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  1. I dont know, how about downloading the FM and change the rule for yourself.
  2. Vote TDM for MODDB's Mod of the year 2021. To do this, just go to the TDM page on MODDB and hit vote now button. (no account or other registration procedures needed) Count down timer: https://www.moddb.com/mods/widget/moty/the-dark-mod?year=2021
  3. As you know, TDM can be played system-wide, but it needs to be tested more.
  4. We got slow downloadmirrors. In the installer, choose another mirror. Or use the sollution you found: Downloading the standalone from moddb. (but dont forget to run the installer/updater after unpacking)
  5. If you want TDM in software stores, try to upload the installers/files to the store (and take care of the needed permissions), yourself. (it is already on the "software stores" of opensuse, lutris, playonmac, moddb, etc) For ubuntu, i created a Deb file some years ago. (See this tdm-wiki article and see its source on my github repo). Just update the package and upload it. For ubuntu store, do it yourself, by first reading the installation TDM wiki article, creating a snap-package of the tdm installer (or standalone package) and upload to the store.
  6. How a building is made for a desktop:
  7. Some years earlier i created some launchers for TDM. uploaded today some new sourcecode and executables on my github repo.


  8. After some years, i just want to mention that i uploaded the sourcecode and binary of full tdm launcher for windows at github. Executable https://github.com/freyk22/tdmlauncher-win/tree/main/TDM_Launcher/TDM_Launcher/bin/Debug Sourcecode: https://github.com/freyk22/tdmlauncher-win
  9. And when you add stealth to that mod, it becomes like assassins creed chronicles. Nice idea, but I agree with Gin and nbohr1more. And i stick with fps'ses.
  10. Try another devbuild (give us the version numner) And please generate a qconsole log and give us its content.
  11. Yes, for example, from a 70 mb dumpfile to a 2 mb file zip file. And about the location where tdm is placed. It does not care, except when the application is executed at a location, where the user dont have the permission to write files to.
  12. Dont know if it is a normal size for a memory dump. When I generate a dumpfile (using tdm's command "crash"), i got the same size. If you have followed the instructions on the wiki, windows creates a minidump during the crash. Dont know what the dumpsize will be, when you choose for the "full dump" option.
  13. Thanks for the log. for the people who wants to know: === Application name: TheDarkModx64.exe, version:, timpestamp: 0x609f8855 Faul Module Name: ig7icd64.dll, version:, timpestamp: 0x5319f070 Exepction codde: 0xc0000005 Exepction offcet: 0x000000000008a580 Id of process of error: 0xc4c Starttime of application with error: 0x01d7b916be5efe17 Path to application with error: D:\THIEF\darkmod\TheDarkModx64.exe Paath to module with error: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ig7icd64.dll Repport-id: 5ac78b2c-250a-11ec-bf25-6045bde0a5af ===
  14. About the application crash error, it would be nice to see the whole error, instead of a screenshot. You can find this error description back in the eventviewer of windows 8, at the "application" section. About generating a memory dump. Because TDM crashes immediately, it is easier to set the system to generate the dump automatically when the application crashes (like TDM), instead of generating it manually when the application freezes (like DR). I updated an article about this, that is pointed to earlier (>added a section howto setting and activating "usermode memory dumps generation" in the windows registry, using the windows command-line) BTW, have you played TDM (or older versions) earlier on that system, William? That ms surface 3 is, to me, like a tablet. I think its videocard is not powerful enough to run TDM. (-> specs) (but you can change several stuff in the settings)
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