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  1. If this to fill in your free time, why not. Others created concept art, 3d printed things, etc. I tried to make a DVD. (front-cover, back-cover)
  2. the commands getviewpos (and condump) and setviewpos works perfectly, for Damjan. So people can now give Damjan their favourite places. For example, one of them is just the start of the trainingsmap, position "333.11 -1872.76 220.25 4.9 88.0 0.0" onliner: .\TheDarkModx64.exe +map training_mission.map +setviewpos 333.11 -1872.76 220.25 4.9 88.0 0.0 it would be nice to automate this by giving someone a startup onliner, like above. But the take doesnt take the setviewpos command.
  3. I took a look at installer, build 28th july Window size is still to big and please add a winforms switch-feature for windows version. (Linux users are used to it to see large windows) I Dont like the filebrowser now, because i miss buttons to navigate and to create a new folder. (after closing the filebrowser, the "restart" button gives an error and the "next" button grays out) Maybe temporarily hide the advanced settings menu. Show these settings only when checkbox is checked. And hide, when its unchecked. Hide the version selector, after when the custom version is not ticked. Because If i click on the "next"-button on the startscreen (without ticking custom version), i see the version selector. If i was a beginner, i should be confused ("because there are more versions?") As i mentioned earlier, as a beginner, i would be afraid, when i see "removed size". (show these sizes, only when updating or change version) Thanks for adding more progressbars. But i miss a total progress bar. I would design the download-window something like this: === The darkmod <version> is being installed right now. This download procedure consists of the following steps: Total bar: <total bar> --- Step 1: downloading files: <download progress bar> Step 2: verify: <verify progress bar> Step 3: repacking files: <verify progress bar> Step 4: finalisation of files: <finalize progress bar> --- Status log <textbox with logging> <save log button> Finished successfully <button delete darkmod.cfg> <button create shortcut in startmenu> <button create shortcut in desktop> <close button> ===== (or just less: During download, only total progressbar and status log textbox)
  4. I agree with above. But for these pictures you need some precise directions to get to nice locations. i can faguely remember that TDM has a feature to start a mission on/transport to a specified location. dont know the command for it. How do you created those pictures, in a videogame? I always wanted to know that. For example, In real life I shoot them with the 360 feature of google camera on my android phone.
  5. I did that too at EDM-festivals, Tomorrowland and Defqon 1. Defqon 1 are just video streams from DJ's houses (like miss k8). But what the people did with tomorrowland is, to me, very inspirational for our mappers. With nice virtual locations, many interactive audience models, lighting, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5R56hUOqodE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-q5-FDFRtY Ok, its not the real thing, but better safe than sorry. I wish we had your musicfestival drive-ins, in my country. Better then nothing. Correction: I discovered that there are some festivals held in my country in this period. People are creative: you as the audience dancing next to an standing table. Or dance & sitting on a huge rubber ducky (...)
  6. but at the moment there are going to new users who dont have/use an installer. ok, i will answer those new problem topics then. And write some stuff on the wiki about this installer.
  7. i will check this new version, the coming days. But,.. Could somebody please add an link to this installer (and/or my installer) to TDM's downloadpage? Because the TDM updater is still not an installer. its not userfriendly to ask a noob to use the updater to install the game. (a dutch saying: "because has to be easy, so everybodies grandparent can install this game, without any help" ) (or do i really need to create my own account at the tdm bugtracker, to discuss these decisions??? )
  8. This mission you need to run the 64 bit binary of TDM. Thats "thedarkmod64" (windows) or "thedarkmod.x64" (linux) you can in the darkmod folder.
  9. At the moment of writing this post, im following the yearly dance event, Tomorrowland. Because of the pandanmic, they are online for this weekend. There are eight virtual stages on a virtual island. And each stage has his own ambience. Promo video mainstage core
  10. Agreed. and adding a network-device to the requirments is also great. And to make it more userfriendly, how about adding hardware requirements detector? (tried earlier to make one) And we can add a linux distro to the OS list, like OpenSuse. (Official OpenSuse build page for TDM)
  11. For example, how i would calculate the required diskspace. D3 bfg needs 11,0 GB TDM (1.08 standard installation) needs 3,56 GB But people want to store some more missions and savegames, so i would add +/- 3 GB more.
  12. im not a hardware guy, but if I give a suggestion. How about expanding the known D3 minimum requirements, with requirements that the new TDM features need? ==== doom 3 bfg (source: https://store.steampowered.com/app/208200/Doom_3_BFG_Edition/) ** Minimum ** OS:Windows vista/ Windows 7 Processor:2.0 GHz dual core Memory:3 GB RAM Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 5750, 512 MB video RAM Hard Drive:11 GB Sound:Windows compatible sound card ** Recommended ** OS:Windows Vista-64/ Windows 7-64 Processor:2.4 GHz dual core Memory:3 GB system RAM Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 / ATI Radeon HD 5850, 768 MB video RAM Hard Drive:11 GB Sound:Windows compatible sound card Additional:3D Monitor + compatible glasses ==== And from the wiki: TDM Known System Configurations
  13. How about adding DR and other FM missions to the selection list. (and change the one-selection list to an multiple selection list) To some it is nice to know how big the TDM installation shall be and what is added, remove, etc. But do the novice user want to know that? And why did you add a button to remove darkmod.cfg. maybe for when i updated TDM? (then, how about adding a save-game delete button,..) To look at the future, is there a way to manual add or change TDM mirrors? (or is that the custom manifest thingy?) Got an error at version 0.19. I ran the installer in the background and followed the download procedure. At a moment the tdm installer stuck at "downloading finisched". Buttons are grayed out. (files are downloaded). Maybe its waiting for the repack procedure? So i restarted the installer to resume the download procedure, but it automatically cleanup the downloaded files.
  14. Is it possible to separate this topic, in a topic about the tdm installer and the tdm devbuilds? About the installer . Nice work on the checkboxes, buttons, etc. And please dont forget the filebrowser. The tdm installer windows on windows is smaller, but is, to me, still to large. After the downloads, the installer waits some seconds before it repacks files. Impatient new users doesnt now how to react on it. Maybe adding a new label to the "repacking" progressbar? Or adding a total progress bar?
  15. See a topic with other old opinions about playershadows: "the player has no animations or shadow"
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