting folder-permissions on a specified folder location (according the symptoms, i think it is), is it about time to add this step to the installation instructions on the downloadpage? Because its repeated several times now. (see other support forum topics) For some untechnical people is setting the permissions too difficult, is the tdm installer been written. So, is promoting the unofficial TDM installer to be "official", an other solution?
  8. freyk

    MAC Help

    Sure. There are several methods to install and run TDM on mac os. Read our wiki article: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation#Mac_OS I recommend you to use the playonmac-method to run the most current version of tdm, version 2.07. PlayOnMac (a WINE frontend) is an free application suite you need, for de windows version of the tdm client and the tdm updater to play, update and install TDM on mac os. because there is no 2.07 mac os binary for tdm. Install play on mac by following the steps from the video in the spoiler below, Until 07:19 in the video, where you can choose the TDM installation methods: run the TDM updater, Instead of the notepad++ installer. Download use "tdm_update.exe" from the windows instructions. follow the steps from the video 07:19 to 09:50, then select at that point the tdm_update.exe. run freyks unofficial installer, Instead of the notepad installer. (recommended method) download it from the download page. follow the steps from the video 07:19 to 09:50, then select freyks unofficial installer. (and see instructions on the wiki) Or Use the The dark mod setup build in playonmac (but its very unstable). from video 07:19 in the video, step 3 from "install tdm" in our wiki article. And if you have any questions about it, please create a new topic in our tech support subforum. note: on 29 march 2020 i re-tested the options above. Please use freyks unofficial installer, for now. Because the other options gives you several errors on start, that we need need to fix: tdm updater gives immediately you an write error. After a restart of the app, the write error doesnt appear. the tdm build in play on mac is veeeery slow while installing his (old) wine environment.
  9. tdm doesnt have an "official" installer, you described the TDM updater. the updater downloads (and updates) TDM gamefiles from other locations, including the training mission amd some other missions. Yes, is normal that its takes long and can crash. (especially when it comes from a slow mirror) Our "unofficial" installer, create a folder on a user specified location, sets folder permissions, places the tdm updater inside the folder and starts the updater. i recommend new users to run the installer, to avoid several beginner problems. Maybe i should build a feature inside to download also the gamefiles. (it already download the newest tdm updater) @kurshok, have you still not installed TDM on your system? (and does it actually run and played it) And you need your uncle to do this?? You can do this yourself! without steam. I hope we dont have to repeat the steps in details you need to take, that we told you. (in very short: for my installer and tdm updater download it, unpack it, start it and just click the only on all buttons that labeled "next", "continue" or "ok". or download the standalone pack for moddb, unpack it, use the tdm updater and you are done. if you are able to login on this forum, installing tdm will be tooo easy for you)
  10. And what are your opinions about installation procedure of tdm, vozka? when using "Freyk’s Unofficial Installer" and the tdm updater?
  11. I asked some local famous Dutch game-journalists, if they ever helped other game communities voluntarily in their spare time (also during the corona crisis): Gamekings - "brievenmaandag" ("mail monday") 23 march 2020 In this episode they answered my question (in dutch) by: And said there helped some other game projects, in several ways. They helped our community by calling out the name of our game!! They told what i did for our game. mentioned that we are looking for people. And that we got tools to help. * psyched * See the following video: (from 32:18 - 36:18)
  12. freyk

    TDM in The News

    I asked some local famous Dutch game-journalists, if they ever helped other game communities voluntarily in their spare time (during the corona crisis): Gamekings - "brievenmaandag" ("mail monday") 23 march 2020 In this episode they answered my question (in dutch) by: And said there helped some other game projects, by calling out our game name. They helped our community by calling out the name of our game!! 10 year existens, mentioned that were looking for people. And that we got tools to help. See the following video: (from 32:18) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xv1WfJkp6D4
  13. At this moment i dont know. Maybe some testing some configurations in the driver? Please read our wiki and forum search, for some pointers.
  14. Nice to know that sollution works for your display monitor. Please note that warning screen is coming from your dell display monitor, not from TDM. On the following site you will find some sollutions for this warning screen from your monitor display: https://appuals.com/fix-the-current-input-timing-is-not-supported-by-the-monitor-display/ (also the sollution to change the screen resolution of a game)
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