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  1. How about enabling "vsync" in TDM's video settings? (source)
  2. I love the idea to link files and i know this works great with TDM.. I PM'ed stgatilov suggested this some months ago ====== Freyk - April 10: About that recurring TDM folder permissions problem. And following the Certification requirements for windows apps What you think about placing some data folders and files outside the tdm folder and add locationspath's in the config file? for example, following os standards for windows: the fm folder and darkmod.cfg inside windows appdata folder. For linux: fm folder and darkmod.cfg in hidden folder inside users home folder
  3. nice to have. Next to the old and new tdm installer, repo packages, etc. i have not read your code yet. Does this installer follow the installation instructions from wiki article: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation
  4. how about checking if you have all the needed files for TDM, by running the updater. are there any messages about this in the tdm console? i can vaguely remember that i have read a D3 topic about this, that is has something to do with a videocard driver.
  5. please set your folder permissions. for more information, the techsupport forum and read wiki article: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation and see also your own topic:
  6. i believe that we can recreate it. And i have seen missions like it. the cradle is, is to me, for a new player, a combination of a unknown mission, the building, assests and a great looping background "music". To me, T3 has other missions like it. The second mission of thief 1 has the same things.
  7. I say option 2. In my experiences with the TDM mirrors, the some mirrors are slow and some disconnects the download session. (dont know which ones) At the user side, you can restart the updater to use another mirror or comment out mirrors you dont want to use, by editing file tdm_mirrors.txt. Or you download the files from another location, like nbohr1more mentioned.
  8. I Imagined the combination of the environment in this phobos episode 1 walktrough video from 4:17 to end, with TDM mechaniscs. And instead of the humans > knights and zombies.
  9. i followed the status of this missionpack, to use this for my cyberpunk mod.
  10. i love those translations. it can also be used with songs. see several of these type of songs in jimmy fallons shows:
  11. Or upload the sourcefile to us?
  12. body awareness in Doom 3:
  13. thats venture. https://www.moddb.com/mods/venture garret in d3
  14. has anyone tested the following as a workaround: a wired ps4 controller using steam (in bigpicture mode) and tdm 2.07 as non steamgame? in this mode you can select/create a profile for the controller. -edit- changed version to 2.07. There are currently visual problems using 2.08 and steam overlay. See more info about this in topic:
  15. Dancing outdoors in your own circle, in a circle:
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