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  1. Yes, for example, from a 70 mb dumpfile to a 2 mb file zip file. And about the location where tdm is placed. It does not care, except when the application is executed at a location, where the user dont have the permission to write files to.
  2. Dont know if it is a normal size for a memory dump. When I generate a dumpfile (using tdm's command "crash"), i got the same size. If you have followed the instructions on the wiki, windows creates a minidump during the crash. Dont know what the dumpsize will be, when you choose for the "full dump" option.
  3. Thanks for the log. for the people who wants to know: === Application name: TheDarkModx64.exe, version:, timpestamp: 0x609f8855 Faul Module Name: ig7icd64.dll, version:, timpestamp: 0x5319f070 Exepction codde: 0xc0000005 Exepction offcet: 0x000000000008a580 Id of process of error: 0xc4c Starttime of application with error: 0x01d7b916be5efe17 Path to application with error: D:\THIEF\darkmod\TheDarkModx64.exe Paath to module with error: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ig7icd64.dll Repport-id: 5ac78b2c-250a-11ec-bf25-6045bde0a5af ===
  4. About the application crash error, it would be nice to see the whole error, instead of a screenshot. You can find this error description back in the eventviewer of windows 8, at the "application" section. About generating a memory dump. Because TDM crashes immediately, it is easier to set the system to generate the dump automatically when the application crashes (like TDM), instead of generating it manually when the application freezes (like DR). I updated an article about this, that is pointed to earlier (>added a section howto setting and activating "usermode memory dumps generation" in the windows registry, using the windows command-line) BTW, have you played TDM (or older versions) earlier on that system, William? That ms surface 3 is, to me, like a tablet. I think its videocard is not powerful enough to run TDM. (-> specs) (but you can change several stuff in the settings)
  5. I still play unreal 1 and lots of maps, so now or then. And i got the same feeling and thoughts, when i played outcast (1999), after so many years, (using outcast 1.1) (And I love also the remake)
  6. Select another mirror inside the installer. Or download the standalone from moddb.
  7. Having seen the new scifi stuff from bladeghost/scythwraith, want to continue the cyberpunk project. Only one problem, can't map.

    1. demagogue


      Other people can map. The important part is the assets, scripts, & gameplay.

  8. Just want to mention some "old", but nice, stuff on internet archive. Are there any other things on this site, that you want us to see? Play old games in your browser: ms dos https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_msdos_games Amiga https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_amiga?tab=collection Arcade: https://archive.org/details/internetarcade Nice stuff, like documents and files (especially the objects that are marked with a green floppy disk-icon ) https://archive.org/search.php?query=thief https://archive.org/search.php?query=doom 3
  9. You forgot wine, where proton is based of. People, at the IT-company where i work for, have already installed the insiders version on their systems. They and I are not complaining. You try it yourself by: downloading a iso of a windows 11 insiders version (at several locations) and test it on a vm, (which what i did) Or running on a free VM in azure (for an hour).
  10. Why not? its got a dump of the wiki, from 2015, already.
  11. And internet archive? If you can create a free account at a hostservice, just spam TDM.
  12. True, but for those hosts need a legal person, which we do not have. If i understand the faq and policies of nexus mods, we do not need that. And yes we got our own distribution, but distributing files on nexus mod (and other platforms) is just for balancing and exposure. So to the more popular hosts we upload TDM, the merrier. About publishing "mods", for starters register TDM as game and then upload stuff, for example, missions, the installer and all the things that is on moddb. And for the permissions of the author of the mod, refer to the forum, etc.
  13. How about adding TDM to nexus mods, for more exposure? Info: https://help.nexusmods.com/article/104-how-can-i-add-a-new-game-to-nexus-mods
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